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About Bridgewell Hospital of Cincinnati:

About Bridgewell Hospital of Cincinnati Devoted to serving the mental health needs of senior adults Nurturing and healing environment Constructed following best practices in hospital design

24-hour Help Line:

24-hour Help Line Immediate access to answers and support from a trained geriatric specialist Call toll-free 877/477-BRIDGEWELL for help, any time of day or night

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One out of four senior adults suffers from mental health issues Less than half seek the treatment that can help them live happier and healthier lives

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More Americans are age 65 and older than ever, and those 85 and older are the fastest growing segment of our population Most senior Americans think that depression is a normal part of aging For 80 percent of seniors diagnosed with depression, treatment is effective

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25 percent of senior adults with general medical issues also suffer from depression Senior adults have the highest suicide rate in the country The risk of dangerous medication interaction is much higher in the elderly

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Diagnosis and treatment of mental health issues can greatly improve quality of life for senior adults

Common Geriatric Concerns:

Common Geriatric Concerns Alzheimer’s Disease Anxiety Behavioral disturbances Confusion Decision-making Dementia Depression Disorientation Grief Medication problems Memory loss Pain management Personality disorders Psychiatric problems resulting from other medical issues Psychological and social issues Sleep problems Substance abuse Withdrawal

Clinical Services:

Clinical Services Comprehensive psychiatric assessment – complete evaluation of each individual patient’s needs Crisis intervention Stabilization of acute conditions Living skills evaluation – assessment of how well the senior adult is able to care for him or herself

Clinical Services:

Clinical Services Individualized treatment planning Complete medication evaluation and management Individual and group therapy Family therapy and caregiver support Occupational therapy Rehabilitation/recreational therapy

Clinical Services:

Clinical Services Patient and family education Discharge planning Collaboration and consultation with nursing homes and agencies for coordinated aftercare

Treatment Team:

Treatment Team Board certified psychiatrists Geriatric medicine specialists Registered nurses Clinical social workers Licensed counselors Occupational therapists Therapeutic recreation specialists Nutritionists

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Bridgewell Hospital of Cincinnati 5500 Verulam Street Cincinnati, OH 45213

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Phone: 513/531-6444 24-hour Help Line: Toll-free 877/477-BRIDGEWELL Fax: 513/531-9444 Email:

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