The Best Chinatown Restaurants in London


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Feeling hungry after all the strolling around London? Satisfy your Asian food cravings and drop by the finest restaurants in London’s Chinatown.


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The Best Chinatown Restaurants in London Feeling hungry after all the strolling around London Satisfy your Asian food cravings and drop by the finest restaurants in London’s Chinatown.

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Where London’s Chinatown Is Located Situated in Westminster in London Chinatown is home to several Chinese restaurants cafés supermarkets and other related businesses which you can comfortably enjoy during your stay to any of the ​budget hotels in North London ​. What London’s Chinatown Can Offer As its name suggests London’s Chinatown mostly offers ​Chinese food ​ like dumplings and noodles. For starters visit this Chinatown old-timer named Canton. Make sure to try their famous one-plate rice and noodle meals garnished with juicy meat. Other options include Dumplings’ Legend Four Seasons and Gerrard’s Corner Want to try something new Worry not London’s Chinatown also houses Taiwanese Malaysian Korean Israeli and Vietnamese restaurants that will surely satisfy your taste buds. Leong’s Legend will satisfy your cravings for Taiwanese food ​with its multi-ethnic menu. Aside from its Taiwanese food options they also got a

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hotpot table and a sushi bar. For first-timers have a safe bet and order their starred meals first. Craving for some ​Malaysian food ​ Rasa Sayang will fill you up with its best-sellers like nasi lemak satays and roti canai. Cleanse your taste buds with some tea. If you fancy ​Korean food ​ drop by Olle. Despite its bland aesthetics its meat-filled menu will make your Chinatown experience livelier than ever. Want to explore Israeli cuisine Head to The Palomar an Israeli restaurant that will offer you unlimited drinks and heavily-flavored meals. Aside from its menu its great music playlist will pump you up as you devour your meal. For your ​Vietnamese food ​ cravings Le Hanoi has your back. Its classy dishes like pork dumplings and prawn summer rolls will make your Asian food escapade top notch. In the mood for a quick sip of milk tea Drop by its famous cafés including CR Café Café TPT and Jen Café. To pair with your milk tea make sure to try their dumplings for a light savory taste. If you’re into street food try ​Baozi Inn ​ – a Sichuanese restaurant that will fire up your tongue at a low price. Its red theme and the spicy menu

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will surely make a mark on your Chinatown escapade. You can also read: ​Things You Need to Know About London Wine Week What to Do Nearby With Chinatown’s hustle-and-bustle set-up you might be surprised at how often you’ll see nearby theaters. After filling your stomach fill up your hunger for the arts by watching a play or two at Gielgud Theater Apollo Theater and the Queen’s Theater. Want to do some shopping Check out the Soho Lego Shop and Leicester Square. If you’re into nightlife clubs like Cafe de Paris and 99 Club are only a few hundred metres away. Where to Stay for the Night If you’re planning to stay for longer hours take note that you only have limited options to choose from. To kickstart your hotel-searching experience

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head over to Wembley Arena and book any of the hotels near Wembley Arena with parking ​ in advance. Whether you’re only planning for a day tour or a weekend vacay make the most out of London by having a taste literally of how it feels to live like a Londoner.

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