A voyage to Laputa, Glubbdubdib, Luggnag

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The flying island of Laputa : 

The flying island of Laputa Antonio Corpas Serón Miguel Ángel Díaz Postigo Álvaro Aguilar Pozo Diego Díaz Rodríguez

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I wanted to see more of the world and I managed to persuade my wife to let me go. The voyage took eight months, we sailed straight into a terrible storm, which drove us many miles eastward. Our ship was not fast enough to escape, and the pirates caught us. They decided to keep the sailors to help sail the ship, but they did not need me. I am sure the pirates thought I would die. However, I saw land some hours later, and I managed to sail the boat to it. At first I thought a cloud was passing over the sun. But when I looked up, I saw, to my great astonishment, a large island in the sky, between me and the sun.

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The most interesting place I saw there was the university, which was full of very clever men, with very clever ideas. They had ideas for building houses from the roof downwards, turning rocks into soft material, making rivers run uphill , and saving sunshine in bottles. One day, they told me, they would find the answers to all these problems, and then their country would be the most wonderful place in the world. However, I noticed that the people looked hungry and miserable. Their clothes were old and full of holes, their houses were badly built and falling down. When I visited the School of Mathematics, I could not understand why the students looked so unhappy. This highly developed system of teaching did not seem to be working well.

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I decided to travel from Balnibarbi to the island of Luggnagg, from there to Japan, and then home to England. Glubbdubdrib means the island of magicians. Important people there are good at magic. The President is the best magician of them all. It seemed unbelievable, but it was true.When we arrived on the island, we were invited to the President’s palace.

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I visited the President every day during my stay. You could ask them questions about their lives. The President pointed out of the window.There in a large field was the ghost of Alexander the Great. His kingdom covered many countries. I cannot remember how many more ghosts I called to appear, I was very interested in their answer to my questions, which often seemed to offer a different view of history from the one I had been taught at school.

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I sailed to Luggnagg and I stayed there for three months. Struldbrug is a human being who will never die, but will live for ever. If a Luggnuggian baby is born with a round spot above its left eye, it’s a Struldbrug. We have over a thousand of them in the country. How lucky they are! I cried, a child has a chance of living for ever, how much we can learn from them!. They’ve lived through history and know a lot. I wanted to spend my whole life listening to the intelligent conversation of these extraordinary people.

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We’ll be delighted if you stay longer with us, my Luggnuggian friend told me but I’d like to know how you would plan your life if you were a Struldbrug. I answered, first I’d work hard, and earn a lot of money. I’d be the richest man in Luggnagg. I’d study too. I’d also write down everything important that happened over the years. I’d teach young people. But most of my time I’d spend with other Struldbrugs, friends of mine. I had only just finished describing the happiness of endless life, when I realized that my friend’s shoulders were shaking and tears of laughter were running down his face.

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You’ve made a very understandable mistake. You suppose that if someone lives for ever, he is young, healthy, and strong for ever too and that doesn’t happen. Our Struldbrugs have a terrible life. After living for eighty years, they become ill and miserable. They have no friends and they can’t remember the past. The law considers them to be dead, so their children inherit their houses and money.

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I realized how stupid I had been, and felt very sorry fot the poor Struldbrugs. I finally left Luggnagg on a boat sailing to Japan. From there I found a ship which was returning to England. My voyage to Laputa, Balnibarbi, Glubbdubdrib and Luggnagg had taken me away from home for five and a half years.

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