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Why Choose Quartz over Granite? :

Why Choose Quartz over Granite?


Quartz or granite? Which one is better? If quartz, then why to choose quartz over granite? It’s an age-old question asked by many people to determine the best choice to renovate their kitchen. To aid in this process here are some reasons,


COST OF COUNTERTOP! Quartz of countertop is less expensive than exotic granite. So with quartz, you can renovate your kitchen at an affordable price without compromise the great look.


THE APPEARANCE OF YOUR KITCHEN! Quartz countertop comes in a variety of designs, which perfectly matches for gold, gray, cream, and greige paint colors and gives the delightful appearance to your kitchen.


MAINTENANCE! Granite and marble countertops must be sealed regularly to prevent staining, but Quartz does not require sealing or other routine maintenance to maintain its beauty and functionality.


STAIN AND SCRATCHES RESISTANT! Quartz , because of its design and manufacturing process, is a durable and stain and scratch resistant product.


PATTERNS! Quartz is available in patterns from traditional to modern, but whereas this granite doesn’t have such collection like Quartz have.


If you are planning to install quartz countertops in your next kitchen remodeling project, Visit purivoquartz.com Call at : 425-251-4010 Email Id : info@PurivoQuartz.com

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