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The GE LOGIQ P5 ultrasound system puts quality ultrasound technology well within the reach of your private practice, a specialized clinic, or hospital. It offers solid image quality, including enhanced 4D capabilities and an extensive portfolio of transducers to help you take your patient care to a high level. GE LOGIQ P5 provides the versatility to work in many care areas. Its advanced capabilities and workflow efficiencies can benefit general imaging applications as well as women’s health, urology, and other point-of-care applications.


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GE Voluson E6 BT 16 Ultrasound Machine:

GE Voluson E6 BT 16 Ultrasound Machine GE Voluson E6 BT 16 is an ultrasound machine which transmits ultrasound waves into the body tissues and with the help of the echoes received forms images of the body. The clinical application of GE Voluson E6 BT 16 is for scanning abdomen, obstetrics, gynaecology , transrectal , fetal, cardiology, cephalic, small body parts (breast) and pediatric purposes. Website : https://www.primedeq.com/used-equipment/imaging/ultrasound/ge-voluson-e6-bt16-ultrasound-machine-1580373671.html

GE Voluson P8 Ultrasound Machine:

GE Voluson P8 Ultrasound Machine GE Voluson P8 was developed on Voluson S6, S8 and E series. It was introduced in the market in 2012. GE Voluson P8 is an entry-level ultrasound, but superior to GE Voluson P6 as images in this ultrasound are delivered through GE’s advanced imaging technologies website : https ://www.primedeq.com/used-equipment/imaging/ultrasound/ge-voluson-p8-ultrasound-machine-1567229057.html

GE Voluson P6 Ultrasound Machine:

GE Voluson P6 Ultrasound Machine   GE Voluson P6 (Beginner’s Range) is an entry-level affordable ultrasound with 3D / 4D function. Since it is budget-friendly it lets clinicians experience the comfort of GE Voluson series at their clinic website : https://www.primedeq.com/used-equipment/imaging/ultrasound/ge-voluson-p6-ultrasound-machine-1580281005.html

GE LogiQ F8 Ultrasound Machine:

GE LogiQ F8 Ultrasound Machine GE LOGIQ F8 is an affordable, practical and superior ultrasound for getting quality images, which significantly boost your diagnostic confidence. The fusion of innovative imaging technologies found in high-end GE Ultrasound systems makes it suitable for capturing images of superficial and deep anatomy. For GE LOGIQ F8 is versatile and it can be used for abdominal, vascular, cardiac . Website : https://www.primedeq.com/used-equipment/imaging/ultrasound/ge-logiq-f8-ultrasound-machine-1566022455.html

GE LogiQ V5 Ultrasound Machine:

GE LogiQ V5 Ultrasound Machine GE LogiQ V5 Ultrasound is part of the LOGIQ Vision series. GE LogiQ V5 Ultrasound is a budget-friendly ultrasound which makes advanced ultrasound technology simple, affordable and accessible to obstetric and gynaecological healthcare providers Website : ` https :// www.primedeq.com/used-equipment/imaging/ultrasound/ge-logiq-v5-ultrasound-machine-1580276860.html

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