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This presentation throws light on some of the essential elements of web testing which have become crucial to ensure quality in this day and age. To know more on web testing, Graphical User Interface Testing, workflow testing along with Cross Browser or Compatibility testing, go through this presentation as well as the ones coming soon.


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Web Testing

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What is Web Testing Web Testing is conducted on a web application with an intent to find out potential bugs or defects that could hamper the functionality of that application. During this testing we also check for Accessibility and Security issues. Web Testing includes the following types of testing:- ● Functionality Testing ● Graphical User Interface Testing ● Security Testing ● Database Testing ● Cross Browser/Compatibility Testing ● Performance Testing ● Usability Testing ● Crowd Testing Copyright © by QAInfoTech. All rights reserved.

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Functionality Testing Functionality testing is conducted to verify whether the website is developed as per the functional requirements defined in the business documentation or not. Following activities should be performed during functionality testing :- 1 URL Testing/ Link Testing:- All URLs should be directed towards the appropriate webpage. There shouldn’t be any 404 error page or a broken URL. 2 Form Testing/ Input Field Testing:- All input fields should be tested by putting different types of characters and special characters. There should be proper error messages for mandatory fields in case a user hasn’t filled those. Copyright © by QAInfoTech. All rights reserved.

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3 Cookies Testing:- Cookies are a small set of files used by a web application to store user sessions. Cookies should not store any vital information such as the CVV number of a card for banking transactions. 4 End-to-End Workflow Testing:- In this business workflow of the web application should be tested. Copyright © by QAInfoTech. All rights reserved.

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Graphical User Interface Testing Graphical User Interface testing GUI Testing is an important phase of web application testing. In this phase of testing we check for the UI issues such as- ● Form truncation ● Readable font ● Appropriate color scheme ● Proper adjustment of text in relation with the web page ● Correct alignment and readable images and text etc. Copyright © by QAInfoTech. All rights reserved.

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Security Testing Security Testing is a crucial aspect under web testing especially for the banking domain and the e-commerce websites as these websites process vital user information such as bank account details card information passwords etc. This activity contains testing user sessions wherein the user session should be killed automatically when the user logs off or after a certain inactive period of time. Even a secured webpage should not be accessible to any unauthorized user. Copyright © by QAInfoTech. All rights reserved.

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Database Testing In Database Testing we mainly test for errors if any at the time of queries’ execution and the response time of those queries’ execution. In such a type of testing we also check the flow of data i.e. to test data fetched from the database to ensure accurate visibility in the web application. Copyright © by QAInfoTech. All rights reserved.

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Cross Browser/Compatibility Testing In this testing is done for a web application against different combinations of browsers and operating systems such as- ● Firefox with Win7 ● Safari with Mac OS etc. Intent of this testing is to verify that the web application behaves consistently across all OS’s and browsers wherein there should not be any browser or OS specific bug. Copyright © by QAInfoTech. All rights reserved.

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Performance Testing In this the response time of a web application and its behaviour during peak and non- peak load traffic is tested. It is to check an application’s recovery time when it crashes at a certain point of time. A number of tools commercial or open-source are used for performance testing such as Loadrunner JMeter etc. Copyright © by QAInfoTech. All rights reserved.

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Usability Testing Usability Testing has also become an important part of web application testing. This contains testing for web elements such as- ● Forms ● Text boxes ● Images ● Menu items ● Links etc. ensuring its consistency and visibility across all web pages. This type of testing is also conducted to ensure that there aren’t any any spelling or grammatical mistakes in the web page and that every image has an alternate text. Copyright © by QAInfoTech. All rights reserved.

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Crowd Testing Crowd Testing also known as crowdsourced testing is the type wherein a large group of people are selected to perform testing on a web application. They then share their respective feedbacks and suggestions on the web application. Crowd testing is an upcoming concept in identifying unnotified bugs or errors. Copyright © by QAInfoTech. All rights reserved.

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