Gulliver in Brobdingnag

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On his way to India there was a strong storm that led them to the island Molucca. Finally, after several days of fight against sea, they came to Brobdingnag’s island, where the captain sent some of his sailors to the land in search of cold water and Gulliver decided to go with them.

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He got lost and when he returned, he saw that the sailors were rowing away, leaving him behind. Suddenly, Gulliver saw an enormous creature, he hid in the grass which was measuring seven meters high. He looked for a hole where to hide but did not find anything and he thought that he would die in hands of the giant.

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Suddenly the giant saw him and carefully he caught him and took him to the farmer who soon realized that he was not an animal, but a human being. He took him it to his house with his family. They treated him very well and they made him a bed, cutlery, plates and clothes. The farmer’s daughter called Glumdalclitch took care of Gulliver since he was exposed to many dangers.

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The farmer wanted to get money and he took Gulliver to the market, Glumdalclitch went with them. They took him in a box with gaps so that that he could breathe. Once there, they put him on a table, where he had to entertain the people. Gulliver got exhausted for being a few days without being able to neither walk nor breathe. The farmer realized that he could earn a lot of money and decided to take Gulliver to the capital of the city.

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It was a long and exhausting trip. Before getting to their destination they stopped in several villages to earn money.

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Gulliver thought that this life was starting to have negative effects in his health. The farmer thought the same and he believed that Gulliver was going to die so he decided to sell him to the Queen. The workers did a special bedroom and locked it so that the rats couldn’t get into it. The queen became so fond of him that she used to eat with him.

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Gulliver talked about England, its laws, its customs, universities, and its history… The King used to laugh at him. But the greatest danger in Brobdingnag came from a monkey, one day Glumdalclitch left him alone in his room and he picked him up and ran into the roof. He was in terrible fear of falling. Finally several servants climbed on the roof, and as they came nearer, the monkey put him down and ran away.

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The King and Gulliver had very interesting conversations, the King asked him to tell him things about his country, its laws to see if they could copy something. While Gulliver was talking the King was taking notes and also he asked him some questions and Gulliver answered them to him.

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Gulliver wanted to give him something to thank him for his Kindness. He told the king that three or four hundred years ago, the Europeans had discovered how to make a special powder. It was called gunpowder, it was easy and cheap to make and it would be able to destroy all his enemies, but the King’s reply, was “NO” and he cried in horror. He didn’t want to know how they could murder people like that. He would rather give half his country away than knowing the secret of this powder.

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He said to Gulliver, how can a tiny creature like you have such inhuman, cruel ideas? How strange that an excellent king should not take the chance he was offering him! But he had other strange ideas: He believed that every problem can be solved by honest, sensible people and that the political life of a country must have no secrets and must be open for all to see and understand.

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Of course, Gulliver thought, “We all know that this is imposible”. The end

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