A voyage to the country of the Houyhnhnm

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A voyage to the country of the Houyhnhnms.

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I started my next voyage, on 7th September, 1710, as captain of my own ship this time.One morning they attacked me and tied me up. They told me they were going to take control of the ship and became pirates. They left me, alone, on the beach of a small island in the middle of the Indian Ocean.I saw the ugliest animals, called Yahoos,I had ever seen in all my travels.

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I noticed that a horse was coming along the road, so I supposed the animals were afraid of him.In this country, horses, not people, were in control. My Houy master was very interested in me, and as soon as I could speak the language, he asked me to explain where I had come from. “I've come from a country on the other side of the world and in my country all the important people look like Yahoos”.

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“But how is that possible? he asked. Your Houys surely wouldn't allow unintelligent creatures like Yahoos to control the country”. “ It may seem strange, I agreed, I'll tell my friends all about it. But I'm afraid they may accuse me of lying”. “What is lying? my master asked me”. I tried to explain and I began to see how different Houy life was from what I was used to. I was delighted to describe recent English history to him, especially some of our most successful wars.

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“But why does one country attack another? he asked.” “There are many reasons, I replied. There's always a war somewhere. For this reason, being a soldier is one of the best jobs you can have. His orders are to kill as many people as he can.”

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People who've never hurt him? asked the Houy. How could you and you countrymen kill so many other Yahoos? “I replied. You don't know much about European war. With our guns and bullets and gunpowder we can destroy a hundred cities, and twenty thousand men”. “Be quiet! He ordered. I’ve heard enough”.

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After these conversations I began to wonder whether the Houys were right. Why do we humans so often fight wars and tell lies? Peace and truth began to seem more important than making war or making money. As the Houys did, I hated the Yahoos for their dirty habits and unpleasant character. I felt such a strong love for them that I planned to spend the rest of my life among them, and to try to become more like them.

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One day, my master horse said to me: My friends and I have decided you can't stay here any longer. Two months later, I said goodbye to my dear master and his family. Later on, I arrived in England.

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Five years later, I do not let my children get close to me. How sad that people cannot learn from the Houys! I was hoping that perhaps human beings would change their ways after reading the stories of my life with the Houys. But they accuse me of lying in my book, and now I realize that people still lie, steal, and fight. just as they have always done, and probably will always do.

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I will say no more. Clearly, there is no hope for human beings. I was stupid to think that I could bring reason and truth into their lives and thoughts. Humans are all Yahoos, and Yahoos they will remain. The end

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By: Sergio Montoro Romero Celia Urbano Conejo Rocío Urbano Conejo

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