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I have got to testify!:

I have got to testify! How to develop a Learning Network that will make you rethink everything.

How to get started? :

How to get started? The first logical step is to sign up for twitter. Lets take a look at how to find the right people to follow. But first… Then you follow people. It’s that simple. You don’t have to do anything else if you don’t want to. If you follow the right people, they’ll make you feel really ignorant. (I mean enlightened.)

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This is your last chance

Find someone who is brilliant and then follow some of their followers, right?:

Find someone who is brilliant and then follow some of their followers, right? That’s how I did it and turned out alright. I’ve stumbled upon a better way. There are awards for bloggers and people that tweet. They’ve been giving awards for a really long time.


Sharing You will feel obligated to get the word out. Not everyone will be as excited as you. Don’t get discouraged. There are some tools you’ll need to have to help you save all this found wisdom.

Evernote is amazing!:

Evernote is amazing!



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If it’s not free, If it’s not easy to learn, If I have to download a program, If it doesn’t embed,

I feel the need to testify!:

I feel the need to testify! Web 2.0 Tools for a new age in education

What is Web 2.0?:

What is Web 2.0? What is it to you?

Embedding is essential:

Embedding is essential

PowerPoint Presentation:

Flipping the Classroom What do we know about it?

Technology could make us flip:

Technology could make us flip Every student works at their own pace. Analytics provides specific and timely feedback at the moments they need it. Can you imagine every student engaged and practicing every day? That’s what any good salesman tells you before they run away with your money.

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