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Do it yourself Alignment Measuring Systems


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If you can read a tape measure you can check the alignment on any vehicle in less time than it takes to read this message with QuickTrick™ Alignment Systems. The QuickTrick™ Systems are beneficial for the automotive shop owner, do it yourselfer and/or the weekend racer and auto enthusiast. The QuickTrick™ Alignment Systems were developed on the race track and are now available to you. This will forever remove the guess work out of setting your alignment with no need for strings, stands. You will know in less than 5 minutes if your alignment is correct or how much it needs in adjustment for caster, camber and toe. Alignment Simple Solutions, LLC Home of the QuickTrick ™ Products

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QuickTrick ™ Classic System The QT Classic is ideal for those do it your selfers who know the range of the wheels they are working with and do not expect them to change, but do have multiple sizes that require easy stand adjustments. CASTER, CAMBER & TOE "patent pending"

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QuickTrick ™ Pro System The QT Pro is geared for the customer who will be using varied wheel sizes and has need of a hands free, no stands solution. This patent pending design was created in response to requests from current clients for their specific needs CASTER, CAMBER & TOE "patent pending"

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QuickTrick ™ Industrial System The QT Industrial is designed for larger/rugged vehicles. Superior for business & Military with the goal of risk mitigation and assessment.  This precision laser tool provides an opportunity for incidents to be avoided with routine checks and balances and is backed up by copies of the manufacturers alignment specs and acceptable ranges. Left check, right check = 2/16” difference – in toe.. That Easy! "patent applied for“ June 5, 2012

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Alignment Simple Solutions, LLC Company Mission: "We want to make a POSITIVE difference by... • Providing safe, quality, economical products to simplify your life and improve your driving experience at work, home & play • Creating jobs for quality individuals willing to work hard for an honest wage and secure employment • Encourage growth and prosperity for all • Share our success to make a difference for our family, friends & community • Making everything we do better than "Good Enough" Contact us: www.quicktrickalignment.comsza Alignment Simple Solutions, LLC PO Box 994 Pelham, AL 35124 U.S.A .

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