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Johnston's Quality Flowers Inc. is one of the leading flower shops in Fort Smith AR, which create custom beautiful, natural bouquets and arrangements. To know more, visit https://www.qualityflowers.net/


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Flowers That Send a Romantic Message :

Flowers That Send a Romantic Message


Nothing speaks the language of love quite like flowers. We can all agree that a gift of a beautiful bouquet is the perfect way to say “I love you, or “I’m thinking of you.” Which flowers send a romantic message, and what kind of a message is it? Stick around to find out.


PURPLE ROSES The red rose is known as the lover’s rose, so this time, you want to make a romantic twist and send a purple rose that can be coupled with lilac flowers. This arrangement is given to the one that, similar to fairy tales, you’re enamored with.


FORGET-ME-NOT Although the name tells a lot on its own, this flower can hit two birds with one stone. It can be sent as a symbol of a long love full of memories, as well as a symbol of new true love. When you want to ensure someone that she’s ‘the one’, this is the bloom to go with.


WHITE DAISIES Valentine’s Day is the perfect day for daisies, as this gentle, white- petaled bloom represents loyal love. If you want to express love and loyalty with one flower or one bouquet of flowers, daisies will do the trick.


RED CARNATIONS No , they are not funeral flowers. In spite of their bad reputation with floral snobs, carnations are long lasting, fragrant, cheery and always suitable. Red carnations show someone how deep your love is, and it’s perfect for couples who are over the beginnings and are, in the words of Adele, rolling in the deep.


TULIPS Classic , colorful and affordable, tulips are the ideal choice for romance, if you want to deliver the message of perfect love.


RANUNCULUS Want to let a lady know that every single aspect of her absolutely ravishes you? Gift her a lush bouquet of Ranunculus flowers, and we guarantee you that she’ll get the message.


Are you looking for the flowers to purchase, which send a romantic message? Contact your Fort Smith florist at ( 479) 783-5146 or V isit www.qualityflowers.net

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