5 Interior Designs for Yachts

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If you are going big and getting a yacht, it makes sense to get an amazing interior design as well.


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5 Interior Designs for Yachts If you are going big and getting a yacht it makes sense to get an amazing interior design as well. This short list is going to bring up some top designs for yachts that you should consider from brands that bring nothing but the best around DKT Artworks Do you want customized artwork an amazing centrepiece and sculptural furniture Then consider this interior designer. Based out of London this group does wonders to your yacht. The main gimmick for this interior designer is they have a site- specific approach along with highly skilled craftsmen too. Because of this they can make essentially any decorative work that you can think of. This includes sculptures a bas-relief in various materials mosaic and more Having commissions for no less than 62 superyachts you know that they are quality and well worth the price.

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Suzanne Lovell Focusing more on the architecture and fine arts Suzanne Lovell is a close second to help with designing your yacht. This Chicago-based firm has a team of 20 people and is listed in the Architectural Digest’s top-100. For over 30 years they’ve built a strong and impressive portfolio filled with luxury residential projects. This includes superyachts but also penthouses too. How they do it is they start off with their clients personal taste and then gets filtered through the “Three-Dimensional Experience” a process that approaches architecture fine art and interior design. At the core the understanding of those three things is key. Loro Piana Many interior   designers claim they provide comfort and functionality however none can quite balance those two the way that Loro Piana does it. Their clothing and accessories are second to none and people know this. After all they have access to the finest raw materials in the world and they are known for their highly innovative team of engineers. For example they have a material vicuña wool that is 100 waterproof.

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Bottega Veneta If you are going for an Italian style for your yacht the first thing you should know is the style is known for its flamboyance. That being said Bottega Veneta is Italian based but provides a unique approach to the whole flamboyance. In fact the style it generally provides is more of a muted colour palette. Starting in 1966 Bottega Veneta started off as a luxury leather producer. That craft has been the company’s cornerstone since. By 2001 their creative director Tomas Maier began commissioning leather furnishings to retail stores and by 2006 they opened a school to keep masterful leather crafting techniques alive. Although they don’t specifically design items for yachts their vast selection of goods makes for a nice ensemble overall be it alone or in a set for both in a home or on a yacht. Summit’s Furniture The last one on our list isn’t specializing exactly into yacht interior designing however it’s still worth looking into. Suggesting by the name Summit’s speciality is still rather high and suitable for outdoor use. And it does that in spades. To put it into perspective the material that is used is teak a sustainable and plantation-grown material to Summit’s Furniture. This material is both strong and water-resistant and you can find it in its tables loungers and chairs. These were nicely built to be placed in domestic gardens or on a yacht. Visit Our Showroom 7400 North Federal Highway Boca Raton FL 33487 Phone: 561­465­2539 Email: premium.bocapremiumkitchens.com Website: http://www.premiumkitchens.com/

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