Best Places to Visit During Summer Break in London


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London is an incredibly popular place to be during the summer holidays. Festivals are in full swing and there are many family-friendly attractions that keep children entertained during their entire summer holidays in London. Check out the guide to know the best places to visit during summer break in London.


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Best Places to Visit During Summer Break in London

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The time for test papers textbooks and homework has finally come to an end and the freedom of summer break has come at last to replace it With the summer heat rolling into the city of London most people are left to wonder: what should I do during the holiday vacation The holidays are a time to experience the wonders of London with your family. Here are a few fun suggestions on how you can spend your summer holiday this year of 2018

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Warner Bros. Studio Tour Any movie fanatic will surely enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the inner workings of some of their favorite flicks. Book a stay at London aparthotels and make sure to take your family friends or even go alone and enter the mystical world of the Harry Potter film franchise. During this tour you will be taken behind-the-scenes of the world famous Harry Potter movies. See the props and costumes wielded and worn by the wizards of Hogwarts and discover the secrets to their magical powers How did Harry and his friends fly across the sky in their magic brooms How did the wizards cause lightning to form using nothing but their wands Find out the answers to these questions and more on the Warner Bros. Studio Tour

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Notting Hill Carnival If you’re more interested in music dance and activity then be sure to mark the date August 26 on your calendars Because that day is the day of the Notting Hill Carnival- a street party filled with color and song Come see performers sing and dance their way through the streets of London all while clad in beautifully tailored costumes and accompanied by magnificently made floats Dance with the music and join in on the festivities Don’t forget to taste the snacks being sold in various food stands along the way

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Lee Valley Regional Park Activities Who says you have to leave the city to experience the outdoors Instead you can take a visit to Lee Valley Regional Park and enjoy the activities prepared for you there instead You can select from a multitude of fun and exciting options such as ice skating white water rafting and even horseback riding

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You can also train your body in the athletics centre play some golf or go on a bike trip through Lee Valley’s beautiful nature trails. Build up a sweat and have some fun before retiring to your cozy bed in the Presidential Marylebone Mayfair.

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