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Do you want to start an online store in India? This PDF guide will help you understand what are the factors that you need to look to start an online ecommerce store in India.


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How to Start an Online Store in India

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eCommerce in India As per Statista eCommerce in India is expected to hit 200 billion mark by 2027.

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How to Validate a Business Idea ASK YOURSELF THESE QUESTIONS TO VALIDATE YOUR BUSINESS IDEA: Who is the target audience What will be the business model What will be the revenue generation channels Who will be competitors And the most important question what will be the USP of my business

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How Would You Manage the Inventory ASK THESE QUESTIONS TO SOLVE INVENTORY CHALLENGES: Do you have high quality images of products or services Do you sell offline as well If yes how would you centralize the inventory and orders Where will you store the inventory Who will deliver the products

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How to Choose an eCommerce Platform FACTORS TO DECIDE WHEN CHOOSING AN ECOMMERCE PLATFORM: Choose an eCommerce platform that enables you to start at minimal investment Examine the right set of features To start instantly pick a SaaS ecommerce solution over license solution Choose an ecommerce platform that can be easily customized

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STANDALONE ECOMMERCE PLATFORM Quick eSelling enables global retailers to start an eCommerce store at Zero Capital investment. It is a hosted ecommerce platform that comes with single CRM to manage the website apps and standard ecommerce features. Quick eSelling

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Why Quick eSelling ZERO Capital Investment Start in Only  10 mins Fully Hosted Managed 100s of Ready Features Single CMS for Web/Apps

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NOVA DISTRIBUTORS Hemant Sanghvi President Quick eSelling helped us to restructure our business and enhance the profitability quotient while giving us a technological facelift. Now our customers are much more satisfied and happier because of our revamped online model powered by the Quick eSelling platform JADEBLUE e-Commerce Head - Khushali In the first three months the number of people using Jade Blue mobile app reached over one hundred thousand 100000. Jade Blue has set a target to reach 1 million mobile shoppers by the end of the first year and is confident that with Quick eSelling will reach this target easily QUICK ESELLING CLIENTS REVIEWS

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The Chocolate Room India  The Chocolate Room India Launched its e-Store with

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