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IoT is the technology behind most devices we use today. If you are a manufacturer or User of IoT Devices, here is why you should be seriously considering IoT security compliance. Read more here :


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Importance of IoT Security Compliance:

Importance of IoT Security Compliance

What is Internet of Things IoT?:

What is Internet of Things IoT ? IoT refers to the hundreds of physical devices that are connected to exchange data with each other over a network. It reduces human intervention in everyday activities.

What is the importance of IoT security Compliance?:

What is the importance of IoT security Compliance ? Security and Privacy : 70% of IoT devices have a significant security vulnerability . When there are so many devices that are connected to each other over non secure platforms the possibility of data security and cyber security being compromised are incredibly high. Apart from the loss of brand loyalty, payment of claims, product recall ; such security compromises can also lead to loss of life and property. Security Policies : Security Policies are on their way, and companies must be prepared to meet such policies and prevent disruption of operations. In fact, The Internet of Things (IoT) Cybersecurity Improvement Act of 2017 is a bill pending before the US Senate which seeks to put in place a basic level of security.

How to ensure IoT Security Compliance?:

How to ensure IoT Security Compliance? While choosing a Security Compliance Framework organizations must ensure that it boasts of the following features :

Implications of Security Measures::

Implications of Security Measures:

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