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QUALITY WINE inc Enjoying a glass of wine is never a waste of time

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ABOUT US Welcome to Quality Wines where wine lovers have the possibility to find rare and unique wines from independent farms around the world then have them shipped directly to their home. Quality Wines has sourced wines from around the world, seeking out the smallest but most dedicated producers of quality wine. Most of the products that you will find on this web-site are impossible to find elsewhere or very difficult to source and are made in very limited quantities, so it is possible to order the wines even before they are released on the open market. Our Founders have many years experience in South Africa's Wine Industry and recognise a unique and special wine. Whilst our wines might improve with age, Quality Wines sources mid-range, hand made products which can be enjoyed immediately.

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"Gavin Murphy has spent more than 10 years developing his knowledge in a quest to understand the beautiful product of the vine. Gavin built his career on his ability to select wines which are appealing to the discerning palate. With this ability he has prided himself in being able to identify and promote wines of quality. He has spent the past few years Directing an International Wine Distribution business in South Africa. He has successfully consulted on wine lists and food matching to some of the largest and best known hotel chains, restaurants and supermarket groups in his home country of South Africa and abroad." The experts

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We are very pleased to have secured such a dynamic and experienced partnership with Keith & Susan Donaldson. Working from their offices just outside Barcelona they are strategically placed as QWI’s exclusive advisors for the European portfolio. For many years they have successfully introduced many new Spanish wines into the UK market. More recently they have expanded their area of knowledge to include the Southern European wine producing countries together with the emerging and increasing Latin American wine varieties. Being located just outside Barcelona we believe they will be an incredible asset to our business and will be responsible for the careful selection, sourcing , distribution and maintaining a high quality of product from our European portfolio. One other interesting part of their responsible will be researching and designing our tailor made vineyard tours for our members. The experts

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Quality Wine Inc brings together boutique vineyards and customers without the need for importers, distributors and agents, etc Wine sales have increased year on year and the market has become extremely competitive Saving on costs allows QWI to offer the grower a better price for their wine and allow 50% of its sales to reward customer loyalty QWI is a free wine club dedicated to bringing customers mid-range, hand quality wines QWI has moved away from traditional advertising. Preferring to offer exciting incentives for their customers introduction

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Quality Wines Free Loyalty Programme For each €150 that you spend on Quality Wines you will receive 1 Free Loyalty Card Example: Spend €1,500 on Quality Wines and you will receive 10 Free Loyalty Cards

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Quality Wines Free Loyalty Programme Loyalty cards are free and numbered in sequence: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Every ODD case of wine (1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th) you purchase, you will receive a RED Loyalty Card. Red Cards are personal to you Every EVEN case of wine (2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, 10th) you purchase, you will receive a WHITE Loyalty Card. White Cards are Universal

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White Cards For each EVEN case of wine sold world wide, the current white card will receive 1 stamp. White cards are rewarded in the order they were purchased …1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9… For each 12 Even cases sold, 12 stamps are awarded = €600 White Card 1 After 12 more stamps, the next white card is rewarded and so on… Earn rewards from global purchases White Card 2 White Card 3 White Card 4 White Card 5 White Card 6 White Card 7 White Card 8 White Card 9

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RED CARDS When 12 ODD cases are sold, 12 stamps are awarded €600 Take additional advantage of QWI’s Loyalty Programme by recommending friends. Your RED Card will receive 1 stamp for each ODD case of wine friends purchase Earn rewards from personal recommendations


LOYALTY CARDS Let’s imagine you recommend Mr White, who purchases 14 cases of wine (€2,100), the 7 odd stamps will attach to you and the 7 even stamps will attach to the current filling white card Your Red Card White Card 10 Now Imagine you recommend Mr Green, who purchases 10 cases of wine (€1,500), the 5 odd stamps will attach to you and the 5 even stamps will attach to the current filling white card €600 €600 Summary: After 24 cases of wines are sold world-wide, 2 Loyalty Cards are automatically rewarded.

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extra bonus When 1 customer receives €600 1st friend receives €60 reward 2nd friend receives €45 reward 3rd friend receives €30 reward 4th friend receives €15 reward 5th friend receives €6 reward 6th friend receives €6 reward 7th friend receives €6 reward 8th friend receives €6 reward 9th friend receives €6 reward 10th friend receives €6 reward When 1 customer is rewarded, 10 others share in the Quality Wines experience

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Quality Wines Free Loyalty Programme Quality Wines Inc is 100% transparent You can invite your friends and increase your rewards Enjoying a glass of wine is never a waste of time Proven track record A additional €1,500 rewards can be earned

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Rewards summary Purchase Wines from www.qualitywinesonline.com Receive a Loyalty Card for each €150 you spend Receive €600 in rewards each time your Red or White Loyalty Card is completed Additional €1,500 in rewards can be earned each time your Champagne Loyalty Card is completed (not explained in this presentation) Total Rewards: €600 - €2,100 from each Loyalty Card

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Purchase Example Imagine you spend €3600 with Quality Wines Inc You will Receive 12 Red Cards and 12 White Cards 12 Red Cards can reward you €7,200 12 White cards can reward you €7,200 €14,400 PLUS: 12 Champagne cards can reward you €18,000 Potential Total= €32,400

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summary Rewards are sent within 7 days of a customers request NO membership fees Receive rewards from to 10 Generations Wines you can enjoy and be proud of A new generation of Wine Sales Simple and easy to explain. www.qualitywinesonline.com

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QUALITY WINE inc For more information please contact the person who introduced you to this business or go to: http://www.qualitywinesonline.com and click on JOIN US For official terms and conditions go to http://www.qualitywinesonline.com/terms.php http://www.qualitywinesonline.com/agreeterms.php

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