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Reptiles Reptiles - Vertebrates that have scales and breathe by the use of lungs. Examples are snakes, lizards, turtles, tortoises, alligators and crocodiles.

Characteristics of Reptiles: 

Characteristics of Reptiles All reptiles are cold-blooded Many reptiles may move to a number of places during the day to escape the extreme temperatures. Bodies are covered by scales to prevent the loss of water. Reptiles are different from amphibians because they use their lungs to breathe the moment they are born.

Characteristics Continued: 

Characteristics Continued Most reptiles will return to land to lay their eggs. A reptile’s egg has a hard protective shell to prevent it from losing water. All reptiles are vertebrates.

Three Orders of Reptiles : 

Three Orders of Reptiles Turtles and Tortoises Crocodiles and Alligators Snakes and Lizards


Turtles Hard protective shell Have beaks with no teeth Turtles live in fresh water as well as in the oceans Limbs are flippers - used for swimming Return to land to lay their eggs






Tortoises Have beaks with no teeth Live on the land Limbs are short and heavy. They have claws for digging and crawling. Live longer than any other vertebrate. Some tortoises live to 150 years old.


Crocodiles The head of the crocodile is triangular with a pointed snout. The crocodiles’ teeth stick out of its mouth when it is closed


Alligators Alligators have a broad head with a blunt, rounded snout. Its teeth are not exposed when the mouth is closed.


Snakes Snakes are the only vertebrates with no limbs. They have no ear openings or eyelids As a snake grows, it sheds its outer layer of scales. This may happen once a year or several times a year. Snakes can unhinged their jaw bones. Many snakes will eat their food alive. Snakes will swallow prey up to four to five times their size. Some snakes have sharp, hallow teeth called fangs. This is how snakes inject poison into the victim.


Lizards Lizards have two sets of limbs with clawed toes. They are very fast moving animals Lizards have eyelids, an attached lower jaw, and opening for the ear. They have teeth for catching prey, but not for chewing. Lizards also have very keen eyesight.

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