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Centrifugal Pumps are one of the most commonly used industrial pumps for pumping fluids. These pumps are widely used because of lower cost and ease of installation. Read more here : https://www.qwentic.com/blog/emerging-markets-for-the-centrifugal-pump-industry


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Emerging Markets for Centrifugal Pumps:

Emerging Markets for Centrifugal Pumps

Markets for Centrifugal Pumps:

Markets for Centrifugal Pumps The end-user segmentation of the centrifugal pumps market can be widely classified into the following industries: Water and wastewater Commercial building Oil and gas Chemical Food and beverage

Note worthy facts::

Note worthy facts: The centrifugal pump market is projected to grow from an estimated USD 30.65 billion in 2017 to USD 36.98 billion by 2022 , at a CAGR of 3.83%, from 2017 to 2022. Water and wastewater end-user segment market will be 35% by 2020 while commercial buildings would be for 22.5% of the market share. Even though wastewater and commercial building will hold a large share of the market; oil and gas, nuclear power plants and mining industry will see less than average growth.

Problems specific to each end user Industry:

Problems specific to each end user Industry Municipal Water and Wastewater treatment : Industries working in water will need to ensure that the quality of water being pumped is suitable for their requirement. Water quality when tested manually is a cost burden . Commercial Building : Running of Centrifugal pumps in commercial buildings consume a lot of power and this leads to high electricity costs. In addition, it is compulsory for Pumps in EU Countries to be compliant to European Union Pump Efficiency Regulations for power consumption. Deviation from these standards leads to audit fines.

Problems specific to each end user Industry:

Problems specific to each end user Industry Oil and Gas : For fuel generation, Centrifugal Pumps are used to extract resources from underground reserves. These pumps consume lot of power leading to high cost. Fall in global fuel prices has lead to falling capital expenditure. Stakeholders in this industry are looking for value-added comprehensive solutions. In addition pumps in this Industry see a lot of damage due to extreme environment. Chemical and Food and Beverage Industry : The Chemical Industry deals with various corrosive and abrasive components passing through the pump which can cause a lot of damage. The F&B Industry needs to maintain quality of fluids that it pumps. This again needs comprehensive monitoring.


Solution Most problems faced by these industries regarding usage of Centrifugal Pumps can be solved through IIoT based monitoring system. Such an IoT platform for these IIoT integrated smart pumping solutions comprise of three significant parts: Sensors, including cables and junction boxes Data collection device Monitoring/analysis software Sensors work to pick data from different hardware which is then relayed using GPRS/Internet/ Ethernet etc. to a web-based application which stakeholders can access on their smart devices such as phones, laptops, and computers.

Advantages of IIoT integrated Centrifugal Pump::

Advantages of IIoT integrated Centrifugal Pump: With the help of Water sensors/ Pressure sensors and other relevant sensors, it can pick data about water quality and pressure and then relay it to concerned stakeholders. This will prevent damage to pump as well as cut down costs in manually monitoring these parameters . In commercial buildings where power consumption is a challenge, magnetic sensors can help ensure that power consumption is within required parameters. Any deviation will lead to alerts. Also, damage to pumps can be monitored through such sensors and predictive maintenance of pumps can be undertaken so that downtime is nil.

Advantages of IIoT integrated Centrifugal Pump::

Advantages of IIoT integrated Centrifugal Pump: Heat sensors in the IIoT platform will help ensure minimum damage to the mining pump by monitoring ideal operational temperature . Again it will help detect preventable damages. For pumps being used in Chemical or Food and Beverage Industry, such a platform can help in remotely monitoring the quality of the fluid. Whether it is corroding the pump or about to cause health hazards as is in the case of chemical industry can also be monitored.

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