Some Differences between Questionnaire Types

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Presentation Description Questionnaire is really important part of any survey. You have to know what kind of questionnaire to use for each question. We made this informative presentation that will help you to find out differences between types of questionnaires.


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OPEN ENDED QUESTIONNAIRE It is also called open format questions. In this type of questionnaire, you offer the opportunity to your respondents to freely express their views. In this manner, you are able to collect truthful understanding answers and even unanticipated suggestions to the questions you provided. Qualitative questionnaire fall under this type. Example: “State your opinion about the new policy implemented by XYZ Incorporated?” 1


CLOSE ENDED QUESTIONNAIRE Contrary to open format questions, in this type of questionnaire, respondents are unable to express their own judgement because they are asked to select answers that is specified. Its advantage is that surveyor can easily perform preliminary analysis, because the answers set is identified. It is ideal for calculation of percentages and statistical data. You can avail survey design services to guide you in creating close format questions There are 7 types of closed-ended questions. 2


LEADING QUESTIONS In this type of question, the respondents involuntarily select from particularly itemized set of answers. The question is designed in such manner that desired answers are suggested. A question with choices such as, poor, fair, good, outstanding, is an example of this type. The respondent’s opinion in limited words are taken. Get the best professional questionnaire design online from us. 2.a


IMPORTANCE QUESTIONS Rating the importance of a particular issue from 1-5 is what respondents are asked to do in this type of questionnaire. Helping you to understand things that is significant to your respondents and allow you prepare for critical decisions. Example: Handwashing before handling food product is: Find the flawless research questionnaire design from our website. We will be more than glad to help you. 1 2 3 4 5 Not important Not very important Somewhat important Very important Extremely important 2.b


LIKERT QUESTIONS Named after its inventor, psychologist Renesis Likert. This scale is widely used to ascribing quantitative data to qualitative. A question in which respondents help you determine how strongly they agree to a specific statement. A numerical value is given to each choice and a mean figure for all the responses is computed at the end of the survey. It is used to help evaluate how clients feel towards particular concerns, products or items and services. Or perhaps, get Likert scale questionnaire from reliable online service. 2.c


DICHOTOMOUS QUESTIONS It is a fixed-alternative question, where the possible answer is from two choices provided such as “Yes or No”, “Agree or Disagree”, “A or B” “True or False”. This type of close ended question is used for clear distinction of qualities, experiences or respondent’s opinions. Seek help from experts to create an excellent quantitative questionnaire . 2.d


BIPOLAR QUESTIONS It is the type of close ended questionnaire, where two extremely opposites are provided at both ends of the scale. Respondents are then asked to place their responses by marking it between the two. Example: Effective _ _ x _ _ Ineffective Dependable _ _ _ _ x Undependable Avail the reliable services for marketing questionnaire online. 2.e


RATING SCALE QUESTIONS In the questionnaire rating scale , respondents are asked to rate a specific issue on a scale that ranges between negative to positive. Answer choices should be in even number so they will not be given the choice to select the middle option. It is commonly used for all types of satisfaction surveys. Example: how would you rate the product? 2.f VERY POOR POOR FAIR GOOD


BUYING PROPENSITY QUESTIONS This type of question assesses preference or inclination of a costumer to buy the product in the future. Surveyors evaluates the tendency of a respondent to buy a particular product. Have the best marketing questionnaire available through online services that is affordable. 2.g


MIXED QUESTIONNAIRE It consists of open ended and close ended questions. This type of questionnaire is often used and is very useful in the field of social research. Limitations are that it is more complex to carry out research and time consuming. Though it has a more complete and generalized research results, risks are in conflicting findings from quantitative to qualitative. Find the most dependable research questionnaire design services online. To help you collect the truthful information you need for your research. 3


PICTORIAL QUESTIONNAIRE This type of questionnaire utilizes pictures or illustrations to promote the interest of answering the question. It is useful in studied related to social attitudes and the prejudices of children and addresses respondents who are illiterate. It is lengthy in form and also is highly expensive type of questionnaire. Develop the best qualitative questionnaire from online services that is reliable. 4

Doing research questionnaire is a tricky task. That’s why we are here to provide you the best services for questionnaire design. Our team of professional experts will give you an excellent work output tailored-fit for your needs. Hurry and visit us now at:

Doing research questionnaire is a tricky task. That’s why we are here to provide you the best services for questionnaire design. Our team of professional experts will give you an excellent work output tailored-fit for your needs. Hurry and visit us now at:

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