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Mahfuz Rahman Panasonic Information and Networking Technologies Laboratory


Home Gateway Architecture Home PC Network Storage Device Panasonic Portal (Service Provider) Gateway Owner at work 1394 UPnP 802.11

Application Scenarios: 

Application Scenarios Panasonic might want to control, configure and install services at the home gateway through the internet and also at the same time control home appliances The owner of the home devices might want to control devices through the internet from remote location Turn on or off the surveillance camera at home Monitor the activity of the kids inside the house from office Notify when someone rings the door bell and the owner is away from the house

Technical Requirements for Home Gateway Solution: 

Technical Requirements for Home Gateway Solution Event notification mechanism is required for home gateway solution to notify the owner or the service provider when a personal home appliance detects an event inside the house Needs mobility Home appliances can be moved from one location to another either within the home domain or within the service provider’s domain user of Home appliances can move from one location to another in the internet domain Query of Device status Needs a way to Query devices for its status through the internet Security and privacy is also an important issue as the devices are controlled through the internet


Conclusion Panasonic will be interested in a working group dedicated to discuss all these relevant issues for personal home appliance control

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