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Playing an Instrument :

Playing an Instrument By Marissa Oquendo


Intro Playing an instrument can make you SMART and improve your memory! This is a proven fact. My feelings on this is that everyone should play an instrument, but not just because it can make you smarter. I'm going to talk to you about why playing an Instrument can benefit you, What instruments you could be playing, & How you can get started.

Benefits :

Benefits To continue, like I said, playing an Instrument makes you smarter, and improves your memory. Scientists have studied children who play instruments and it has been proven that they do better * academically than those who haven’t. I feel that if everyone played an Instrument then grades would get higher. " Recent research suggests exposure to music may benefit the development of certain parts of the brain.”-Espie Estrella *Academically : What has to do with Work or School related Purposes . Quoted by Espie Estrella @

Effected parts of the brain Clipart Image:

Effected parts of the brain Clipart Image The brain parts that are most effected by music are the: Cingulated Cortex Broca's Area Processing Pathway


Benefits Music is said to relieve stress but it also says it helps even more when you’re the one playing it. It’s a sense of achievement, and playing an instrument can even be very enjoying !

Types of Instruments:

Types of Instruments There are over 800 different types of instruments to choose from. If you decide to play an instrument there are so many that your bound to find one you like and that fits you the best.

Types of Instruments :

Types of Instruments The school band carries at least 10 different instruments out of the 800. Tubas, Clarinets, Saxophones, Flutes, and much, much more. If you would like to see and here them all you might just have to stop by at the next school band or Orcastra concert.

Like what you've heard?:

Like what you've heard? Getting started on playing an instrument won’t be that difficult. Go to Where you can type in your zip. to find music lessons near you! It can even be as easy as Joining Guitar class next year. Lake Gibson middle school even offers Orcastra. It’s never to late, so you can start planning now.


Lastly… Playing an Instrument has changed peoples lives. I'm asking for you to do something that will benefit you, go and look at the website I have provided. I think that everyone has a place to play an Instrument at heart and you do to. So I'm encouraging you go out there, pick up an Instrument and play it. The least you can do is try .

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