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Progressive app to solve your daily commuting problems by automating end to end Ride sharing process (Connecting, Coordinating and Cost sharing) carpool, Bikepool, Taxishare.


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Committed to make commuting a pleasure

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80% vacant seats, declined usage of Resources . More vehicles on road lead to more travel time Taxis are unreliable and unaffordable for daily commute Ride denials, Exorbitant charges and rude behaviour Inconvenient and Irregular Bus Auto Taxi 90% cars have 80% seats as Vacant Commuter’s Nightmare ? Average travelling speed in Bangalore has been reduced to 10 km from 30 km/hour in last 10 years. What will be the speed in 2025?

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Employees reaching late and exhausted – Lower productivity More employees demand pickup and drop – Higher employee transport costs Enterprise Concerns Parking space constraints and its expenses Top reason for employees stress is travel More sick leaves / work from home requests

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Our ultimate goal Productive team Reduced parking space demand Better work-life balance Happy ride sharing groups across teams

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Everyone knows Carpooling is the solution! Typical Carpooling Challenges : Security Flexibility of timings Coordination overheads Motivation to share / Rewards/Cost sharing How are we solving these in Quick Ride ?

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Quick Ride helps to create company level car pooling/bike pooling/ ride- sharing groups Any Company

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Mobile number is verified at registration, Integration of Social profiles into App, Verification of Employer (through work-email). Ride sharing can be limited to same gender and same company. Rating system to build community based trust score. Sign up form Activate account Profile

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Mobile number is verified at registration, Integration of Social profiles into App, Verification of Employer (through work-email). Ride sharing can be limited to same gender and same company. Rating system to build community based trust score. Feedback from every ride Consolidated rating along matches Ride Preferences Quick Ride is part of Bangalore Traffic Police’s initiative for Carpooling. Vehicle details

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Flexible / Varied Timings Car pooling require commitment to fixed timings with partners – But my timings vary day to day

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Instant invites Schedule ride Riders/passengers listing Quick Ride enables instant/real-time matches at that time. The transaction is at Ride level rather long term. It is possible to car pool onward with one person and return with another person. Instant c onfirmations

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Coordination Challenges

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Quick Ride enables real time communication and co-ordination – using in-app chat, ride live view, call/message options, ride alerts for rider & passenger Rider Alerts Chat Start ride with live updates Passenger Alerts

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Point-to-point complete matches – difficult to find Why not enable sharing for partially matched routes? Ex : (Electronic City -> Marathahalli ride can match with Bommanahalli -> Belandur and Sarjapur to Cessna Biz Park ride requests)

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User profile & route Start ride with live updates Quick Ride enables partial matching of routes, live tracking after start of ride Partial matching

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Transparent & Cashless Cost Sharing Set the cost upfront & the rest is automated

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Quick Ride enables upfront visibility of ride cost, check-in/check-out by passenger, instant receipt on check out & instant feedback for other party User profile & route Co-rider finishing his ride Trip receipt – Passenger view Trip receipt – Rider view

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Account Transparency, Easy Recharge & Redemption

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Quick Ride wallet is 100% safe and refundable. Recharge supported in the app itself, through secured payment gateways. Easy redemption of Rider earned points at Petrol bunks. Transparent transaction history. Account summary Transaction log Encash points

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Quick Ride Even Allows Taxi / Bike Sharing

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Quick Ride enables you to share empty seats in Taxi or even a 2-wheeler (Bike) Bike ride-sharing option Taxi ride-sharing option

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App key features Verified users Live ride view Instant Confirmation Group Chat Cashless payments and easy redemption Quick Ride is End to End Ride sharing solution covering, Connection, Coordination and Cost sharing. It is todays solution for Enterprise employees requirements. Partial Route Matching

What our users saying? :

What our users saying?

Why Quick Ride ?:

Why Quick Ride ? Hidingo ? NORAHI ? CAROWNERSALONG ? LALA CAR Instant ride sharing End to end Automation Cash less transactions and easy encashment Higher technology investment for scalability Long term mission for integrated app suite covering ride share, taxi booking, employee transport automation , etc., , to unleash power of cloud of wheels One app for ride share, car pooling, taxi share. Be it daily commute, business travel, attending a concert/event, weekend outing.

Enterprise Engagement Model:

Enterprise Engagement Model Enterprise QuickRide Introduction mailer to all employees Posting on Newsletter/Blogs/Intranet sites Priority parking slots for ride sharers. Ex: Like Infosys Employee details sharing for automatic verification, destination, etc., Participation in surveys. Onsite support and issue resolution Recognitions for top rider/ride users For enterprises this is a low hanging fruit to reduce costs and to increase productivity . Useful for brand building as a green initiative from the company

Car Pool promotion at Siemens - Example:

Car Pool promotion at Siemens - Example

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Be the change you wish to see in the world Mahatma Gandhi

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