Add Value to Your Office Building by Installing Porcelain Ceramic Tile


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Add Value to Your Office Building by Installing Porcelain Ceramic Tiles Ceramic porcelain floor tiles are robust and can add value to your commercial building. Read about the advantages of choosing these types of tiles. Address: 230 East 7th Street | Mount Vernon | NY 10550 Phone: 914.665.0654

slide 2: 888.773.2845 Planning to make some major improvements to your office building As a building owner making small but visible improvements to your office space is one of the best ways to increase its overall value. While there are many types of additions that can be done there are certain improvements that are most effective and add value to your building. Upgrading your flooring is one such addition that can dramatically transform your office décor. The type of flooring you choose can make a significant impact on your building’s resale value. Your floors need to be in good condition and the flooring materials must be robust and look attractive as well. Ceramic and porcelain tiles - known for their classic look and clean-lined appearance – are one of the most reliable flooring types in terms of increasing building value. Made from compressed ceramic dust these tiles are not only versatile but extremely durable and naturally water-resistant. This exceptional resilience makes tile flooring a prime choice for your office building mainly in the hallways and bathroom. How can ceramic tiles for floors add value to your commercial building space  Attractive – Porcelain ceramic tiles are appealing to the eye and create a focal point in any room. With these tiles you can create a number of looks – from sleek sophistication to charming cozy cottage.  Highly Durable – Porcelain is created by exposing the clay to very high temperatures and this in turn hardens the surface and makes the tile more durable. High-quality porcelain floor tiles are resistant to impact chemicals water absorption staining and scratching. They are very difficult to crack by accident. Proper installation and regular maintenance can yield many years of beauty and sturdiness. This inbuilt quality of the flooring is itself one of its biggest selling points – building owners will own attractive flooring which need not be replaced soon.  Multitude of Designs – Advancements in technology have greatly expanded the styles designs and colors of ceramic or porcelain tiles that are available in the market today. There are an endless number of styles designs patterns prints and textures that create a truly personalized space. You can choose from a wide range of tile patterns like - straight lay Running bond or brick pattern Herringbone Checkerboard and basket-weave pattern that perfectly match your specific building style.

slide 3: 888.773.2845  Easy Maintenance – Caring for porcelain ceramic tiles is easy particularly well- glazed tiles. The natural stain and water-resistant properties of porcelain is one of the reasons why it’s very easy to maintain. Spills and dirt can be simply mopped or wiped up. In addition regularly vacuuming and sweeping will help maintain the tiles and preserve the finish. These factors make porcelain ceramic tiles a hygienic choice in any room. Moreover periodic damp mopping using a pH balanced solution is also advisable as it’s a great way to disinfect the area.  Fireproof – Porcelain ceramic tiles don’t easily burn under normal circumstances. These floors have the capacity to restrict the movement of flames in case there is a fire outbreak.  Hypo-allergenic - As the surface of the tiles is solid they are a great choice for minimizing allergens like pollen or dust. These particles can be easily washed or wiped away with regular cleaning.  Repairs – Porcelain ceramic tiles are highly resistant to cracking or breakage caused by physical impact. However damage could still occur but you can replace or remove the damaged tile easily. When selecting tiles for your office floors ensure that you choose those that not only look attractive but also suit your building decor. The flooring option should also be strong and resistant to damage. Ceramic or porcelain tiles are a great alternative as they offer extra durability. Make sure to purchase ceramic porcelain floor tiles from a reliable tile distributor in New York. You can select from a wide range including Casalgrande FAP Florida Tile Mosaico+ Metropolitan Primus Stone Peak and more. Happy Tile Hunting

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