10 Kitchen Design Trends for 2018

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10 Kitchen Design Trends for 2018 Kitchen trends are always changing by the year. For 2018 these new trends involve coloring spacing surfacing and becoming as technological as every Apple product out there. Here are the ten main trends heading into the New Year. 1. Get Smart We are becoming high-tech in all aspects including the kitchen. It is the “smart kitchen ” and every little thing from the fridge to the oven to the garbage bin is all connected to work automatically. Sensors can be energy reducing installments that advise users about the status of food being cooked. The 21st-century is truly here. 2. Be Colorful White is still popular because it gives the kitchen that clean and shines when we enter but people have become more invested into grey and black colors. Grey gives an elegance that is not bland but semi-chic. Black is a trickier mix but if applied correctly it works as well. And then people can really get creative with other colors warm and cold to blend in with the whole interior of the house. Some people don’t mind the green and blue.

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3. Contemporary Cooking Things are changing in the kitchen with enhanced countertops that are islands in the center of the kitchen. Adding to the technological side of things islands are also experiencing their own contemporary reinvention. Bars and wine racks are being integrated and it is mixed with a retro fit of Art Deco to work with the kitchen. 4. Quartz It’s the same thing as Benjamin Braddock’s recommendation about looking into plastic. Quartz is very durable easy to keep clean and is resistant to many of the bacteria that would stay on the countertop. Plus it doesn’t have to be plain looking there can be various designs on the block. 5. Maximizing Space Not all kitchens have to be massive. Small kitchens will work also if the storage component is constructed right. Cabinets and shelves are key so they must be tailored to be faultless to keep everything needed in these spaces. 6. Apply The Appliance That means the fridge dish washer microwave oven and every other necessity must be fitting such as stainless steel. It doesn’t have to be as high-tech as explained first but being as natural and sleek is part of the kitchen upgrade. If it’s 2012 it’s already old.

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7. Ceramic Flooring It is making a comeback against wood because it too has evolved in style. Size varies now and so does color. They even can be camouflaged as wood 8. Must Love Pets Usually we don’t want our cat and dog running around this area but we love them too much to be separate from them. So a kitchen can set up a designated space to feed the animals instead of simply keeping them out. 9. Inside Meets Outside In the natural movement designers are starting to give a dose of external influence into kitchens. Mix in the sunlight and plants from outside to make them connect with the inside of the house. Even with the windows and walls they feel perfectly glued together. 10. LE D ’s We are in an energy-saving world now and having every single light LED is all about preventing those annual changes to the bulbs. It is as universal as it gets because it is in every room. Pick up on these trends and keep the kitchen up to date to impress friends family and even yourself. A new year is upon us and we must keep moving a step up as time flies. Let that new kitchen smell up something good with new surroundings. For more information you can visit our website http://www.premiumkitchens.com Follow Us

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