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Implementing custom audience campaigns using an email database of 5000 people increased ROAS by 42 for a customer selling honey.

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Implementing campaigns targeting Lookalike audiences for our customer resulted in a ROAS of 400 ■ This activity would be general brand awareness activity and not be focused on the Colombian market as the target audience is based on your entire customer database.

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Introducing remarketing to a golfing holiday brand increase their volume of enquiries by 318.87

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Targeting by interest our campaigns for a hair clinic in Brazil generate over 300 leads a month at a cost of £4 per lead.

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Audience Interest Age Group Location Language Reach Bollywood 18-65+ United Kingdom English 5800000 B4u Music 18-65+ United Kingdom English 14000 Zee Tv 18-65+ United Kingdom English 52000 BBC Asian Network 18-65+ United Kingdom English 110000 Star Plus 18-65+ United Kingdom English 140000 Recipes 18-65+ United Kingdom English 8600000 Curry 18-65+ United Kingdom English 1000 Cooking 18-65+ United Kingdom English 19000000 Indian Cuisine 18-65+ United Kingdom English 2600000 Spices 18-65+ United Kingdom English 1900 There are a variety of audiences we can test age location interests and though we can’t target by ethnicity we can target topics the ethnicity we want to target is likely to be interested in.

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Spending a test budget of £2000 on Facebook per month could generate over 40000 impressions. This budget would be split between the campaign types below according to campaign success. ■ Custom Audience campaigns if you have an email database ■ Lookalike audience Campaigns ■ Interest Targeting Campaigns ■ Remarketing

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With a test budget of £2000 based on industry benchmarks we would expect a cost per conversion visit to stockist page/email sign up/ add to basket of £16. Industry Spend Cost per click Impressions CTR Clicks Conversion Rate Conversions Cost per action Retail £2000 £0.54 40737 9.09 3703 3.26 120 £16 ■ Video ads typically deliver much lower CPC’s increasing the reach further. ■ Conversions in industry benchmarks range from sign ups to purchases. A conversion which is free such as an email sign up or find a local stockist therefore has a strong chance of having an even lower cost per action. ■ During the initial phases of your campaign testing and optimisation is required to improve the results over time and discover the best strategies.

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Instream ads play before during or after other videos. They can be skipped and you pay only if a user watches over 10 seconds of the video.

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Discovery ads appear on the search results pages and as related videos on the right hand side of the platform.

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Pre-roll and bumper ads are unskippable. Pre-roll ads can be up to 20 seconds and bumper ads are 6 seconds long.

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Youtube presents us with a variety of ways to target our audience. With a budget of £1000 we can test targeting by: ■ Affinity audiences lists Google has of people classified as foodies cooking enthusiasts etc ■ Cooking/food/recipe channels and videos ■ People searching for recipes via keywords ■ Remarketing to existing traffic

slide 15:

With a test budget of £1000 based on industry benchmarks we would expect between 1667-5000 views. Industry Spend Cost per view Number of Views In-Search £500 £0.10 5000 In Display £500 £0.30 1667 ■ This does not take into account the organic views from people sharing the videos with loved ones. ■ CTR’s from video’s are lower than Facebook which is why views and view rates are the key metrics for a youtube campaign. ■ During the initial phases of your campaign testing and optimisation is required to improve the results over time and discover the best strategies.

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Summary Our typical set up can take between 10 - 14 working days

slide 17:

We get to know your business Our strategy development team will arrange an initial call to ensure they fully understand your business objectives.

slide 18:

We agree a with you

slide 19:

And develop

slide 20:

We get to work Based on your plan will build new Facebook/Google campaigns and/or optimise your existing campaigns.

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One further step of approval ensures you are happy with our strategy Before you go live you will have a call with your and your new account manager. There will be a screen share and they will that’s been done to check you are happy.

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Review New accounts need lots of love and our teams work together to ensure we find the winning formula to grow your business. Your account manager salesperson and strategy development manager will meet monthly for the first three months to review your account together and update you on progress.

slide 23:

Providing you with a for our activity during the year

slide 24:

and an executive to support your account

slide 25:

Overseen by our

slide 26:

And your original new business development manager

slide 27:

Accounts are with set tasks to ensure best practices don’t get missed

slide 28:

We set up weekly calls and communicate on day to day actions via a Trello board.

slide 29:

■ Performance reviewed on a daily basis. ■ Dedicated certified account manager. ■ Agree clear goals with you each month. ■ We take responsibility for the final result not just the traffic ■ Comprehensive weekly and monthly reports written in a style to suit you. Our Commitment

slide 30:

■ Understand that campaign improvements can take time. We need a minimum 3 month commitment. ■ Provide us with feedback on sales uplifts lead quality and any other measure that is relevant. ■ Treat us as part of the team. We’re here to help. Your Commitment

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Push Set Up Push set up includes £997 + Vat One off cost ■ A strategic plan for your business growth by our dedicated strategy development team of certified specialists ■ Landing pages for search display and native ■ Account build/optimisation on Google Bing Facebook with over 50 steps completed ■ Check/ Implement conversion tracking across all platforms for all relevant touchpoints ■ Set up of our scripts our Push analyser software and reporting

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Push PPC Push Technology All Push customers have access to our unique technology worth £297 £997-1497 + Vat ■ Facebook Youtube campaign management ■ Remarketing strategies to retain and engage with traffic ■ Dedicated certified account manager ■ Weekly calls and quarterly face to face optional business reviews ■ Monthly reports Push offer an omni-channel solution which includes the following Push Proprietary software Push creative team Daily Dashboard Analysis weekly reporting

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