The turn of the screw (2)

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Mari Carmen Robles Aguilar María Gómez Román Ana Villodres Chicón

Answer the questions::

Answer the questions: 1.The story that Mr.Douglas told the man was a funny story. True False 2.There are three children in the story True False 3.They live at Bly in a big country house True False

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4.Mrs Grose says that Quint was a bad man and is now dead . True False 5.The governess saw a woman looking at her by the window. True False

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5.Quint was a gentleman. True False 6.Miles was always nice to Mrs. Grose . True False 7.The governess sees Miss Jessel by the lake. True False

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8.On the way to the village shops Miles asks her when he can go back to the school. True False 9.The children seem to be good, but they are really bad. True False

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10. Flora sleeps in the room with the governess True False 11. Miles wants to go to a new school . True False

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12. The governess believes that Flora is near the lake with Miles. True False 13.Flora can see Miss Jessel and the governess knows it. True False 14.Miles dies . True False



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