The Heartsoul Legacies, Tenrai/Hitoe #1

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The first round of my smaller legacy families. Both share a part as they will not be played as long as the Kaiku family


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ThePokemonTri-Legacy : 

ThePokemonTri-Legacy Part 1: Gods, Simselves, and All That Boring Second Generation Stuffazoid (Tenrai & Hitoe, Part 1)

Slide 2: 

Dawn: “Pokémon is NOT the property of this author; it is owned by Nintendo, Game Freak, Creatures Inc. and various other companies which are too numerous to list. Please do not hit this guy with a lawsuit as he has wasted all his Christmas money on gifts.” Me: “HEY! Last time I hire you to give the disclaimers, Dawn!” 

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Welcome back to the Heartsoul Legacy Triad, folks! It’s me, Clank Pokemon, and I’m the narrator for my Boss, known by Boolprop as AgentClank… well, read the first part because I’m not recapping! Anyways, I think there’s a little thing we need to rectify before we start this party.

Slide 4: 

Namely, the wedding of my ‘caretaker’, Pony(canimarryapony, who writes The Pokemon Legacy) and her college sweetheart that Boss told me to fetch her. He’s not her in-game husband, but that’s not possible because the kids in these three legacies will be named after various Pokemon, and Boss will no doubt have a kid with the same name. (Pony) Oh well, I can give him Ambi’s hat.  Right. Anyways, you may be wondering why Jared Starchild’s not her husband. Well, you see… (Pony) You loused it up!

Slide 5: 

*wince* Yeah… Boss didn’t tell me that Jared Starchild was one of a Sim Binner group in La Fiesta Tech called The Freshmen! We found out when Pony tried to invite him over and we got the “He doesn’t have a phone!” message related to Sim Binners! Me: *wince* “I’m sorry, I didn’t check!” (Pony) You should have! Now you had to nuke my love for him! Me: “Sorry! Sheesh, don’t make my legacy family suffer for my mistake!”  Anyways, we had to eradicate that relationship and use the ball again. This time was much better because we didn’t target college students since we might hit another Sim Binner(Boss has all the college in Zishou) so Pony had to settle for an adult.

Slide 6: 

Me: “Let me take over for a moment. I had no idea that Jared was a Sim Binner, and I had to end Pony’s relationship with her using the Relationships Flag Apple – I didn’t show any of the date pics, thankfully – because Sim Binners are playables and had to be played through college, which we don’t want to do since we had to put the founders through college and I hated dropping out college playables. “Unfortunately, since I was afraid that trying to get another young college man for Pony would result in hitting another playable(because I suck at keeping track of the playables), we decided to hit adults instead. Sure we would not get the college job in the family, but there was little chance we wouldn’t get another stupid playable and I am NOT dropping any of the playables in collge out to get hitched! Sorry, Pony.” (Pony) That’s okay, CJ, just watch it next time and do the research!

Slide 7: 

So I had to give Pony this guy. Yeeeeaah, everyone and their ancestor marries in Remington Harris the man-maid; One female author married Remington to her spare in-game daughter, and another female author made him the spouse to the first-generation… oops, I mean second-generation in legacy terms heiress. But the other options were all hideous ogres and a couple were vacation townies so they have be invited over as houseguests! [NOTE: You will meet those two authors as Simselves soon.] What the… I think my computer’s being tagged! Ahem, so Pony gets Remington the man-maid. Sorry for this too, Pony. Pony: “He looks more like my Ambi that Jared did and I’ll make him over to complete the image!”  Remington: “Aye aye aya, what have I gotten into!?”

Slide 8: 

Don’t have the pictures of the engagement because we forgot to turn off the in-game cinema after taping that awesome graduation of the Captain, but here you see my “mom” and “dad” getting ready to give me some half-siblings. She’s Family Secondary and Remy’s… well, here are the stats for your reference: [Remington Harris – ex-man maid] Cancer; 1/6/7/3/8(wait, one neat point? How did he get his current job?); Family/Knowledge (secondary chosen to match Pony’s aspirations); LTW to marry off six kids, so Pony doesn’t need that LTW because she’ll give them to him He moved in with $17,000 and will be staying at home to keep tabs on me and raise the babies to come.

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Of course, I wasn’t going to watch them make love like carousing corsairs! That’s gross for me as a kid. Besides, I had my eye on a nice lass of my own to be my pirate queen! Me: “Why do I have the feeling I know who you just chatted with?” *shuts down the computer before Boss sees my chat friend BF4EverGirl* None of your beeswax, Captain! Besides, you have a job to do, remember? You’re a legacy founder!” Me: “Oh yeah, I guess I’d better let you handle it then.”

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Anyways, this is a three legacy history all with kids named after Pokémon. My boss is founding the biggest family, which will have kids named after the final evolutionary forms of the various lines of Pokémon like A(spoiler) or Y(spoiler); Amy Jones, the former papergirl, was sent to college with him and created her own Greek House as well to host the children she would have, named after Pokémon which never evolve like C(spoiler) and U(spoiler). Finally… hey, why the spoilers? Me: “We want to describe the Pokémon as the kids are born, okay? With cool pics from the anime if possible!” Okay, but that’s not gonna be possible with P(spoiler) as… Me: “Yeah, I know… stupid paranoid Japanese. They suffer a massive epilepsy incident due to that poor thing’s debut and its line is cursed to never show up in the anime again, instead of the writers simply using current animation technology. 

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Let’s introduce the major players. First off ,the Captain – aka CJ Kaiku – who is founding the main evolution family. I didn’t like the idea of him being a legacy founder since, well, you grow old and die, but I am sure he’ll let me rez and youthen him after the legacies are over. Second off, Stella Terrano, renamed Stella Tenrai, who will be founding the legendary Pokemon family. Yeah, we’re using a playable and NPC with skills, but this isn’t an official legacy set. Finally, Amy Jones, now Amy Hitoe, who will be founding the single-stage Pokemon family. The last names were changed with Sim Blender and the Tombstone’s rename function, and these are their final young adult profiles. They all aged up to adult and now are ready to go. Of course, I had to send them to Cold Issue to get some new clothes!

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Anyways, the prologue was just a bunch of stuff that happened when the three were in La Fiesta Tech, getting their LTWs fulfilled ,get their own greek houses… well, there were other things that happened, but we don’t talk about them around the young ears, saavy? (Pony) *sigh* Clank… just get with it… Okay then, let’s start monitoring the three families and get their genie lamps onli-- *static*

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(Time: During Stella’s junior year. Setting: Elsewhere in Polaris Isle, far away from the Pokemon house…) TIME RIFT STABILIZED, PROCEEDING TO TRANSPORT LIFE FORMS WITH SIGNATURE DNA CODE OF 0-6-3-2-8-6-X-ALPHA-OMEGA… *HUMMMMM*

Slide 14: 

*SHING!!!* *several figures stumble out before the gate closes

Slide 15: 

*moans and groans of pain*

Slide 16: 

Blonde: “Oy, what the bloody ‘ell happened here? Last thing I remember, I was working on my LiveJournal and then…” Brunette: “You’re telling me, miss! I don’t remember anything about what I was doing last!” Redhead scholarly woman: “Well, I do! I was finishing up my curriculum for the next semester, planning out the next chapter of my Squeaky Clean Legacy and…” Black-haired woman: “Oh, shut up all of you, I’m fricked off!” Others: ????

Slide 17: 

Black-haired woman: “Whoever did this to me made my lovely purple hair BLACK! They will all know the wrath of… wait for it… FUZZYSPORK, WRITER OF THE O’LEERY OFFICIAL WACKY BOOLPROP FAMILY!!!” *THUNDER CRASH* [Scanning… FuzzySpork, writer of Flaming O’Leerys, an “Official Wacky Boolprop Challenge”(no further data can be acquired on this challenge) and a Who’s Your Daddy Challenge on her LiveJournal page. SimSelf is know to be very crazy; threat level, medium to extreme depending on mood, right now extreme. Activate Sim Blender Protocol… CURRENT SIMSELF STATISTICS: Capricorn, 7/4/3/6/5, Pleasure/Knowledge, LTW = Have 50 Dream Dates(XXXXXXX)]

Slide 18: 

*bleep kasshukka* Fuzzy S.: “Ah, MUCH BETTER!” Redhead: “Fuzzy, is that you? I see you’ve been hit by the same strange incident we had. I fear that whoever did this is not interested in your hair color.” Fuzzy S.: “Don’t knock the hair, Professor. Your hairstyle went out with the Victorian Era, no offense.”

Slide 19: 

Redhead: “My word, Fuzzy! This is unacceptable behavior! My hairstyle is very professional!” Fuzzy: “Ah, you’re just jealous, Professor. My style is muy tres chico than your old-granny do!” Redhead: “This is completely inappropriate behavior from you! Right now, we have more pressing matters, like finding out why were ended up on this barren shoreline and were ripped from our homes!” [Scanning… Professorbutters, writer of the famous Squeaky Clean Legacy as well as the Killers’ Asylum and Cassius Marius Bachelor Challenge. A college professor of drama in reality, she is very prudish and tends to be high-brow. Threat level, impossible to determine, but definitely not someone to cross. Headmasters are her mortal enemy and those who do not please her end up dead. CURRENT SIMSELF STATISTICS: Scorpio, 6/5/7/3/3, Knowledge/Fortune, Current LTW – Become Chief of Staff(xxx)] [!WARNING! Possible Soulmate Lock detected, will research further and try to dissolve it for the Master Purpose.]

Slide 20: 

Brunette: “Guys, I don’t like it when you bicker, you know! Prof’s right, we have to find out what happened and how, or if, we can get back home! Ugh, I knew I shouldn’t have uploaded my Simself to the Exchange!” Blonde: “Are you birds Simselves like me?” Brunette: “Yeah, but I never saw you before! Say, I need some pity WooHoo, care to know me better?”  [Scanning… Jenn, aka ‘swiffner’, writer of the Ancient Mythology Alphabet Legacy. Very lesbian and tends to be easily distracted by her aspirations. Could be the possible source of The Chairman’s permanent exile from Boolprop. Threat Level: Unknown. CURRENT SIMSELF STATISTICS: Sagittarius, 3/2/9/5/6, Knowledge/Family, Current LTW – become City Planner(xxx)]

Slide 21: 

Blonde: “Ewww! Don’t even start with me, mate! I’m straight as an arrow, if you don’t mind. I just wish to get back home and have more babies with my Remus!” Redhead: “Who are you?” Blonde: “Oy! You didn’t read my Legacy? I read yours! I’m Lucy!” [Scanning… LucyPeppeR, writer of the Obsession Legacy and was working on an Asylum story at the time. The Chairman is good friends with this one. !WARNING! Possible Soulmate Lock. Must work to dissolve that too. Threat Level: Unknown, but not high.] [CURRENT SIMSELF STATISTICS: Cancer, 7/1/4/6/7, Family/Popularity, Current LTW = Have six grandchildren(xXxX)]

Slide 22: 

Butters: “Oh, I see, you’re that person. I did put a remark or two on your thread. I’m sorry, but my memories are foggy since I got dragged into this new neighborhood and became a Simself again. So, you said you had a soulmate? So do I! I… can’t remember him at the moment, but I will and I will find him! Lucy: “Well, I know who my true love is, miss…” Professor: “Professorbutters, but call me Butters if you want. No need for formalities, especially not around that insane FuzzySpork.” *giggle* Fuzzy: *creepy Exorcist headturn* “I can hear you from over here, you know…” 

Slide 23: 

Fuzzy: “That’s it, I don’t need these losers, I’ll make my own hideout here and find out the truth, then I’ll torture the jerk who did this to me until he agrees to send me home!” *builds sandcastle*

Slide 24: 

Jenn: “Red hands?” Butters: “Jenn, this is not the time for games! We need to find the one behind this atrocity! Lucy: “Well, I saw a gypsy deliver a lamp as we were getting up, maybe the Genie can help us out.”

Slide 25: 

*rubs lamp* Genie: “Yo yo yo! Whazzup, dog?” Lucy: “Eh? Are you that rapping genie who Xenophilius and Juliette summoned?” Genie: “Nah, I’m a DJ Genie – rap is so old-skool… Hey yo, it’s a gaggle of Simselves here in Zishou Valley! I thought Pony and The Chairman were the only ones!” Lucy: “Chairman… why does that name seem so familiar?”

Slide 26: 

Genie: “Maybe because you homies kicked him out of your gang That’s not cool, babe! He didn’t do anythin’ wrong! He’s on the up-and-up. Sure, he’s been a disappointment, but he’s gonna make it up to you folks by doing this coolio Pokémon Tri-Legacy thing. We supernaturals know that Simselves make any neighborhood awesome! Ho ho ho!” Lucy: “Who are you, Saint Nick?” Genie: “Well, this was written on the holidays! ”

Slide 27: 

Lucy: “I don’t remember anything that happened, in fact I can barely remember my own legacy. I married into the family I made, because… well…”  “Why did I marry in anyways? Something about a werewolf guy…” Genie: “Oh don’t worry about it, you girls are suffering from M-Block. The Master said it showed up as soon as his Boss became a legacy founder and it’s been kidnapping Simselves and hitting them with selective amnesia so they had very rudimentary memories of their own lives or, in your cases, works. In a few weeks, you will all be basically nothing more than walkbys in the legacy lots and co-workers who come home with the legacy members and customers in their businesses, and you might end up marrying the spares of the three families here!” Butters: “Oh yes, I know all about the usage of Simselves in a legacy… but who is this Master of yours?”

Slide 28: 

Genie: “Sorry, that’s classified data, he would never live it down if you knew his identity or age, but we’ll relay what we saw here to him. He’s a nice guy, just a little… obsessed with pirates. I bet this is going to call in PurpleBunny and that Toast girl next for the piracy theme. Anyways, you’ll have to settle down here in Polaris Isle, maybe permanently. There are new real estate deals cropping up, all very reasonable. Let me help you guys out.” *waves hand* “Alakazooie!” *magical effects*

Slide 29: 

Butters: “This is not good! If this M-Block virus is making us forget everything we know, we’ll be little more than townies! It couldn’t get any worse!” Genie: “It does, Miss Butters. More Simselves and even Legacy Sims might show up.” Butters: “Even GAGE and JULIA? Horrors!” [Scanning data… Gage Uglacy is a creation of Candi02765’s Uglacy, and Julia is Julia Caesar, a murdeous spare of Blite27’s Ten Caesars legacy. Threat levels, ultra-extreme. Approach with caution!] Genie: “The Master will see what he can do to stop the appearance of any ugly or evil guys, but no promises. Ciao!”

Slide 30: 


Slide 31: 

*shazam* Jen: “Hey, it turned into a computer!”

Slide 32: 

Butters: “Well, it looks like we’ll have to get some places to live and start working on a way to get out of here. Someone should remain behind to watch for any more arrivals here and inform them what we learned. Who’s volunteering? I can’t stay. I have to do the brunt of the research, being the most learned of us.” Lucy: “Well, I’m not staying here either. Even if I don’t meet my R– husband here eventually, who knows what might happen? Besides, if canimarryapony’s here as well as AgentClank, I need to contact them and tell what happened. They might have some knowledge on this Master person and might be able to get us home!” Jenn: “Right, which is why you were in your swimsuit getting a tan… Well, looks like it’s between me and…” *everyone looks to the beach and grins wickedly*

Slide 33: 

Fuzzy: “Grrr… just you wait, you (bleep)! You may have taken away all my Simself powers, but I’ll get them back! Oh yes! I’ll get them back and you’d better be far away from this place when I get my body skill, you (bleepity bleep)!”

Slide 34: 

Fuzzy: “Huh? Where did everybody go?”  Black wolf: *snort* *digs in sand* Fuzzy: “Oh, you girls… you’re in so much (bleep) when I find you!”

Slide 35: 

*static* Sorry folks, someone keelhauled our transmission for some reason! Anyways, back to the legacies at hand! First off, let me explain how this is going to work; we’re going to do this Prosperity-style. For you landlubbers who don’t know what a Prosperity is, all you need to know for this epic tale is that each family is played for seven days at a time, then the author rotates to the next lot, and so on until all the houses are played equally. Well, sort of equally, Captain will be played longer because he’s got more kids to handle. So we’ll go to one house, play it until a certain time, then go to the next house. To make things easier and not end up with a gajillion slideshows, I decided to lump Stella’s and Amy’s families together because… well…

Slide 36: 

As you can see, their family bloodlines combined will still less than ½ of the Captain’s. Yeah, I could have made it so that double-type Pokemon are eliminated too, but that would have to apply all over and most of the legendaries have two types. That would also eradicated the flying type entirely as there have been no single-type flying Pokemon ever and we would like to show off some flying-type Pokemon!  After some discussion with Pony, we decided that the first family to be played will be the one with the least number of kids, aka the Tenrai family since there are only 35 legendary Pokemon. The Hitoe family will be next because there are five more than the Tenrai, and the Kaikus will be last and played the longest each session... As you can see, it’s VERY big and will probably last long after the others are gone, but Boss is working on ways to keep the other families alive while his continues on. So, let’s get this party started, shall we? In the immortal words of Copernicus Leslie Qwark… “Project Deathwish is a GO!”  # of Kaiku Kids: 187 Kid Quota per session: 10 # of Hitoe Kids: 40 Kid Quota per session: 3 # of Tenrai Kids: 35 Kid Quota per session: 2

Slide 37: 

Stella: “So, I’m first, huh?” Right-o, Stella. Your family and Amy’s are almost equal in name number, but she beats yours by five names.  Stella: “Thanks for NOT showing us on some empty lot!” You were just bird-watching when you three hit the lot. Boring! Besides, we need to get you out of those ugly clothes and into more decent wear… seriously, GYM SUITS? Maxis, what’s with you? (Oh, I see my dad-in-law is at the clothing store window shopping.)

Slide 38: 

Stella: “Let me guess, it’s the holidays.” Yep. For those wondering why this legacy lot is so… uhm… un-blank, you have to remember that the three had at least one genie lamp on their personages when they graduated thanks to a mod that makes genie lamps flow like honey more easily; of course, it also triggers a genie lamp delivery when you move out and onto a blank lot, so they… (Pony) Two genies lamp a piece? Yeah… *sweatdrop* And I said, hey, just one wealth wish… and I got carried away. (Actually I only used a couple of wealth wishes a piece, but since you get $10000, $7000, $4000, and then $1000 each time, it adds up.)

Slide 39: 

Stella: “You know, I met your ‘father-in-law’ Remington when I was shopping for clothes. He told me that Simselves are bad news and that I should be careful around them.” Yeah, don’t worry about it. He’s gone loopy since Pony dressed him up like her in-game husband. I’ll talk to him. Trust me, not all the Simselves are crazy… at least those that write good legacies… <_<

Slide 40: 

Stella: “He’s also got two bolts for me.” YIKES! We need to get you hitched ASAP! (Pony) Ambi! Remington: “My name is Remington, my wife, and I swear, it’s not what you think!” Oh bother, this is going to be a nasty turn of events… great, now I’m becoming a mini-Alton Brown.

Slide 41: 

Anyways, there was a bit of change going around with our first foundress. First off, well… we had to change her in another way most magical. Care to do the honors? Jan the Evil Witch: “Gladly, he he he! Rizzle razzle dizzle dazzle!”

Slide 42: 

Stella: “I do not like the logic of this, Chairkid.” Well, too bad, because each of you is becoming a witch(or warlock in my Captain’s case, but I’ll use a different means to transform him) because it’s fun! ^_^ (Author’s Note: I eventually cured myself because being a neutral warlock isn’t worth it; they get no new spells or specific items – in fact, they’re the worst witch to play as they don’t get any high-level spells or awesome glow.)

Slide 43: 

Ethan Barrett: “Oh no, someone else got turned into an evil witch! I hate it when that happens!” Yep, I turned Stella into an evil witch. I want to see what an alien Atrocious Evil witch looks like, since both have green skin! I countered that by changing Amy into an Infallibly Good Witch when I hit her lot.

Slide 44: 

Stella: “This is an atrocity, Chairkid! I demand you let me be cured!” Nope, it can’t be done, lass. But come on, why not embrace magic? You can do tons of cool things with it, like what I’m doing – floating inches over the ground! (Author’s Note: This is the annoying stair-step glitch. Clank was doing the ‘good reputation’ interaction and created invisible steps to do it.)

Slide 45: 

In fact, you can see our future ahead of you, over there! Stella: “Huh? I don’t… oooh, I feel for the old ‘look over there!’ trick.”  He he he, me be a pirate kid, lassie! Pranking’s in the blood! *splash* (Author’s Note: Actually, Clank was trying to start a Water Balloon fight, but then both aborted it with footstomping because they were TRYING TO PHASE INTO THE HOUSE TO DO IT WHEN THERE WAS A NICE BIG YARD NEARBY! )

Slide 46: 

For the record, Pony’s gotten into the Education career – with some help, mind you(stupid computer won’t give up the job!) – and is already promoted to Teacher’s Aide! (Actually, this is for the bookcase for skilling – not like I need it as I’ll never need scholarships for college… or will it?) *evil laugh* Me: “Clank, I’m only helping you on the sly with this problem because I want you to enjoy romance and kids can’t kiss or make out or anything heavier than that. Just get on with the story.”

Slide 47: 

The first thing that Stella is urged to do is to become the ultimate evil witch, so she travels to the Palace of Eternal Darkness and maxes out her magical powers! He he he!

Slide 48: 

(Vedict: Myth busted – we don’t get any cool green shade, the evil witch skintone overrides the alien skintone. ) We changed Stella back into decent clothes and fixed her hair up to look regal. Basically, we took off the glasses, added some blush, and changed her hair back to the straight short look, but with the red rose behind the ear, ole! We also created snow, since it was the holidays and, hey, you have to have snow! Not vermin though, ew… Stella, why did you have to cast that stupid storm spell? You know it conjures roaches!  Stella: “Ick! Don’t ask me! If I had repeated this situation, I would have had myself converted at a community lot!”

Slide 49: 

Luckily, she didn’t get with the flu and we hit her up with the next agenda on the list of things to do – move Kevin in so we can get those hitched.

Slide 50: 

Unfortunately, try as I might up to using hacks, Kevin refused to change out of his outerwear! Kevin: “But it’s chilly in here!” What? I admit I accidently left the roof off when I had Stella use a Weathernaught to create snow, but that’s no excuse to say it’s cold! I put up a roof right away… oh forget it.

Slide 51: 

(sigh) Outerwear in, outerwear out. At least we can have him change with the wardrobe and the outer coat is decent. The mullet must die, though.  Stella: “Aw, he’s nummy, Chairkid, can’t we keep him this way?” Did I make you spend your entire life in that red gym suit? Stella: “You have a point.”

Slide 52: 

And here’s his everyday wear, yucko! We’ll have to postpone the wedding until Stella can sew up a better outfit. I don’t care much about his ‘punk biker’ jacket at all. Moving in with six grand(a nice sum for a college grad who left college Summa Cum Laude because Stella was Summa Cum Laude when she moved him in), here he is, Kevin Landchild – who won’t be a Landchild for very long, folks! The wedding is nigh! Other stats to note – his Aspirations are Knowledge and Fortune(because Landchild sounds very high-brow) and his Lifetime Want is to become of the elite Media Magnates in the journalism career, so he’s on the computer looking for a job in the local Zishou Valley paper or newsroom. I am very eager to see what their kids will turn out to be. Probable some green skin, some brown.

Slide 53: 

Of course, we didn’t expect him to get a media job right off the bat, but we had him take a test subject job to appease a middling want. In the meantime, it’s wedding party time! Fuzzy: “Really? You’re getting married? That’s great! I love a good wedding! I’m there!” (Author’s Note: Actually, we invited Fuzzy over to advance the story as we couldn’t what we wanted in the last meeting because, well, Stella was still in college and I don’t want to glitch up my neighborhood to Oblivion by making her pregnant as a young adult.)

Slide 54: 

Uh oh… Boss, is that who I think it is? Me: “Purple hair, stubby nose… yep, sure is. I’ll handle this, Clank.” Yeah, better get home because it’s late! (Seriously, what’s with the stupid curfew that makes it impossible to have a sleepover with your friends because you have to go home before dark? Pirates don’t follow… *yawn snort* rules… of course, they need their siesta too.) *leaves*

Slide 55: 

(Pony) I’ll take over, Clank. Anyways, the wedding party started off pretty well with the usual toast; Stella was smart enough to snatch away the bubbly and toss it before too many people starting toasting and we had a Don the Zombie bladder scenario. (Go read Candi’s genetic legacies for the details, it’s hilarious!) Amy: “Stella, I don’t know what changed you, but you’re the most amazing girl I’ve met. I wish us well in this quest to have all these Pokemon kids!” Stella: “Me too! Fuzzy, it’s nice you accepted my invite!” Fuzzy: *laugh* “I never turn down free drinks and food, even if it’s freezing my bum off!”

Slide 56: 

(Pony) Of course, that’s when things hit the fan. You see, Kevin was a little too FORWARD with the guests, who he had no relationship with, and started doing all sorts of risky interactions like admiring Marla Biggs and trying to bonfire dance with her and my husband! Bad Kevin! Marla: “Listen here, you weirdo! I don’t care if you’re marrying off with my alumni Stella, you need to take a cold shower and get laid with your wife before I get all slappy on you!” *scowl snarl* (Pony) Yeah, not the smartest tool in the shed, but the nicest.

Slide 57: 

(Pony) In the end, CJ had to save the party and conversed with Marla and talked about fried eggs. Phew, glad Clank’s in bed or we’d have trouble. He said in the last part that Cel was harassing him and she writes the Phoenix Legacy which has lots of fried eggs talk bubbles in it! GAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! FRIED EGGS!!!!! (Pony) Aren’t you supposed to asleep, young man? Don’t make me come up there! Get to sleep or Santa won’t come and give you a nice Xmas present.

Slide 58: 

(Pony) Stella started a wedding date with Kevin to try to salvage the party and they got married mid-date… uh, guys, the wedding’s about to start. (Andrea) He he he! You’re right, Stelly! Bubbles ARE awesome! *hic hic hiCCOUGH giggle* (Pony) *sigh* The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem, Andrea.

Slide 59: 

(Pony) But, despite the guests getting stoned in the distance, the ceremony went off without a hitch and Kevin was a Landchild no more, but a true Tenrai and now forever part of Stella’s life. Awww, I feel like crying. *sniffle* You already got the stats for him because he was moved in earlier, and he’s hot to boot in that tux and that new makeover! (Remington) Pony, what about me? Oh, you’re pretty cool too, but you’re not Ambi. (Remington) That hurts, Pony, that really hurts.

Slide 60: 

Stella: “Mwe he he, soon my family will pwn the others and my kids will beat up Amy and CJ’s kids and my legacy will be the only one in the valley!” Me: “I am going to clap my hands, smile, and ignore what you just threatened to do, Stella. I may be a mere Sim now but I still have a telepathic connection to Clank and he doesn’t take kindly to mutiny, you know. Pirate and all that.” Stella: “Sorry, CJ. It’s just the evil witch in me! I sure hope I don’t end up like that Devareux woman.” (Author’s Note: Forgot the author’s name, but go read The Devareux Legacy, recently renamed from The Reluctant Legacy. There is a lot of evil stuff going on there.)

Slide 61: 

(Pony) Of course, either way, Stella gave Kevin a nice mouthful of cake… or tried to, but due to some effect of the M-Block I heard about, the cake ended up in his cheekbone, phased through his cheek, and stuffed his face. Ouch! Stella: “Hee hee, my magic is working great! I actually stuffed cake in his face without putting the cake in his mouth!” Kevin: “Grumblemuff!” (translation – “That’s harsh, baby!”)

Slide 62: 

(Pony) The wedding party wound down and something was rotten in the land of Denmark… Me: “Guys, I have a bad feeling here. You see that guest with the purple hair?” Amy: “Yeah, she looks familiar…” Me: “That’s because you probably saw her as a paper girl in some other legacy. That’s FuzzySpork, or at least her Simself. I did tell you and Stella about my nature, didn’t I?” Amy: “Yeah, you’re a special Sim, a personification of one of the Creators, like a godly avatar…” Me: “Fuzzy’s a pretty… uh, how can I say this without her hearing us?... ECCENTRIC. What’s she doing here?”

Slide 63: 

Andrea: “Stella told me that she met her while she stinking drunk in the Crypt-O-Night Club. She fessed up what happened and then prayed to the Potty God with her, you know… *grimace* She was pretty hung-over, I couldn’t believe that I was the cause of her depression and felt bad about it. I was only trying to help promote Nagred-Var!” Amy: “That’s okay, dear, everyone gets jealous of their friends, that just shows how much they like you.” Remington: “Yeah, I know about Simselves, after all you married me to one… and I do recall having a doppleganger who got married to another Simself’s daughter… uh, nice girl, blonde hair bob… British accent…” Me: “You mean, LucyPeppeR? Yeah, I know about you marrying her legacy daughter. But seriously, Fuzzy here? This is nothing but an omen!”

Slide 64: 

Amy: “Now that you mention it, my future husband to be, Gordon, DID see her while walking by her lot in Polarais Isle. She greeted him saying she needed more family friends for her job. She doesn’t sound dangerous, but she seemed to be lost as she was living off the street on a beach lot. Me: “Oh boy… I’d better talk to her and be sure that she’s not in her ‘Witched Witch of the West’ mode. I’m actually a Simself too so she’ll be more open to me. Simselves try to be careful about showing off their powers and can be dangerous like pitbulls if crossed by townies. I’ll find out why she’s here.” Remington: “Okay, we’ll leave it in your hands. We’ll go have more cake.” *leaves*

Slide 65: 

Me: “Hey, Fuzzy. How’s it going? How did you get here?” *cough* “Uhm, I mean, I do have your Simself in storage, but I didn’t expect it to spawn you… what gives?” Fuzzy: “Well, it’s a long story, Clank.” Me: “That’s my sidekick, I’m CJ here.” Fuzzy: “I see…” (Stories are exchanged up to this point)

Slide 66: 

Me: “Hmmm…. M-Block, interesting.” Fuzzy: “You know something about it?” Me: “Sort of, but tell me, what happened after the others ditched you to watch the ‘portal?’” Fuzzy: “Well, I was sort of ticked, but they did leave me a note on the computer and I realized that someone had to stay around in case any legacy Sims showed up… at least so I could fob off the job to the next sap that arrived, heh!”

Slide 67: 

Fuzzy: “So I set up a crude camp and looked for work. I found a nice job in the music industry… I think it was to remind me of what I had left behind back home and keep me focused to get back there!” Me: “Oh yeah, you mentioned that you had gotten a good-rank Music job from a network from Talin… we won’t discuss the details how that happened.” *chuckle* “The readers can check out your Who’s Your Daddy Challenge in your LiveJournal page.” So, Lucy, Professorbutters, and swiffner are also here due to this M-Block thing, and it’s damaging their memories… I’d better call Clank and tell him the details.

Slide 68: 

Fuzzy: “Of course, I was busy befriending the people of Polaris and Zishou, and that’s when I ran into your friend, drunk as a skunk! She came onto me and I had to slap some sense into her, figuratively of course. If you’re asking me what I think you are, don’t bother. I am not going to hurt anyone, except that mother-*bleep* who dragged me here and screwed up my brain!” Me: “You’d better let me help you and the others out, last thing I need is for a scene to be caused in Polaris Isle. Lay low and keep doing your careers and I’ll try to find out what’s going on, okay? Also, I think I heard a baby-lullaby… I hope it’s not what I think it is.” Fuzzy: “What? A lullaby? Don’t tell me you were on the bubbles? Come to think of it, I heard that too but I think it’s just the bubbles singing.” *giggle* “I need some food to get rid of the booze.”

Slide 69: 

Stella: “Uhm, please pay attention, Kev. We’re discussing what’s going down. You and I will be left so that Clank can marry off Amy and… why are you staring at Amy, DEAR?” *cold glare* Marla: “If I were you, I’d smack him one for ogling!”

Slide 70: 

Amy: “Eh, sorry about that. This is my formal attire and what I’ll be wed in. Maybe I should not invite your husband.” Fuzzy: “Oh relax, it’s inapprop affection, it always happens when girls like us attend a wedding, the groom gets all misty-eyed and heart-farts us.” Amy: “Farts? Ew!” Fuzzy: “Heart-farts aren’t stinky, they just stink because it makes the groom look unfaithful, stupid Maxis coding! Anyways, if he starts heart-farting me, I’ll zap him and make him wish he hadn’t.” *laugh*

Slide 71: 

(Pony) Eh, that’s why I didn’t throw a wedding party for me and Rems. I don’t like that kind of drama!  Anyways, the party was almost over and it was time for the you-know-what… (Remington) Dance with the father of the bride? (Pony) The bride’s dad was Pollitech, you dumb-dumb! I’m talking about the wedding night, when you WooHoo each other to consummate the wedding! Kevin: “Sorry about staring at your friend, babe. I understand if you don’t feel so hot about it.” Stella: “Nah, it’s not that… I just feel odd for some reason… as if something inside my body was awakening…”

Slide 72: 

Kevin: “You’re just a little woozy from the champagne, babe. You know what could make you feel better?” *chuckle* “The wedding night ritual, and you know what that means, don’t you? It starts with a W, and ends with an O… and sounds like the hoot of a night owl…” *growl* Stella: “I see where you’re going, Kev, but ONLY if we Try For Baby… I need to get the first Pokémon kid in my womb, even if means ugly pregnancy and stinking diapers… and thanks to our little tradition me and the others agreed to, I didn’t get a chance to ‘party hardy’ in college, if you get my drift, so now that I’m wed…” Kevin: “Mmm, so that’s why you got a little upset when I told you back in La Fiesta Tech that I wanted to take you passionately in a Love Tub and why you never had one or a double bed like this until now…” *licks lips*

Slide 73: 

(Pony) And Stella got her first WooHoo, which we can’t show you. We can’t show you any other WooHoo in this story either as the narrator is underage and we do have standards… while we may show the events after WooHoo now and then, we do try to keep it clean for the kiddies. After all, Pokémon is considered to be a kid’s franchise, though I think that’s American propaganda and the people who dubbed the show should be smacked. We can show you this… the party dropped to “real dud” , then the ceremony got it to “good time” for the longest time and it looked like that the party final score would end that way… until Stella and Kevin had their first WooHoo, so… (Clank) Myth confirmed! Having sex during a wedding will make it a roof-raiser! (Pony) *glare* You should be in bed!

Slide 74: 

Actually, it’s morning and I was long awake and ready for school before you were ready for work, ‘mom.’ Besides, it’s light outside where we’re going next… Amy’s legacy lot! We’re running behind schedule and already at 75 panels! I’d like the two girls to get knocked up and raising toddlers before we end this part and have to go to the Captain! (For the record, I got the information from both my source and the Captain after checking my e-mail. This M-Block thing sounds nasty. For the record, M-Block was the name of a glitch Pokémon that showed up in the classic games and could corrupt your cartridge, so it makes ironic sense to name a mysterious computer virus after that glitch Pokémon. I’ll do some research and put on a tracker on that area to alert me if things get worse.) Genie: “Sigh… money wish granted again, ma’am. Yo, I should have never dropped out of medical school.”

Slide 75: 

And here’s the lovely seed house that will spread into a manor over the course of the legacy. It’s got the master bedroom, master bathroom, baby nursery / baby bathroom with fridge for baby food / birthday room, and the main study with a ceiling Poke-TV, study bookcase, and computer desk. Upstairs is just a small pair of rooms which will be the toddler bed & toilet connected to the toddler skill-room. Once the wish ran dry, I added in a toddler playroom for the toys Amy got from Chloe (and a toybox) as well. The color schemes mimic the colors of the classic games and the third generation games. Red/Ruby for Stella, Blue/Sapphire for Amy, and Green/Emerald & Yellow for the Captain! The baby nursery is two cubby cribs with a snapdragon in each to keep the babies quiet and serene and reduce diaper changes needed and obliterate the need to stuff formula in their faces twice a day(yeah, it’s cold-hearted but time is money in the words of a famous pirate!); two more snaps are placed around the couch in the study so skilling isn’t interrupted by toilet urges or hunger, and the last two are in the toddler skill-room so the tots only need to go sleepy and worship the Potty God once in a while, meaning they get more skill points once they are housebroken.

Slide 76: 

The first thing on Amy’s mind isn’t marriage, though, it’s a job. After all, she isn’t in a hurry to be pushing babies out of her belly since all she cares about is getting crusty with Gordon… though she will need to marry eventually. Amy: “Ha ha ha, Chairkid… and yes, I know about you because Stella and CJ informed me about you.” So why the job hunt? Amy: “Well, I don’t need one, but it’s a shame to let this diploma go to pot like Stella did hers. I want to see if I can get that artist camera for all the pictures that’ll decorate the house when I’m given a one-way ticket to Nirvana by Grim.”

Slide 77: 

Ah, a smart lass! She didn’t find the artist job, but she got a quick shift in Adventure to get the fabled Jumbok Statue, which was placed in the toddler playroom. Jumbok S.: “Eekum Bookum!” Amy ended up promoted by a lucky chance card, but that wasn’t her desire…

Slide 78: 

She had bigger fish to fry. (Pony) Bigger than the legacy? Well, different fish anyways. All that mattered was her true calling… Icon of Stage and Screen. She didn’t even need to claw her way up through Mollywood(the Simverse Hollywood, it tends to end up being the hotbed of supernatural crimes like kidnapping and such – watch Sailor Moon if you don’t get the joke!), her Political Science smarts got her past the middlework and into a blockbuster production making, and even though she was only there for an hour (she was VERY LATE for work going at 3 PM and the shift ending at 5 PM), she was able to use her feminine wiles to make them look past that and get famous overnight… I bet she got her big break from Simming With The Stars, bleh!

Slide 79: 

With that out of the way, she got right to her more imporant matters… the wedding party! Of course, I was not allowed to come this time as it was yet ANOTHER night wedding! ARGH! YE SWINY SCUTTLEFISH!!!!  Amy: “Well, work harder next time! You DO want to be there when your Boss gets married, right?”  Anyways, she invited over the Captain, Stella(who was basking in the afterglow of her wedding night nuptials) and the two placeholders she had moved into Cham-Annya, Chloe and the cheerleader Kendra.

Slide 80: 

Of course, there were a few things to attend to first… like witchifying Amy to the light. (Pony) Which you forgot to do because she was so busy taking jobs. *Glare* Anyways, that was easy-peasy. Stella: “I really think you need to plan better, Chairkid. Sheesh, why did CJ leave all his power to you? We = hosed.” HEY! I’ll try my best with the last family! I won’t hear the end of it when the Captain dies if I louse it up with him!

Slide 81: 

It would help if you didn’t do stupid things like network your bride, Gordie. (At least he gave us a nice computer.) And Captain, that’s a waste of good grog! Stop it! CJ: “Hey, it’s just sparkling cider, I couldn’t get it for real thanks to my stupid drying up of funds…” It’d also help if the guests would hurry it up! I had to reinstate the arch because the operation timed out due to the stupid guests all in the living cracking jokes.  (Pony) At least it wasn’t as bad where Stella’s groom was trying to admire and Bonfire Dance with Marla. Uh huh!

Slide 82: 

Well, it all worked out well and Amy made Gordon a member of the Hitoe family. He came in with $12000. He’s also a Knowledge/Fortune guy with the… oh, c’mon mate! He wants to – get this – Max Out 7 Skills! (Pony) Wow, third time coming! You’ve done this with Stella and Chloe so you know how to do it. True Pony, but this is ridiculous! Oh well, at least that means we won’t have to make Amy stay at home.

Slide 83: 

Of course, both of them got the same desire, despite their aspiration clashes… Gordon: “You know, you shouldn’t waste your time working. I’m the fortune-loving guy and I want to make this place a true mansion of luxury. Let me hit the books and make the money while you raise the babies like you want to.” Amy: “You sure know how to take all the passion out of a wedding night, Gordo.” (NOTE: Oddly enough, this little chat caused the party to become a Roof Raiser. WEIRD.) Gordon: “I’m just saying that we have to decide who resigns from their job when you give birth to our firstborn…”

Slide 84: 

Amy: “You want a firstborn kid, Gordo. Then STFU and let’s get down and dirty, you know what I mean?” *giggle* Gordon: “Oh yes, let me taste what’s under your dress, Amy-cakes!” *feral growl* *straddles Amy and seductively strokes her thigh as…*

Slide 85: 

OH GIVE ME A BLEEDING BREAK! IT WAS JUST GETTING GOOOOD!!! (Pony) Sorry, Clank, you’re just a kid and CJ ordered me to make sure no kids get scarred for life with WooHoo scenes and that these legacies remain completely Squeaky Clean. Grumble grumble… once I get that little project in the wings done, I won’t be a stinking ‘innocent kid who needs to be barred from seeing or experiencing WooHoo’ anymore! (Pony) What was that? Nuthin’.  CENSORED

Slide 86: 

(Pony) Get ye to bed, Clank. It’s 9:30 and you’re past bedtime. Fine… (stomps off) (Pony) Taking over again, Amy and Gordon got wed and enjoyed their wedding night bliss-filled first WooHoo, and it bore fruit as they both hoped. Amy: “I heard the lullaby, Gordo. We’re going to be a mommy and daddy.” Gordon: “Splendid, our child shall want for nothing.” *smack* “Well, the party’s not over yet, is it?” Amy: “Sorry, it is, but we can have more fun at our honeymoon suite…” *giggle*

Slide 87: 

Me: “Of course, I was the only one left to wed, but my family’s origins is a complete entry in itself due to the size of the family tree, so you’ll have to wait a while for the next part. I promise, the chapters of my family, the Kaikus, will be pretty interesting… and epic length!” “*sobs in his cider* One… hundred… and eighty seven… kids… now I see why Pony’s having fits! *sob*” “Of course, all there of us were played at the same time, but this is about my co-founders, Stella and Amy. They showed me their honeymoon albums, and even though I was a bit jealous not to get to honeymoon in those places, I felt my honeymoon topped theirs.”

Slide 88: 

And now, the Caroling Cat, Skitty-chan! Skitty: ZZZZZZZ… (music plays) we need a little christmas, Right this very minute! Candles in the window Shining with the spirit! ~ INTERMISSION ~

Slide 89: 

Stella: *yawn* “That was good WooHoo, Kevin.” Kevin: “Yeah, too bad there wasn’t an lullaby.” Stella: “No worries, we’ll have plenty of times to Try for Baby during our honeymoon. I think I hear the shuttle coming so let’s get going.” (Pony) Yep, they went right from their skivvies into their outerwear and hurried out as the last guest was leaving. But then again, they would need to wear outerwear…

Slide 90: 

(Pony) The freezing chillax mountains of Three Lakes! Yeah, you wouldn’t expect it, but Clank said each founder would visit separate vacation places for their honeymoon and after some thought, the gift they’d get from Three Lakes would be more useful to these two than Amy’s family or CJ’s. Besides, CJ went to Takemizu anyways. Stella: “How interesting – they stuffed a brown bear and placed it in these campgrounds.” (Pony) Clank said that this is the cheapest vacation place because you can stay here in the Axe Wood Campgrounds for free! Of course, I think it wasn’t fair that they have to sleep here, but… Stella: “It’s okay, Pony-voice. We can keep each other warm, if you get my meaning.” *wink*

Slide 91: 

(Pony) Of course, they had to change into warmer attire and get their bellies filled with warm food like flapjacks! Kevin: “Stella baby, this is the best time of my life! Ever since we became best friends, I knew we would end up traveling here… I didn’t expect it to be our honeymoon, though. Thank you for making me your husband.” Stella: “Must you prattle, that’s not the way of a thinker.” Chef: “Hey, don’t look at me, witchy girl. I just work here.”

Slide 92: 

Mark Trimble: “Hey you young’uns! Get off the log so I cal roll on it!” Stella: “Bah humbug, go get your own log, you fogey. And change into warmer clothes!” Mark: “Big words coming from a couple wearing nothing but swimsuits and indecent ones at that! When I was your age… blah blah blah…”

Slide 93: 

(Pony) Isn’t that sweet? I sort of feel bad for shooing Clank to bed. I mean, look at these two! They have a Christmas honeymoon, always kissing each other and flirting and joking. I let them run on free will at Lumber Ridge for a bit, hoping to see someone slap dance so they could learn the dance – both have the want to learn the slap dance – and they just act like teenagers! 

Slide 94: 

Kevin: “So, you think this might make you heavy with our first kid?” Stella: “I’m 90% of it, Kev-love. My fellow founder, CJ, said that the instant he thrust his “thunder [THOR]s into her, the lullaby chimed loud as Christmas bells! There’s no doubt that our WooHoo here will make me pregnant with your child. Now, close that door and drop that towel and let’s do this!” Kevin: “Woo Hoo! Words I can’t stress enjoying!” *drool* *after some fireworks* Stella: *pant wheeze* “CJ was correct! You did bring the thunder in the steam!” But no lullaby again! Is he sterile?

Slide 95: 

(Pony) Nice snowman, considering you’re a wicked witch. Stella: “Yeah…” (Pony) Stella? Stella: “Sorry, Pony-voice, but I must admit that the fact that I heard no lullaby again makes me worried. I know that the chances of any Try For Baby have a good chance of not working. But...” (Pony) Relax, Stella. CJ told me that his second Try For Baby with his wife failed TWICE, so if you try one more time, there’s a great chance it might work. Try the hammock and tent for your WooHoo. But for now, don’t you have a want for something?

Slide 96: 

At the Hidden Burrow… Stella: “So, this is the place where we will meet our friend, the Abomanible Snowman.” (Pony) Actually, it’s a Bigfoot. Stella: “Bigfoot, Sasquatch, whatever, it all is the same.” (Pony) “Well, go for it. Have fun.”

Slide 97: 

Kevin: “Holy Macavia! A real life Abominable Snowman!” Bigfoot: “Who you callin’ abominable, human?” Kevin: “Sorry, I meant Bigfoot. But seriously, this is awesome! The real Sasquatch himself!” Bigfoot: “Hey yo, I have a name, you know. The name’s Bill.” (Pony) Bill… Bigfoot?

Slide 98: 

Bill: “You got a prob with that, weird voice?” (Pony) You can hear me? Bill: “See ya too. We people, the Tsemekwes* are gifted by the Divine One before her and his race left this world to found a new one. We can see and hear the stringpullers of fate. (Pony) Oh, I see… * Ts’emekwes: Native American name for Bigfoot, usually mentioned by the Lummi tribe of West Washington state.

Slide 99: 

Bill: “Here, fish with me, yo. The lake here is kept unfrozen by warm springs, so fish live here in rain and snow!” (catches a bass) “See?” Kevin: “Amazing! Think of the tourism this would attract!” Bill: “We don’t like visitors, yo. That’s why we don’t let anyone visit us here in the mountains.” (Pony) By the way, sorry for the quality of the images – it was dark when we came and there’s no lights nearby, so it’s pretty dark and it was hard to see anything. 

Slide 100: 

(Pony) So, long story short, Bill told a little tale based in Pokemon lore – long ago, Arceus and all the ancestors of the Pokemon in the games used to live here on this place, but then a cursed virus called The Twist came and caused Pokemon to go violent and kill people. Arceus, out of fear, took those unaffected and left this world, coming to Sinnoh and making it a place for people to live as per the legends in the game. From what we know of this “M-Block” virus which is kidnapping Simselves and bringing them here, it seems that the Bigfoot race’s prophecy of the end of the world and return of the Twist was coming true – the Twist and M-Block seemed to be similar. After a bit of fishing and a ton of slap dancing, Stella asked a favor of Bill. Stella: “Bill, you seem very intelligent. We are creating families with children named after Pokémon. If you can come home with us and help with our children, you can help the Voice and CJ’s sidekick-stringpuller fight this evil curse.”

Slide 101: 

Bill: “If the prophecy is being fulfilled, it would be an honor to help your stringpuller gods to fight it, and even more so to care for the avatar of The Divine One himself!” Stella: “What you talking about, Bill? I don’t understand.” Bill: “Oh, it’s nothing… just a vision I had the night before you came. Arceus himself said he was returning to us like your stringpullers say in their holy Christmas legends, you know, god made flesh and born from a virgin?” Stella: “You’re very amusing… me carrying the reincarnated avatar of your god. I think Clank’s been hitting the eggnog again and spreading rumors.” 

Slide 102: 

(Pony) Yeah, that was weird… anyways, Bill the Bigfoot agreed to move in, and Stella and Kevin celebrated by having more woohoo, this time in the Bigfoot’s hammock. Again, no lullaby. Stella: “This is getting frustrating! It’s shouldn’t be THIS hard to get knocked-up!”  Kevin: “But it’s still fun Trying for Baby, babe. So… one more place…” (Pony) And they did it one last time, in a tent back in the campgrounds, zonking out afterwards. Strangely, there was no lullaby there either… I wonder if Kevin IS infertile, like

Slide 103: 

Stella: There is no doubt in my mind, I am sure that was a lullaby. Finally, I can now carry the children of my beloved Kev-love and start this legacy. For one second, I swore either he or I were sterile! Disaster would have loomed! (Pony) *sigh* I can’t tell her she’s still not pregnant. I guess I’d better check to see whether the reality is being glitched by M-Block and this is a side effect.  They also took a tour, and lost a logic skill point, which sucks. Poor Kevin took an aspirational hit as Knowledge Sims tend to do. At that point, the two decided to cut their romantic honeymoon short as they needed to make sure Bill got to their place safely.

Slide 104: 

(Pony) But then… Stella: *barlgh* “It worked! Fourth time the charm! At long last, Kev-love’s baby is growing In my body!” (Pony) But there was no… *hums* Something’s fishy around here… At this point, the two DEFINITELY decided to hurry home!

Slide 105: 

Kevin: “Hooray, you’re having a baby! I knew all that Woo and Hoo would work!” Old man: “Hey bub, keep your mouth clean!” Stella: “Go screw yourself, old fart! I’m having a baby and we can talk about WooHoo all we want!”  (Pony) Clank told me he’s going to try out a new form of biography display showing the Sim-stats of new people starting in this part. [Author’s Note: Actually, I completed Part 3 before this part, so the bios do not happen until alte that part. The aspiration icons are Print-Screen cut from the Sims 2 wikipedia, so I want to apologize to them in advance for any thievery. I also followed FuzzySpork’s WYDC by cut-pasting the personality scores from the game.]

Slide 106: 

(Pony) And just like we expected, Bill the Bigfoot has arrived safely and already cleaning up the wedding party. Thanks for the help, buddy Bill: “A moment alone, Miss Voice.” (Pony) Yeah? Bill: “I wish to explain why I know about Stella’s pregnancy… but do not tell her unless she asks, because I do not want to be blamed for her pregnancy.” (Pony) Don’t worry, Clank’s not touching the Tombstone foolishly, I sort of guessed the baby may not be Kevin’s since the supposed WooHoo did not give a lullaby… Bill: “Actually, it’s more than that…” (explains) (Pony) *Gasp* “The father is a WHAT?!? Oh my Lugia… this is not good. But how? She didn’t violate the Strict Family Values pact!” Bill: “I do not know, but as I said, do not tell her what I know until I can explain. I told her some of the prophecy, not all of it.” (Pony) You have my word, my lips are sealed. Aspiration Combo: Primary Secondary LTW: Become Chief of Staff (NOTE: There’s a mod installed that Nerfs the Bigfoot so he doesn’t have all his skills maxed and all the gold badges, only gold fishing and gardening badges and max body skill.)

Slide 107: 

(Pony) You know, you’re not helping your cause. Amy said you’re letting your degree go to waste, and here you chose Carefree instead of Industrious. Don’t you want a job? Stella: “I’ll get a job once I am assured that Bill will be perma-plat. Besides, I need to regain that stupid Logic point I lost due to that tour chance card.” (Pony) Okay, fine with us. I’ll tell Clank your plans to let Bill take a job instead of you. At least we’ll have three perma-plat Sims here eventually, since Kevin finally got his dream job in Journalism. Stella: “I know.”

Slide 108: 

(Pony) So I gave you a tent and you want to WooHoo in it? [First time we saw the “WooHoo in Tent” want.] Stella: “Oh of course! Since it took a loving in the tent to get impregnated, I decided that all our kids must be made in a tent, but that’s not to say we won’t make love in the love bed…” *wink* What did I miss? (Pony) Nothing, Clank. What are you doing up so early? Well, I thought I’d see Santa if I came down early, but I missed him.

Slide 109: 

(Pony) Okay, fine Clank, you can take over for now. I have to get some Charisma skill and then take a nap before I have to work. *leaves* Man, she gets all the GOOD narrative!  Anyways, Kevin got a job as a Fact Checker thanks to HIS college degree, and Bigfoot got a job as a Playground Monitor. (He had three career wants, and one of them was Education.) Bill: “Well, the prophecy said that the Divine Lord needs the aid of the magic golden books to become smart enough to help us fight the Twist’s return, and this job is supposed to be the one that leads to them. I must do my part to educate Him.” Good point. You didn’t let Stella know WHO the Divine Lord is, did you? Bill: “I told your guardian, but she swore to keep it secret.”

Slide 110: 

Good! Last thing I need is to spoil the surprise on who Stella’s first of three kids is! Of course, for you people like Pony who love Pokémon, it’s sort of blatantly obvious who the first kid’s going to be…. But how it was made is a secret! Anyways, Kevin got a hobby chance card at work. Now normally I don’t do chance cards, especially hobby chance cards since they’re a crapshoot. However, I threw caution to the winds and told Kevin to lend the book to his boss… and guess what happened! He got a good chance result and a promotion! Kevin: “Hey, luck was on my side! Now if you excuse me, I have to get more skill points so I can get another promotion tomorrow, capiche?”

Slide 111: 

And Bill starts bringing home nick-nacks like this flower vase. Meh. I guess we can put it on the counter were were going to use for storing SmartMilk. Bill: “I need to get my speaking skills up, yo. They don’t take kindly to a teacher’s aide talking like a rapper, yo.” Good point, but I think us kids would love it. *laugh*

Slide 112: 

And we get the baby bump just as Stella goes to fertilize the garden plots we bought. After all, we’ll probably need some eggplant juice sooner or later! Cue the wavy flashback effects! ^_^

Slide 113: 

*crazy flashback effects*

Slide 114: 

Stella: “Fuzzy? Why did I have a vision of her when my pregnancy started to show?” (goes to the witchcraft book and studies it) Stella: “This book has knowledge of every strange vision and occurrence… so… hmmm, this is interesting.” “M-Block and You, by Orvus the Third. It is said that during the Era of Twisting, certain people called ‘Simselves’ appeared in this world. The cursed Twist infected them and caused strange pregnancies to show up either with them or those they interacted with… it’s said that even KISSING a Simself would…”

Slide 115: 

Stella: “No! No way! I can’t believe it! That chaste kiss with Fuzzy… oh no, that means Fuzzy’s a…” Yep, she’s a Simself, an avatar of a fellow stringpuller like my Captain. You’d better tell Kev-love what you learned or he’ll think you had an affair with another man, of course, I could mention that the baby is the Captain’s… Stella: “No!!! All right, I’ll hunt him down... This is horrible!” (In case you haven’t figured it out, I Tombstoned Stella with Fuzzy’s kid during the wedding for a special reason which relates to Bill’s prophecy and the name this kid’s gonna have. Yeah, I’m twisted. *giggle*)

Slide 116: 

(Some time later…) Kevin: “So, you are telling me that when you did that tame kiss to that purple-haired friend of yours back in college while you were boozed up, somehow part of her genes flowed into you and what you suffered and you mistook for a hangover was a bout of morning sickness and you were pregnant with her baby already, but it didn’t start showing until our wedding when Fuzzy attended, and something awakened… the baby?” Stella: *sad nod* “I never expected this to happen, I was drunk at the time and I… I’m so sorry.” Kevin: “So that’s why we never heard a lullaby when we were Trying For Baby… you were already pregnant!”

Slide 117: 

Stella: “Please don’t think less of me, Kev-love! It’s not what you think, it’s part of…” Kevin: “Ah, don’t worry about it.” Stella: “You don’t hate me?” Kevin: “As you said, you were drunk at the time so I forgive you even if you had WooHoo’d her and gotten knocked up like that. You clearly explained how it happened with a kiss from what you learned. There’s nothing to be done save two options – get an abortion or have the baby and treat it well. I support either decision.” Stella: “You know my answer, Kev-love. I would NEVER kill my own unborn baby with Sim Blender, that’s horrible! I will just have to raise it like I will the rest of our children…”

Slide 118: 

Kevin: “This baby will be raised with love and I will treat it like if it was my own, babe. He or she will want for nothing, okay? So, let’s let that be bygone and agree to avoid any kissing with a Simself again until we can figure out what happened and how to prevent it from happening again.” Stella: “I agree, my love.” Well, that’s a relief. In real life, that would not fly with Kevin, who would get jealous! Yuck-o! (Pony) Kevin’s a nice guy, Clank.

Slide 119: 

And so the two men – Bill and Kevin(sounds like some lame cartoon like Beavis and Butthead) begin to skill for their jobs. Bill failed to get promoted but brought home a kiddy bake-oven which we kept. After all, even with the golden books, I’m sure Ar– I mean, the Divine One would like to have fun baking muffins once in a while. Bill: “Yes sir!”

Slide 120: 

Hey, that book doesn’t look like a textbook! It’s old! Kevin: “I got this from my dad when I called him and asked about any texts connected to these Pokemon creatures. This is an old tome from his treasury back home. It details ancient Pokemon lore. It is said that the Pokemon were all created by a godly Pokemon who had the power to transform into various elemental types by wearing magical stone plates found all over the land.” I see… any clues on the name of that godly Pokemon? Kevin: “Only thing is ‘Ar**us.” Hey, you think it means “Arc of Zeus?” I seriously doubt the kid’s name will be Zeus. This isn’t swiffner’s Ancient Mythology legacy, and Zeus was the LAST kid born!

Slide 121: 

(Pony) I thought you said you don’t do chance cards, Clank. Oh, back from your nap? Yeah, we don’t take chance cards, but something told me to take it – if it screwed up, we would only lost ¼ of the family income. But it didn’t and Kevin got a free skill point and some aspiration boost! Kevin: “Hey, did you see my promotion? I’m out of horoscopes and into sportscasting! Gotta run, my work calls!” (Pony) Sure thing. Clank, that’s the school bus, get moving. Aw man… I hate being a kid! How can I narrate this with school? Heeey, don’t you have work at the same time I do? (Pony) Oh geez, you’re right… but I’m pregnant… hmmm, what to do?

Slide 122: 

(Remington) Hey, nice fish! Stella: “You’re not the Pony-voice!” (Remington) Uh yeah, well… you see, Pony decided to go to work, and I have to take her place when she and Clank aren’t around. I’m new to this… Stella: “Oh, that must be Bill coming home now…”

Slide 123: 

It’s me, I’m home… PONY?!?! Pony: “Hey, Bill invited me over, so why not? Besides, if I’m to co-narrate, I need to be friends with the others.” Bill: “She is a nice lady and a Simself. I thought maybe if I brought a Simself home with me she might help Stella understand her destiny.” Nice thought, but that’s the wrong Simself… nice recliner by the way, I see the co-workers are giving nicer stuff. And Kevin, stop flashing that “I made a bunch of cash!” icon, you need to hurry to work!

Slide 124: 

Bill: “Hello, little one, you and the Death-child will be able to save Clank from himself.” Pony: “Hey, ape-man, I have no idea what you’re talking about, but talk to the hand, not my baby.” Bill: “I am sorry, Miss Pokemon… I was just in awe when I saw your family name was the name of the Divine One’s children race that I thought you would not mind me speaking to your little child.” Pony: “Yeah yeah, you told me the prophecy and all… but seriously, you think Stella’s firstborn with Fuzzy will be the reincarnated form of…” Bill: “I do, the prophecy is never wrong – When a child of the stars kisses a stringpuller’s avatar, their union will form the vessel of the Divine One’s return, born on Christmas Day like The Messiah.”

Slide 125: 

Stella: “So, you’re the Pony-voice I heard. That’s your name?” Pony: “Yeah, Pony Pokemon. Clank is my ‘kid’, so to speak. We are responsible for pulling the strings since Clank’s boss, CJ or AgentClank as we used to know him at, came down to Zishou as a Legacy Founder with you two. It’s a little unorthodox, but he’s trying to do the same legacy as me, but without all those unevolved Pokemon cluttering the family line up.” Stella: “So, how far are you?” Pony: “Right now… I’m at Bellossom, CJ’s favorite grass Pokemon.”

Slide 126: 

Bill: “But there are over four hundred of the Divine One’s Children and himself!” Pony: “Please, do not tell me I’m crazy. I know I am. After all, I said it to my readers in the very first panel of the very first part. However, I can’t stop now… I have a rep to uphold.” Bill: “Well, okay, I understand your determination, yo. So… did you get the information I gave you about the dangers that lie ahead?” Pony: “Yeah, and I know it’s gonna be tough, but I’m sure everything will turn out fine in the end.”

Slide 127: 

Yeah, the M-Block sounds serious! I am just glad that, so far, nobody very dangerous has shown up. Some of those Legacy villians are really awful! Pony: “Yep, and for some reason The Exchange is down. We can’t get to our uploads because we get a ‘Asset lost’ error. I sure hope that doesn’t mean EA’s shutting down the Exchange for good.” Perish the thought! This story would be dead in the water if we couldn’t… I mean, if the legacy villians no longer existed outside of the realities that us stringpullers created! Stella: “Did you just WANT them to come?” Uh… no! Just… well.. Oh bother… oh great, not again! 

Slide 128: 

Stella: “Well, if any DO show up, CJ’s wife, Super Ninja Detective Camryn, will stop them!” Something tells me that it’ll take a lot more than a detective who learned how to teleport like a ninja and below-max body skill to stop those weirdos, especially the more magical ones like Chamcha and Kirstial. (Chamcha is from katrih87’s Bookacy, and Kirstial is the property of Orikes’ Psuedo Legacy.) Pony: “Well, we’ll keep working at our end and try to get in touch with the other Simselfs. Stella, you should call Fuzzy over and tell her the low-down on what’s happening… and don’t let her touch you! If Candi’s any indication, this DNA transfer is two-way and contagious!” Stella: “Candi, who’s that?”

Slide 129: 

Oh, just a little ‘friend’ of Professor Elm, the Captain’s Servo… Candi: “Urgh, this sucks! This can’t be pregnancy… the only guy I know is sterile and metallic!” (A bit later) *boing* Candi: “I AM PREGNANT… WITH PROFESSOR ELM’S CHILD! AAAAAAAAAH!!!”

Slide 130: 

Stella: “Well, don’t worry, I learned my lesson. I will keep her at arm’s length during the conversation.” Pony: “Well, I’ll try to keep track of her. She and the other Simselves are living nearby in some newly created houses, so it should be no problem to find her.” Hey, Bill! I bet Pony wouldn’t mind a Bigfoot Hug! Pony: “Huh? Wait no!”

Slide 131: 

Bill:” Bigfoot hug, yo!” Pony: “AAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! STOP IT! THE BABY!!! CLANK, YOU ARE SO DEAD!!!!” Heh heh heh. 

Slide 132: 

Anyways, it looks like all those promotions Kevin’s getting are giving the house some much-needed expansions; it was time for the second floor to be built, and we’ve put Bigfoot’s recent gifts in the first room there, near the spiral stairs. That will become a child’s play-study and the upper bedrooms and bathrooms are in planning. Once we’ve got the booty to fund the construction, we’ll be able to make a fine bunk cabin set for the kids and teens!  That exposed foundation is the root for future expansions to the first floor when this family gets the cash.

Slide 133: 

Speaking of the kids… it looks like baby time! Stella: “Shut up, Clank, I… OH NO! IT’S COMING! AH!!!” Kevin: “Oh gosh, what do I do? What do I do? Ack!” Just display your lovely Bronze Gardening badge with pride, you’re about to be a… well, I guess you aren’t going to be a daddy yet, he he he. Bill: “He comes! The Divine One returns to us! I have awaited this day!”

Slide 134: 

Stella: “STFU!!! I SURE DON’T ENVY THAT MARY WOMAN ONE DAMN BIT, IMMACULATE CONCEPTION SUCKS SO HARD!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!” ?????: Look, stupid alien witch, I’ve been ripening in your womb for some freaking time, and the last thing I need is for you to piddle around with your labor contractions! I’M A COMING OUT!!! Stella:AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!

Slide 135: 

(Elsewhere) Fuzzy: “Huh? That’s odd… I swore that some kid was being born with my snarky attitude and got my genes and Stella’s… nah, must be the bubbles. Heh heh heh…” 

Slide 136: 

Everyone, let’s put your hands together for the big kahuna and the first legendary Pokémon kid… ????: I can freaking introduce myself, you brat! Hey, that’s not nice! ????: Duh! When you’re the two-mommy baby of a half-Maxoidian and a snarky Creator who has weird ideas, you would get snarky too! Ahem… silence please… Bill: “Be quiet, the Divine One speaks!”

Slide 137: 

???: Thank you, buddy. It’s nice to know that your people are still around after a thousand years… okay, let me properly introduce myself… (cough) I am Arceus – pronounced with an soft “c”, not the hard one… I am NOT Ark-ee-us, but Ar-see-us! Anyways, my former self was a Normal-type Legendary Pokémon with the highest stats of any Pokémon(120 base each) and therefore I beat Mewtwo out of the running, ha ha ha! My special power was Multi-Type, which allowed my type to change when I was equipped with various Plates found in Sinnoh. Also, I am the creator of the Pokémon world, or at least Sinnoh according to legend, and my children were Palkia and Dialga, blah blah. Oh, by the way, the only way anyone ever got to meet me was by playing an Azure Flute at Spear Pillar, which would reveal stairs to my lair and I came at you at Level 80 right out the box, the highest level of any wild Pokémon to date, ha ha! My special attack was Judgement, a deadly attack that was linked to my Multi-Type, so it changed its elemental type with the proper plate. Oh yeah, the Pokedex says stuff about me having a thousand arms and being born from an egg.

Slide 138: 

Arceus: Oh, and by the way, I’m a guy… I’ll be damned to the Distortion World if I had to have breasts, ergh! Looks like he’s got some really interesting powers, like telepathy… oh, and he’s got Stella’s alien genes and Fuzzy’s brown eyes, and black hair but then again both mommies had dominant black hair. Stella: “Oh, it doesn’t matter, he’s so precious…” Arceus: Mommy, shut up before I decide to beat you to a pulp with my Extrasensory attack! I may not have it now, but I will and… *

Slide 139: 

Arceus: *yawn*… I’ll deal with you later, after I get some nappy-time… Kevin: “Wow, he’s a spitting image of you sans eyes, Stella babe!” Bill: “I am so honored to be like one of the oxen in the stable who saw the Christmas miracle!” Okay okay, stop with the Christmas stuff, okay? Captain’s madder than a hatter because his present went on the fritz unexpectedly and his expectations were dashed. (For the record, Captain got a nice small HD plasma TV… and it broke. Too bad you can’t fix them like you can here!)

Slide 140: 

Bill: “Forgive me, Divine Lord Arceus, I did not mean to perturb you, but this is such an honor to finally meet you in the flesh! You will be a great heir to this family and lead them in destroying the returned Twist!” Arceus: Look buddy, I appreciate your support, but two things – first, even though the family I was born into is part of a bigger plan I have been brewing while growing my vessel here in this woman’s womb, I’m not going to be a part of it! The Twist will get red flags and attack this place, nope I’m going to be working in the shadows like before. Second off, I just got here, and I’m tired as all get out, so if you don’t mind, park me in front of those magic flowers from the past and let me just took 4000 winks, okay? Once I’m able to move on my own and learn to speak, then we will talk more about this plan. Until then, just keep doing what you did before. Bill: “I understand, My Lord. I will continue to do my duties to this family and especially you! Have a fine rest.”

Slide 141: 

Arceus: Ah, much better mom, it reminds me of my former life at the Heavenly Stairs. Now if you don’t mind, leave me. I am so tired from the journey… *zzzzzz* Stella: “Sleep well, Arceus. For now, I need to work on making you some half-siblings.” Arceus: Good call… zzzz… I need you to summon forth the others and brief them… zzzzz… I’d do it but I’m… *snore* Well, that’s interesting. I wonder what Arceus’s plan is...

Slide 142: 

Well, since we need two more kids to count for this legacy, it’s time for Stella and Kevin to wench until sunrise! (Pony) Oh no, Clank, you know you’re too young for seeing WooHoo! Time to go to Amy’s lot! Ahhhh man, that’s not fair! I’ll show her, tomorrow I’ll be able to replace myself and get teened up! He he he!

Slide 143: 

The next day… (Pony) Clank seems to be acting odd. He recently told me he wants to give up the narrator position. He stopped acting like a pirate all the time, so I said he’d have to confer with his boss, CJ. So he called up CJ and explained the situation, and CJ surprisingly agreed to it, but I overheard CJ tell Clank that he’d have to get all the scholarships, even the hard ones like the Tseng Footwork award and Billiards grant. I think he’ll change his mind about being a teenager when he realized that one of the scholarships is an orphan’s one – it requires you to be parentless and since I’ll never get old and die of old age, that scholarship is never gonna be his! I know that’s harsh, but CJ really needs a narrator besides me and his sidekick is close to him. Still, CJ is not a monster and wouldn’t destroy his sidekick’s dreams for personal gain… oh right, I’m temp-narrator as Clank skills himself up. In the meantime, let’s go to Amy’s lot. This part is already choked with Stella’s stuff so we need to jump to Amy for her kids.

Slide 144: 

Amy: “Ugh! First thing we do when we return is hire a butler.”  (Pony) Yep, we kick off at the end of the wedding party with our two lovebirds heading for the last known place you can go, the glorious tropical Twikki Island! Bellhop: “Aloha! Welcome to the balmy Twikki Island. Feel free to enjoy your stay.” Amy: “Thank you! I think we’ll start off with the tours.” (NOTE: Actually, she and Gordon both learned the local massage and eat the local delicacy before the tours.)

Slide 145: 

(Pony) Yeah, I can see where tour chance cards are bad. I mean, seriously, all three tours ended up being bad chance cards and caused the honeymoon to go sour… ending with bees. It had to be bees.  (Gordon) I HATE THIS HONEYMOON!!!! AAAAAAH!!! [Author’s Note: I. HATE. CHANCE CARDS. Poison ivy, hygiene failure, AND BEES?!?!? WORST. HONEYMOON. EVER. I’m surprised we didn’t get the punishments for a bad vacation! ]

Slide 146: 

(Pony) To save the vacation, the two decide to do sightseeing of a different sort, starting at Jumbok’s ruins and making wishes of good luck. Amy: “You’d think that someone was out to get us with all those bad tours!” Gordon: “Relax, dear, it’s nothing. Bad luck streaks happen to everyone.” Amy: “You’re right, Gordo. Let’s go to that pirate ship I heard about.” Gordo: “Meet you there. I’ve gotta do something first.”

Slide 147: 

(Pony) BAD GORDON! Gordon: “Heh heh heh…” *FWOOOM!!* Gordon: “Aya ayai!!” Jumbok IV: How dare you defile the sacred falls of Jumbok the Fourth! For this atrocity, thou and thine firstborn shalt be cursed! Soon after your firstborn child is born, you shall face disaster! Gordon: “This is not good… I’d better get out of here!”

Slide 148: 

(Pony) Well, that’s what you get for putting soap in Jumbok’s waterfall. Anyways, the next stop was South End Beach to explore the pirate ship. Of course, there was the hanging loose gesture to learn and stuff to buy.  Amy: “This necklace looks lovely on me, I’ll take it. And five of the souvenirs for a display case and this lovely outfit which I think I’ll wear because it looks nice.” Clerk: “Wow, you’re loaded! I mean, thank you for your business.” 

Slide 149: 

Gordon: “This place isn’t haunted, the locals are loopy. I’ll just check out the captain’s cabin…” (Three plunders later…) Gordon: “AH! GHOST!” Capt. Edward Dregg: “Har har yaaar… ye be cursed, matey!” (Pony) Wow, a real pirate ghost! Clank, come see this!

Slide 150: 

(Clank?) I’m not interested in silly pirate ghosts, Pony. I’m more interested in laughing at lousy dancers, ha ha ha! (Pony) Clank, be nice! Jill Fleig is trying! (Yep, Jill Flieg the techie just waltzed in after Rems greeted him and started dancing to the radio.) (Remington) I think Clank’s starting to go crazy, Pony. He’s never been this mean! (Pony) He’s going through a phase, Rems, like all kids do. Now let me continue the narrative. Anyways, Amy met Capt. Dregg of the S.S… whatever… and a conversation ensued.

Slide 151: 

Amy: “What do you mean, Gordon’s cursed?” Capt. Dregg: “Arrr, Sally…” Amy: “My name isn’t Sally.” Capt. Dregg: “Ah, yes, Amy is it. Amy: “How did you…?” Capt. Dregg: “There be a legend about a lass named Amy, a thousand years past. This was the time of the Pokemon.”

Slide 152: 

Amy: “Pokémon?” Capt. Dregg: “Yar, lassie. You see, I’ve lived as a ghost for many a year, but when I be living flesh and blood, creatures called Pokémon roamed the lands and seas. It was a pleasure to see Tentacool and Finneon in the briny deep and Wingull flying overhead! Alas, I was scuttled by my mutinous mates and thrown to the sea, but my ghost cursed the ship and it ran ashore here. From this crow’s nest I saw the Pokemon leave us. It was due to the Twisting.” Amy: “Twisting?” Capt. Dregg: “Aye, I made a chantey about it, let me play it for ye.”

Slide 153: 

(plays accordian) Long ago, a thousand years, Pokemon roamed the lands But when a cursed plague struck them, they went insane and mad Only through Arceus’s speed did they survive and flee But last one seen was black as night, and disaster came from him A thousand years have passed, mine friend and soon the legend be told A woman formerly messenger girl births twins or more in fold And first to be named shall be named after the Pokemon of black The harbringer of doom shall seal her mate’s doom for defiling Jumbok’s shack!

Slide 154: 

Amy: “That’s depressing… but how do you know it’s my husband?” Capt. Dregg: “I may be a ghost, but my senses are still sharp and I smelt the scent of death upon yer mate when he had the gall to raid me cabin! Be warned, the firstborn of your loins shall bear the name of doom, but do not be a fool. ‘Tis only a harbringer, not a cause of disaster. Fare thee well.” Amy: “Wow, that’s… a downer. Okay, maybe I need to check out another beach. I shall need to remember this chantey though, just in case…” (Pony) Yeah, that’s a pretty weird way to go about learning the Sea Chantey…

Slide 155: 

(Pony) The other beach was Twikki Boardwalk, where Amy learned the fire dance. Amy: “I feel better already! That whole thing about Gordon’s doom was a lot of bullhocky. He and I are going to live to old age and celebrate our anniversary!” (Pony) She also tried to get a tan, but even after seven sunbathings, she didn’t tan. She didn’t burn either, so that’s a mixed blessing. She also learned to hang loose.

Slide 156: 

(Pony) There was one more place to go, the Mysterious Hut. She met the fabled witch doctor… getting zapped! Amy: “Oh no! Are you all right, sir?” Witch Doctor: “Me fine. This little zap no hurt me, the shaman.” Gordon: “Wow, he’s pretty tough!” Amy: “Well, you go rest, sir. I’ll fix these annoying appliances.”

Slide 157: 

(Pony) And fix them she did. She managed to change back to her clothes with a bath… but she was feeling rather weak because the pregnancy was starting to take its toll. Amy: “So, you’re a shaman, right? Do you know about this curse of Jumbok?” (explains everything) Witch Doctor: “Bad curse. It said that a woman who used to be a news messenger as a young lady would bear many children at once… and the first was the harbringer of doom to the one she loved… and… I will say no more, it is too dark and dreadful for your ears!” Amy: “That’s not gonna happen. Gordon’s not gonna die.”

Slide 158: 

Witch Doctor: “Well, I cannot help you reverse the curse, but this little gift should help you if the curse does mean what I think it means. It will help you recover, but do not use it frivolously, for it can manipulate minds and make strangers into your friends.” Amy: “Wow, a friend-maker magic item? I’m so in on it! Thank you!” Witch Doctor: “Did you not hear me, Amy? DO NOT USE THIS POWER FRIVOLOUSLY! Bad things happen to those who abuse the power of Mr. Mickles!” Amy: “Okay, okay… I understand. I swear to avoid this.” Whee, friend-maker!

Slide 159: 

(Pony) At that point, the two decided the honeymoon was over and would go home… but not before experienced the Thunderth---- WooHoo in the sauna! (Amy) *huff puff* “Wow, that was really awesome thunder!” (Gordon) “So, you satisfied?” (Amy) “Yeah, forgot all about that omen and curse you got. Let’s go home and get ready to welcome our child.”

Slide 160: 

(Pony) So the two went home and, well, went about their lives. Sorry, I’m just reading off the notes here… not mch happened before the baby bumps. Gordon stayed in his business job for a while – and we discovered he didn’t bring in the career reward for business, bah! He got a promotion and fellow Socialite Christy Inada as a co-worker. (Clank?) What the heck? That’s not Gordon! His face is… (Pony) Yeah, well… you forgot about Amy’s job as an Icon.

Slide 161: 

(Pony) The instant she got her Blockbuster Manager job, she was granted Dr. Vu’s Facelife Surgery Station, and CJ told me that Amy and her husband should use it. Of course, as you can see, the first time Gordon used it, it was a disaster! However, but he and Amy got their faces remade to look more beautiful – Type 1 faces with a bit of adjustment. Amy: “Yeah, now I’m very beautiful!” (Clank?) Ha, she doesn’t know that her original face and Gordon’s Goopy face will be used in the gene pool, not these fake faces they got themselves! (Pony) Well at least they’ll be able to love each other more loya--

Slide 162: 

(Pony) *Gasp* AMY! STOP IT! (Clank?) Ha ha ha, who’s loyal now? Was a tramp, ALWAYS a tramp! Amy: “You are so rugged, Clarence! You and I have more bolts than I do with my husband!” (Pony) Gah! End the date before your husband comes home! (Clank?) Oh, this is getting GOOD. *evil Clank cackle*

Slide 163: 

(Pony) Whew! Saved by the helicopter pool! The date was a good one… and for the record, it happens so quickly. Christy was getting schmoozed by Amy, and then she networked her with “Hey, I know this you’ll love, let me set up a blind date for you!” Amy overrode my clicky-finger and accepted the date, and the gearhead Clarence was set up with her before I could stop them. Gah! (Clank?) Doesn’t matter, Amy’s never going to get perma-play, she’ll never have hergolden anniversary because Gordon will d--- (Pony) No, he won’t! Stop spreading propangda! Clank’s a lot meaner these days.

Slide 164: 

Amy: “Gordo, dear, I’m showing.” Gordo: “That’s nice dear, let me finish this painting of you.” (Pony) It seems Gordon’s head is getting bigger… (Clank?) And his brain’s getting tinier. Woe be him when his doom is nigh! (Pony) We’ve been over this, Clank. Gordon is NOT going to die except from old age!

Slide 165: 

(Pony) Fast forward to 24 hours later, it was all ultra-speed, folks… Amy: “OHGODOHGODOHGODIFEELMORETHANONEBABYINHEREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!” (Pony) What the… you’re having twins? Amy: “NOOOOOOOOOOOMORETHANTHAT!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!” Gordon: “Oh my gosh, that sounds like more than twins!”

Slide 166: 

(Clank?) *evil Clank cackle* (Pony) Clank! Did you do this? That’s not nice, inflicting triplets or quads on the poor girl! (Clank?) She deserves it! She robbed the Boss of his wedding night WooHoo! (Pony) Okay, now I know something’s wrong…

Slide 167: 

(ghostly Clank) YE IMPOSTOR! HOW DARE YE STEAL MY NAME AND IDENTITY AND USE IT FOR MISCHIEF!!!! I’LL KEELHAUL YA! I’LL… Amy: “SHUT UUUUUP! THEY’RE COMING!!!!” *moan* *scream* *grunt* (Pony) Looks like we have trouble here…

Slide 168: 

(Pony) And we sure do, as the births glitch up the wazoo. Uh, I don’t think the baby’s supposed to fly like that…

Slide 169: 

(Clank?) Ha ha ha, the curse just took effect… and Gordon’s doom has arrived! (Pony) What? NOOOOO! GORDON!!! (Gordon) This hail is unnatural, help!!! *hail pelts him to death*

Slide 170: 

Thanatos: This is just what I thought… *sigh* Looks like the disaster Pokemon has arrived… (Clank?) But of course, because…

Slide 171: 

(Clank?) Amy’s first-born kid, a baby boy, is Absol! Named after the single-stage Dark-type Pokemon by the same name. Said Pokémon is the “Disaster Pokémon”, and said to be a harbringer of doom and destruction. It’s said to sense disasters with its horn and appears before humans to warn them of the disaster. (Pony) I see… there was an episode in the anime where Ash and his friends saw an Absol and were nearly washed away when the bridge gave way! Everyone thought the Absol caused it, but it wasn’t true at all, it was warning them. (Clank?) Yesssss, and an Absol was also prominent in the sixth Pokémon movie, which starred Jirachi. The Absol attacked the great magician Butler, who was trying to use Jirachi’s comet power to awaken Groudon. It was trying to prevent the disaster of the mutant Groudon from appearing! Absol has one of two abilities – Pressure, which drains an opponent’s moves of their power quickly, or Super Luck which doubles the critical hit rate of attacks! Evil! 

Slide 172: 

(Clank?) Next up is fly-boy, yep, another boy! Meet Aerodactyl, named after the single stage Rock-Flying dino, aka the Fossil Pokemon. It also has Pressure as an ability, but is also has Rock Head, which negates the recoil caused from Recoil moves. Man, this thing is a beast! It’s also the SPEEDIEST rock type in the entire Pokemon-pantheon, so if you want to use a rock-type, but hate slow-as-heck Pokemon, this is probably your only option. Couple that with a mighty attack stat and you’ve got a really powerhouse! Too bad it dies to electricity, water, steel, and rock attacks. Aggron would eat this thing for breakfast. Anyways, as you can see, it’s teeth are like saw blades, and it used to fly the skies in prehistoric times. D’uh!

Slide 173: 

(Clank?) The third of our little parade of boys is Carnivine. Yep, not a single B-named single-stager. Carnivine is a Pokemon that is called “The Bug Catcher” and it makes sense since it’s a giant Venus fly-trap! It also hovers over the ground and has the Levitate ability, making ground attacks uneffective against it, but since it’s a pure Grass Pokemon, I don’t see the point of wasting such a good trait on it, unless you take into account Sand Tomb, which prevents you from switching. Meh, I never switch! I beat down my… er, digression here! Anyways, the anime pic I show is one which is common in the Sinnoh series – James of Team Rocket had a Carnivine as a child and it rejoins him and takes over the duties the old guy did. I won’t mention the old guy because you won’t see his name for a LOOONG time and he’s in Boss’s family! Anyways, the Dex entries are conflicting, but do mention that Carvinine’s spit is sweet as honey. Ew!

Slide 174: 

(Clank?) Finally, we’ve got Castform, named after the Weather Pokemon. Castform’s trait is unique to it, like Arceus’s. The triat, Forecast, caused Castform to change to one of its three forms when a certain weather brews up. If it’s a Christmas snow, you get the hail form to the right. If it’s sunny, then you get the sun form at the top. Finally, if it’s pouring cats and dogs, you get the Rain Form to the left. Castform is a Normal-type, but when you change it by invoking the right weather, it changes its elemental type too. Its sunny form makes it a Fire-Type… You know what, if you want a bigger description, go check out! You’ll be glad you did!

Slide 175: 

(Pony) Well, this isn’t good. (Clank?) It’s all the fact that Absol was born! He’s the harbringer of the disaster that befell Gordon! He he he… (Pony) Did you just cackle evilly? (Clank?) Me? *coughs* Sorry, frog in my throat, I’d better get to bed and rest up to heal! *leaves* (Pony) Hmmm… Clank’s gotten weirder and weirder every day…

Slide 176: 

Amy: “What’s wrong? I feel… sad…” *puts the babies in the cribs and goes outside…* Amy: “Here lies Gordon Hitoe?!? NOOOOOO!!!! He’s… he’s gone…” *weeps*

Slide 177: 

Amy: “You… your birth, Absol… it heralded my husband’s demise… now I’m never going to have a golden anniversary.” Absol: *gurgle*

Slide 178: 

(Remington) It looks bad for Amy… now that she’s a widow, her LTW for a Golden Anniversary is dead… (Clank?) And that’s not the only disaster heralded by our dear little Absol… (Remington) What are you getting at, Clank? (Clank?) *evil Clank cackle* (Remington) Now you’re just getting plain CREEPY, Clank. Go away.

Slide 179: 

And so ends the first part of the story of the families of Tenrai and Hitoe… it looks like we have nothing but boys. I hope that CJ’s family will fix that. After all, he’s going for eleven kids! What is the meaning of Arceus’s role in this ancient prophecy told by the Bigfoot race? What is his plan? What is the second disaster heralded by Absol’s birth? Will it be another death in the family? Can Amy re-marry quickly or bring back Gordon and re-marry him, or Is the curse too strong to save him? Why did Amy glitch-birth the quads? Is this another side-effect of the Twist (aka M-Block) virus? Are they any more babies in the Hitoe future? You’ll find out after the next part, where we monitor the main family, the Kaikus! Ciao!

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