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Best Time to Redesign Your Kitchen I have found out that the best time to decide on redesigning your kitchen would be before fall. Kitchen contractors and retailers are typically really busy during this time period. I would suggest buying the materials that you need to rebuild your kitchen at the beginning of the year say January because the materials will cost less. Also kitchen remodels give the homeowners the most money when they decide to resale the home to new occupants in the future. A lot of homeowners typically spend between 12000 to 30000 dollars in costs for redesigning their kitchen. When a homeowner makes a decision to upgrade the sinks or repaint the walls costs tend to be around 10000 to 15000. If it is a major kitchen project that is not only high end but includes brand new granite counters or hardwood foors costs tend to be around 30000 and up. You must also consider the best time to compose an agreement with your kitchen contractor based solely on his or her availability. He or she may have many other projects that they are working on. Try to work with a kitchen contractor at the beginning of the year before the fall. It will make your life and the contractors life a lot easier. Many homeowners make the decision to redesign their kitchen in the summer months. Warmer weather will be benefcial because the grout that is used for the new kitchen backsplash will be able to dry quickly and allow the tiles to stick

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properly on the kitchen wall during the remodeling process. A good rule of thumb is to have your kitchen remodeling project done 1-2 months earlier before the fall season when demand is high and contractors work schedules are busy. Homeowners must also take into account special fall birthday parties or anniversary parties that are considered to be special family events. It is a huge headache and inconvenience for family members to have a non-functioning unfnished kitchen during this time of celebration and fun. Try to schedule your kitchen remodel when your schedule is free of birthday parties or special events. Homeowners should be self-assured that the workers will not track mud dirt or water through the newly designed kitchen. Also there should be great communication dialogue through the entire job between the kitchen contractor and the homeowner in order for the remodeled kitchen to be done correctly and efciently due to the needs of the homeowner. Choosing a contractor is a difcult task. You should visit a work in progress for a contractor and pick the top three candidates for the kitchen contracting job. Also you should ask for references from all three top contractors and make sure to follow up with the best ones. It’s always good to get along with the workers and kitchen designers. Although common practice this is worth mentioning…the best way to keep the contractors working crew in a great mood when they start the job is to acknowledge them by saying good morning and good night along with telling them that they did a great job. Also you can ofer them soft drinks or cofee in the morning. The goal here is to be nice but also ensure that you have workers that will work hard on your project and not do a mediocre job.

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