5 Website Design Techniques That Can Damage a Website and Its SEO Eval

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5 Website Design Techniques That Can Damage a Website and Its SEO Evaluation by profitydigital17 hours ago1 Like19 Views Embed • Designing a website is both art and science it requires artistic endeavor visualization from a users perspective and superb technical skills so that the imaginative creation can be transformed into clear creativity. The worst thing any company has to do is to copy the website of another company and implement it as your own. This sequence if duplicated by other companies leads to a group of inadequately designed websites. This basic requirement of user experience is not enough such websites get a low rank in SEO evaluation which results in low traffic and low site ranking in search engine rankings. There are web design techniques that should be avoided or selected by objective analysis because they can damage website design or reduce SEO evaluation. Some have been discussed below: 1. Using Tables in Website Layout Using tables in a web page layout becomes complicated because most layout tables use lots of table features such as colspan rows pan and nested tables. While website designing company in Delhi tables can be easy maintenance is difficult most screen readers find it hard to understand that they understand tables because they should read in the sequence displayed in HTML and from the left to right and from top to bottom the table layout The inside material gets worse. When the table is nested it is increased further. In the HTML5 page layout the table-based advocate and HTML 4.01 rejects the presentation is kept separate from the HTML

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when CSS is used the tables in the CSS are a bit easier to maintain. Tables can hinder SEOs flexibility of the affected page it takes too much time to load nested tables from CSS for the same design. 2. Infinite Scrolling Although scrolling is a very popular design and is often used mostly in most websites especially e-commerce it is not for every website. If the goal of the website is to stream content continuously and the content structure is flat then it can be useful. However if the goal of the website is to help users find a particular task or compare choices it can harm the users experience. In special work achievement users find grouped content more interesting users may sometimes feel overwhelmed by the abundance of information submitted by scrolling down the page less conversion is. Therefore eternal scrolling is a bad technique for websites focused on the activities of work achievements. For this they need to find back-track or specific content of their search. 3. Parallax Scrolling Although the parallax scroll is widely used and a good job leads to a loyal visitor the issues associated with it are also parallax scrolling can be less evaluation for SEO ranking if parallax website content images and good If there is a page of visual display then its okay. However if the website contains infographic.i.e text Google does not read it It can be less SEO ranking this image can be sorted by converting the content into actual text. The problem related to the potters should be kept in mind because some users are looking at the information available at the bottom of the page. Vertical web pages with pictures can take longer than normal to load making most users actually leave the website before the page loads. 4. Lazy Loading: Do not allow lazy loading material or images to be loaded unless users interact with that part of the page. This content cannot be indexed by spiders and will not be able to load the rest of the page only visible content is indexed. This can lead to lower evaluation for SEO and damage Page Traffic. Website designing company in Delhi Development and SEO team should evaluate the designs that are difficult to implement to find complex elements. 5. Lack of mobile size design With high intrusion of mobile with a responsive and adaptive design the company needs to be compatible with the mobile website. Its traffic has direct impact. With the introduction of Googles mobile algorithm websites that are not mobile-friendly are pushed into the search list. A responsive design allows the website to be loaded on all device types. It is possible to detect the device through adaptive design which allows progressive improvements according to user requirements. However configurations for all available device types can be a challenge. The designs responsive / adaptive technique utilizes the responsive feature for all materials and uses special coding for images that create light pages for mobile and improves load time.

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Trying to mimic a so-called "great design" from any other website can be new and creative but such steps can serve as a hindrance to meeting the desired goals and objectives of the website in the long run. Not only can they harm creative appeals but also block websites natural SEO evaluation. In areas with the above mentioned issues there is probably a glimpse of lucrative design technology which can either hand or damage the website. In order to maximize profit the site owner must fully understand the purpose of these website design techniques before applying to your website completely. Read More:- You Should Know About Website Design and Its Type • •

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