Gulliver in Lilliput

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Gulliver´s Travel : 

Gulliver´s Travel Voyage to Lilliput

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They started their journey from Bristol on May 4h , 1699 but before they could reach the Pacific, the wind and waves broke the ship in half. When the next morning , he woke up, he couldn´t move. He was tied and he had very small human beings in his body.

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The king of this country (Lilliput) ordered his people to carry him to the capital city. The King said to Gulliver to take off his chains but first he had to promise not to fight against Lilliput. He was searched and they found , gold and silver, a clock hand , his gun and bullets.

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Gulliver showed him the way it was used and all them were frightened. Gulliver was careful to behave himself so that the King could give him his freedom. One day the King invited him to see the entertainments. People who wanted to become King´s most important oficials , jumped and danced on a rope, and whoever jumped highest whithout falling got the best job.

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When Gulliver was free, he visited the city and the palace garden. In Lilliput all crimes were punished but many of their laws and customs were very diferent from the human beings. One day a King´s official said to Gulliver: “we need your help. Lilliput has enemies at home and abroad. Here there are two political groups: the High-Heels and the Low- Heels.

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The two groups hate each other and they refuse to speak to each other. This is the problem in Lilliput but now we are attacked by Blefuscus (another island). Years ago in Lilliput there were long disputes over how to break an egg and now there are also two groups: Small-Endians and Big-Endians”.

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When the Blefuscans saw Gulliver , they were so frightened that they jumped out to the sea, the King came down to meet him. He told him ``everyone in Lilliput is greatful to you! From your bravery , you will be one of my lords from now on´´. One day , the Queen´s room in the palace was burning and Gulliver luckily had not made water since the last night.

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In three minutes he managed to put out the whole fire, and the lovely old building was safe. But, later he heard that the Queen was angry with him and she had promised to take her revenge on him. He soon discovered that Flimnap was his secret enemy. Reldresal who was a King´s official and a good friend told him that many of the lords were jealous and they accused him of some crimes.

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In the end the King suggested that a suitable punishment would be to lose his sight. Then he decided to escape and Gulliver travelled to Befluscu. Blefuscans welcomed him warmly. The King of Blefuscu ordered his men to repair the boat and prepared all things he needed. Gulliver left Blefuscu on the 24th September

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On 26th September Gulliver saw a ship with sailors from England. Gulliver travelled with them and they arrived home on April 13th 1702. THE END .

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