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Presentation of study on impact of E-communication on School Leaders.


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Impact of Technology on Principals & School Leaders:

Impact of Technology on Principals & School Leaders Margarita Berkemeier Ginnie Harder Kimberly Lahti Vanessa Robert Dustlyn Truitt

Today we are awash in electronic communication from text, e-mail, instant messaging, Facebook posts to tweets. :

Today we are awash in electronic communication from text, e-mail , instant messaging, Facebook posts to tweets .

Communication is an Essential Part of Life:

Communication is an Essential Part of Life U se of technology can help people in communicating. Technology also can have consequences of reducing person-to-person interaction.

Summary of Six Themes related Role & Work of Principals:

Summary of Six Themes related Role & Work of Principals

Principal Role Themes:

Principal Role Themes Volume of communication & information Time at the computer Time at work Accessibility Training for aspiring principals Training for staff

Volume of Information & Communication:

Volume of Information & Communication Extraneous information Change in job description for secretaries or administrative assistants Processing information Managing information

Time at the Computer:

Time at the Computer Added collaboration available from technology Being chained to the computer Stress and anxiety Parent communication

PowerPoint Presentation:

Working at school and home to adequately perform job Stress and anxiety Visibility Time at


Accessibility Technology has made the principal more accessible Bypassing the chain of command Deferring decisions Time on the job

For the Aspiring:

For the Aspiring Need for additional training Focus on meeting the challenges of other 5 themes Management of information and communication Use technology correctly and effectively

Training for Staff:

Training for Staff Proper training and support for staff using technology Managing information and communication Adjustment period Collaboration

Computer-Mediated Communication Themes:

Computer-Mediated Communication Themes


Themes Staff Interaction Style and Syntax Immediate and Impulsive Properties The Absence of Social Pressure Rate of Speed and Communication Complications related to Open Records, Legal Issues, and Student Privacy

Staff Interaction:

Staff Interaction Teachers spend more time in classroom Expanded circle of communication

PowerPoint Presentation:

Hybrid communication format Part formal memo Part informal telephone call WDYT (What do you think?)

Immediate and Impulsive Properties:

Immediate and Impulsive Properties 24/7 access Lack of reflection time before responding

Absence of Social Presence:

Absence of Social Presence Likelihood of Misunderstandings Likelihood of becoming more socially insensible and sometime rude.

Speed of Communication:

Speed of Communication Expectation of Immediate Response Pressure to be accessible full-time


Complications Open Records Legal Issues Student Privacy


Implications The work day has changed for Principals. More information is exchanged Rate of communicate has accelerated Longer hours needed to keep up with increased communication More access to parents, students, and staff.


Implications Technology and the communication of information is evolving. Principals must learn how to manage all incoming communication effectively. The impact and pressure staff members experience due to the work demands from the principal. The principal’s ability to match the task with appropriate media selection may play an important part not only in establishing the principal’s effectiveness at communicating but also in creating the culture of the organization . (Hines, Edmonson, Moore, 2008)


Recommendations Implement Staff Trainings on electronic communication (benefits & complexity) Establish routines and procedures Inform parents of the ways the school communicates Prepare principals to face new challenges Do more Research

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