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Premium Fakes are your most trusted source for quality Fake Licenses and Fake IDs in the US! With a huge experience in the industry, Premium Fakes has always been the most reliable source of buying top-quality Scannable Fake ID cards, delivering faster than anyone else.


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Ordering Process of your Fake ID:

Whether you are looking to place order for a group or individual fake id. The ordering process at “Premium Fakes” is more convenient than any other website. We provide a platform to our customers where you feel safe and, your information remains encrypted on a Secured Layer Protocol. We want you to remain anonymous while paying us. Even though our transactions are 100% safe but we are still cautious and, value how your information should be erased once your order gets processed. Read the pricing of our IDs in this table and, calculate your total with the help of it. Then you may proceed below to select a payment option and submit your form. Ordering Process of your Fake ID

Fake ID:

Fake I D A novelty or fraudulent identification is a form of document that is deliberately altered to provide government-based bogus information about a person's age, address or any other specification. These forged licenses are used for different purposes but from our perspective, we will mainly focus on one aspect . The majority of Young Americans believe that the legal drinking age in the US should be lowered. On the contrary, the majority of the lawmakers believe otherwise. Most of them have asked for laws and penalties stricter than they are now. This prompts the young generation to buy fake ids from different domestic and online sources.

California Fake ID:

Buying a premium version of the California fake ID had never been easier. But now you can get scannable fake id which has a magnetic stripe that contains the cardholder credentials. This license is very popular among the drinking bars. The confiscation ratio for it is also on the higher side. Hence, if you are looking to get a high-quality replica of an actual CA license then we will deliver it to you. Our templates are flawless and are practically tested and inspected by our hired professionals who include Bouncers, Bartenders, and many other forensic experts. California Fake ID

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