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www.proteusind.com - Vortex type flow meter for industry : Proteus Industries develops, manufactures and markets a full line of instruments and controls for fab and semiconductor equipment industry. Proteus products are used in virtually every semiconductor fab around the world. Furthermore, Proteus offer a wide range of rugged and sensitive flow sensing and control instruments for the solar, medical, automotive and other industries.


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All About the Vortex Type Flow Meter

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A  vortex type flow meter  is a velocity type flow meter which tends to follow a linear relationship with the volume flow rate. Hence, their acceptability is better as compared to other flow meters.  The  vortex type flow meter  is a flow measurement device used for measuring the flow velocity of gases and liquids where the introduction of moving part induces the problem. Vortex Type Flow Meter

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The  vortex type flow meter  is utilized to measure the flow and liquid in a certain container like pipelines, tanks, industry-usable chambers. Different operational modes and technicality depend on the areas of application, functional importance and nature of liquid. Velocity flow measurement meters are widely used in the commercial fields . The Applications of the Flow Meter

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The Vortex type flow meters function under the  vortex shedding principle.    St = f (d/V) Where St =  Strouhal number   F = vortex shedding periodicity d = width of bluff body V = average fluid acceleration   Principle Involved In the Functionality of the Flow Meters

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There are few limits to be considered before doing selection of the flow meter. 1. What fluid is being measured 2. The range of flow rate and pressure 3. Fluid temperature and density 4. Pipe size 5. Viscosity range Smart vortex meters supply digital output signal containing data apart from flow rate. Components & Types of Vortex Flow Meter

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