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If you find the "Bitter Root to Jesus" Power Point Presentation interesting, you will find many more patterns, techniques and articles plus other resources at Thanks Bobby G. Bodenhamer, D.Min.

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“How to Take a ‘Bitter Root’ to Jesus”: 

'How to Take a ‘Bitter Root’ to Jesus' Section Six Page 42

Brief Introduction – : 

Brief Introduction – For many years parishioners would come to me and inquire, 'Preacher Bob, I take this problem to the altar but I seem to just pick it up and bring it back. What can I do to leave it there?' I would usually give the old cliché, 'Well, just trust the Lord. Have faith, etc.' In most cases, I now know how to assist them in taking that problem to the alter and leaving it there.

Taking a “Bitter Root” to Jesus: 

Taking a 'Bitter Root' to Jesus The Lord gave me this pattern in 1993 at Gaston College. It has been utilized with hundreds of clients and duplicated by many practitioners. It is one of the most effective patterns that I use.

Taking a “Bitter Root” to Jesus: 

Taking a 'Bitter Root' to Jesus The structural key to this pattern is in the moving of an image from a matrix of hurt, guilt, anger, etc. into the location where you have Jesus. The 'meanings' of the location where you have the Lord will be meanings of love, forgiveness, total acceptance, etc. The old Bitter Root will change to the meanings you have given to the codings of your image of Jesus. Let’s look at the pattern – Page 42

Taking a “Bitter Root” to Jesus: 

Taking a 'Bitter Root' to Jesus Locate the 'Bitter Root' in your field of vision and point to it. Locate your representation of Jesus and point to where you see Him. Move the 'Bitter Root' and give it to Jesus (Do with your eyes. Do not move your head.). Forgive the person if needed. Page 43

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