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With a pre-requisite of ensuring an application's flawless functioning, this PPT sheds light on what functional testing entails with its importance to enhance an application's quality. Get to know more on Functional Testing Services, Functional Testing Types, Smoke Testing, Sanity Testing, Regression Testing with this presentation and stay tuned for our upcoming ones.


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• Functional Testing

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QA InfoTech What is Functional Testing Functional testing is a type of software testing in which software is tested against functional requirements/specifications with the intend to find a bug/defects if any. Functional testing is different from system testing as functional testing verifies a program by checking it against the design document while system testing validates a program by checking it against the published user or system requirement. Functional testing consist of six steps- 1. The identification of functions that the software is expected to perform 2. The creation of input data set based on the functions specifications 3. The determination of output based on the functions specifications 4. The execution of the test case 5. The comparison of actual and expected output 6. To check whether the application works as per the customer’s need.

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QA InfoTech Different types of Functional testing:- ● Smoke testing ● Sanity testing ● Regression testing ● UAT User Acceptance Testing

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QA InfoTech Smoke Testing:- Smoke testing is conducted to check the stability of a build. It is the initial phase of testing to ensure whether a build is in a testable condition or not. Sanity Testing:- Sanity testing is conducted to check the high-level features of a software. It is performed as a subset of regression testing to ensure that the software performs as per the given requirements.

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QA InfoTech Regression Testing:- Regression testing is conducted after a developer fixes the piece of code which is bug infected. While doing regression testing mainly the focus is on the broken feature and other related areas of that feature. UAT User Acceptance Testing:- UAT is performed by the end users/Client to verify whether the system is working as per the given requirements or not. In other words software is tested in the "real world" by the intended audience.

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QA InfoTech Functional Testing QAInfoTech Functional testing is a key element for enhancing the quality of the developed software. The risks of releasing a new product without rigorous quality assurance have greater implications now than ever before because of the ever-changing expectations and demands of the end users. Finding independent QA and testing vendors who are not biased by the development unit is crucial to the success of a quality product. At QA InfoTech we value this and being an independent software testing company we believe in transparency. Our objective is to measure the performance quality of the functional components. We practice a thorough framework based methodology when conducting functional GUI database and regression testing. Our centers of excellence have helped multiple enterprises to implement an organized approach in automation functional testing services. We have leveraged our internal framework with the right mix of automation tools and our home-grown methodologies resulting in not just repeatability and optimum time utilization but also in bringing combinatorial testing wherever possible by combining functional test scripts with areas such as performance security localization accessibility etc.

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