Using Samba with a Commercial Clustered Filesystem

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Using Samba with a Commercial Clustered File System: 

Using Samba with a Commercial Clustered File System


Agenda Isilon Clustered Storage Overview Developing OneFS Samba and OneFS Clustering Samba Future Requirements

Isilon OneFS Cluster: 

3 Isilon OneFS Cluster Vertical-Specific Imagery for this sequence Work Vert-Specific Single file system (1.6 PB) Fully symmetric peers 3 to 96+ nodes Fast intra-cluster network InfiniBand Multi-protocol access CIFS NFS FTP HTTP/WebDAV Local userspace

What Makes Isilon OneFS Special?: 

4 What Makes Isilon OneFS Special? Single pool of storage Granular data protection Down to the file level 8x mirroring or +4 recovery Easy to manage and grow Add additional nodes in 60 seconds Automated data balancing Extreme performance for concurrent access POSIX and Windows semantics supported

Isilon IQ Network Architecture: 

5 Isilon IQ Network Architecture

Writing a File with Isilon IQ: 

6 Writing a File with Isilon IQ Work Vert-Specific

Writing a File with Isilon IQ: 

7 Writing a File with Isilon IQ Work Vert-Specific

Writing a File with Isilon IQ: 

8 Writing a File with Isilon IQ Reading a File with Isilon IQ Work Vert-Specific


9 Reading a File with Isilon IQ Work Vert-Specific

Developer Perspective: 

10 Developer Perspective

Samba in OneFS: 

11 Samba in OneFS Isilon Kernel Supported Samba Requirements Native Windows ACL storage & enforcement Native createfile() syscall implementation Alternate Data Streams Snapshots with Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) Zero-copy writes and other performance improvements through Used over 4 years – 3.0.24 2.2

Samba in OneFS Continued…: 

12 Samba in OneFS Continued… Cluster coherent share-mode locking Cluster coherent oplocks Cluster coherent byte-range locks (in development) Per-share case-sensitivity Unicode normalization insensitive Site locator support Change notify And more…

IFS Clustering Protocols: 

13 IFS Clustering Protocols IFS Distributed Lock Manager (DLM) Group Management Protocol (GMP) smbd nfsd httpd ftpd bash

OneFS Distributed Locking [under Samba]: 

14 OneFS Distributed Locking [under Samba]

OneFS Group Membership [under Samba]: 

15 OneFS Group Membership [under Samba]

CTDB on Clustered File Systems: 

16 CTDB on Clustered File Systems Leverage Existing Technology CTDB is a promising solution for POSIX clustered file systems Some file systems extend capabilities Native distributed locking mechanism Native cluster membership tracking Native ACLs and other feature obviate need for specific TDBs Native solutions benefit from Performance tuning Build on existing testing and deployment Samba should benefit from these capabilities when available

Samba 3 Wish List: 

17 Samba 3 Wish List Abstract interface for TDB based solutions Kernel based solutions and CTDB coexisting Existing examples iNotify for Linux NTFS VFS layer in Samba 4 Beneficial to other vendors Moving forward…

Samba 3 Wish List: 

18 Samba 3 Wish List Increase communication Share our features and bug fixes Minimize parallel development Vendor specific branches? Ease merge burden Moving forward…

What We Give Back to the Community: 

Dedicated Windows enterprise QA team Hundreds of bugs found Integration in complex domain topologies Real world deployment in large production environments 50,000+ Users 300+ Domain Controllers Feature development Windows 2008 Server Authentication 19 What We Give Back to the Community Enterprise Testing and Deployment

Isilon Customers and Leadership: 

Isilon Customers and Leadership Select Customers Recognition "Isilon's clustered storage products will play a critical role in meeting the capacity and throughput requirements of leading applications.” Richard Villars, Vice President of Storage Systems Research, IDC


CIFS/Samba improvements Many interesting challenges ahead Clustered performance Closer integration with world-leading clustered storage solution Customer Focus Our customers continue to push the envelope of Samba development Growth Continue to get more involved with Samba community We need more protocols developers! (Come join us!) 21 Future 2008 and Beyond


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