The Top 5 Best Kitchen Counter Tops For Your Home

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1 Document Name Your Company Name C Copyright Print Date All Rights Reserved Premium Kitchens offer the finest luxury kitchen designs and remodeling in Boca Raton FL. Our kitchen designers will design the perfect custom kitchen for your home. Premium Kitchens Kitchen Remodeling and Designing in Boca Raton FL Follow Us Visit Our Website:

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2 Document Name Your Company Name C Copyright Print Date All Rights Reserved The kitchen is perhaps one of the most integral rooms in our home. Not only do our kitchens provide the central hub for preparing food and organizing our day to day lives but they serve as key centre points in entertaining guests and spending quality time with our family friends and loved ones. When designing your kitchen space it’s important to take careful consideration in selecting the details that you wish to include within the room. Decor fabrics building materials and colour schemes can all work together to create incredibly distinct looks and moods for our kitchen areas and understanding the ways that these design elements work together can be incredibly beneficial in designing the kitchen space of your dreams. Counter tops provide one of the ways in which you can carefully add a distinct design element into your kitchen space. Different counter top materials can work to provide a distinctly different mood and feeling to your kitchen and to help you decide which one suits you and your home best w e ’ve compiled for you the top 5 kitchen counter top options for your home. 1. Granite While probably one of the most expensive countertop options available on the market granite countertops are not only durable but add an element of elegance to any kitchen space. Granite also comes with an incredibly wide range of colour options making it a highly customizable option in decorating the kitchen in your home. 2. Ceramic Tile Ceramic tile is another incredibly durable countertop option for your kitchen space. Additionally ceramic tile countertops can be a really inexpensive option and simple to install in most home kitchens. Furthermore ceramic tiles can come in an incredibly wide range of decorative options and as a result can be a great statement piece for your kitchen. The Top 5 Best Kitchen Counter Tops For Your Home

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3 Document Name Your Company Name C Copyright Print Date All Rights Reserved 3. Laminates Laminates provide a smooth surface that makes this countertop material one that is very easy to clean and maintain making it a perfect option for those of us with busy lifestyles who don’t have time for constant cleaning. The only con to laminate countertops is how difficult they can be to repair meaning the material often needs to be replaced in order to get rid of accidental scratches and indents. 4. Hardwood Hardwood countertops can really help to warm up your kitchen space due to its natural and neutral tones. Additionally similar to granite hardwood comes in a wide range of colours and finishes making it a highly customizable option in designing your kitchen space to suit your taste and needs. 5. Marble Similar to granite countertops marble countertops are definitely on the higher end of the price spectrum when it comes to furnishing your kitchen. However marble countertops are both waterproof and heatproof making them an incredibly durable option for your kitchen space. Additionally marble countertops can create an elegant and regal aesthetic for your kitchen that may just suit the exact look that y ou ’ve been looking to achieve.

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