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Driver Fatigue Monitoring System: A Must for Truck Drivers to Enable Improved Safety

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Fatigue is a leading cause of trucking and big rig accidents throughout the nation. Driving drowsy is an accident waiting to happen, causing more deaths each year. Undoubtedly, fatigue is a major safety hazard for all drivers, rivaling the effects of excessive speed and drug and alcohol consumption. Even a split-second mental lapse can result in serious injuries or fatalities. A number of studies have illustrated that driving fatigued can have the same dangerous outcomes as driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. While the need to tackle driver fatigue within the road transport industry may seem obvious, it’s very difficult for transport operators to regulate and enforce. Tired drivers don’t intentionally cause disruption or harm; it’s simply the excessive amount of time spent behind the wheel that creates risk.

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There is no denying that driver fatigue and the consequences of driving drowsy are serious issues. In response to this serious issue, trucking business owners are now seeking the advanced technology to detect tiredness in drivers. With technology like driver fatigue monitoring system, the possibility to detect driver’s driving behavior that may prove fatal to the vehicle as well as the people boarding it has increased to a certain level. Now it can be said that the driver fatigue monitoring system is the best solution to drowsy driving and increased safety against road accidents.

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Eliminating or minimizing driver fatigue and its related risks is a high priority for many trucking business owners today. The issue itself is the heart of the problem; however, if truck operators lack a readily accessible policy for staff members and an easy-to-implement driver fatigue monitoring system, the risk can be avoided legally that allows operations to continue even under dangerous conditions.

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Driver Fatigue Monitoring System: Innovative Technology to Prevent Accidents The new innovation in tech field has the promise to bring drastic change to trucking safety. One of the more developed monitoring systems is a driver fatigue monitoring system that built to identify distraction, fatigue, and other driving risks. The driver fatigue monitoring system has sensors that interpret both driver and vehicle movements to identify if the truck driver is at risk for an accident. If so, the system flags the driver and vehicle for immediate intervention. And if there is a truck accident, fleet operators have access to video of everything that occurred before, during and after the incident .

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During long journeys, it’s possible that the driver may lose attention because of drowsiness, which may be a potential reason for fatal accidents. Having such driver fatigue monitoring system embedded in vehicles could protect precious lives and property worth billion dollars. The outcome would be positive and suitable for truck owners as well as individual vehicle users.

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How Driver Fatigue Monitoring System Works in Vehicles? Driving a vehicle involves coordination of the loco motor system along with the healthy function of the brain. When the driver feels drowsy, it may unsettle the balance and may lead to erratic driving causing potential accidents. While driving, you may feel drowsy when you are under driving fatigue because of continuous driving for several hours. It’s here that the driver drowsiness detection plays a significant role in preventing accidents that could otherwise cause massive loss of life and property . The driver fatigue monitoring system uses image processing to analyze the driver’s eye blink pattern by sitting on the vehicle’s dashboard. If the eye lid movements are abnormal than usual then the detection system triggers the alarm thus alerting the driver about the condition.

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Importance of Driver Fatigue Monitoring System – Who Needs to Get It Life is precious and no numbers of words suffice to evaluate it. It is therefore imperative to protect it from fatal consequences while driving a vehicle. And if you are an owner of a fleet(s) of vehicles! Further, your vehicles comprise heavy capital assets which you need to protect from potential loose because of fatal accidents . There are diverse products that protect and ensure the safety of vehicles but most of them don’t come with a built-in drowsiness detection sensor. If you are looking for the feature such as sleep detection in vehicles and happen to be a truck owner, then you have to deal with multiple devices associated with them. However, the simple solution is to order a driver fatigue monitoring system.

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Truck accidents can cause catastrophic injuries, and the responsible party must be held accountable. If you were involved in an accident with a drowsy driver, you need experienced and tenacious representation on your side. However, installing a cost-effective driver fatigue monitoring system can help you permanently avoid accidents even if you are drowsy driving . Order driver fatigue monitoring system from QOHO online and save time as well as money on your online shopping. Ours are high-quality and ensure high-end performance while giving you complete safety on the roads. For any query, get in touch on below details: Shenzhen QOHO Electronics Co. Ltd Factory Address: 12/F, C area, HuiLongDa Industrial Park, Shiyan Street, Baoan District Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China Business Phone: 0086-755-88832758 Fax: 0086-755-61624570 Email: (Admin Dept) (Sales Dept) Website:

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