10 Top Brands That Will Change Your Kitchen Forever

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10 Top Brands That Will Change Your Kitchen Forever When you’re designed your dream kitchen you should make timeless decisions. Think about the things that you will love forever and not just for a period of time. Whether you’re choosing pots and pans a fridge or a full suite of appliances- the brand you choose is everything. You want a reputable brand that you may have to pay a bit more for but you can rest assured that it will last. There are some brands that just stand out from the crowd so here are 10 that can change your kitchen forever: KitchenAid This American brand produces a variety of kitchen products but what made their name was the stand mixers. There are a highly sought after iconic kitchen item that anyone would be proud to display on their kitchen counter. Whether you’re a master baker or a casual weekend cupcake maker. There are over ten colors to choose from even pink and they’re attractive too. There’s not much more satisfying than watching a KitchenAid get to work. Vitamix Vitamix like KitchenAid is Ohio based and their blenders first hit the market in 1949. If you want a blender with a bit of oomph then there’s no need to look any further. Not only will it turn tough greens into the tiniest of particles but it’ll make mincemeat out of chunky ice too. Lodge What kitchen is complete without a cast iron skillet Lodge products budget friendly pans that are total workhorses. Whether you’re looking to make pancakes a pan of cornbread or searing a steak. They have added enameled cast iron and carbon steel cookware to the family but they still offer a wide range of true classics like the Dutch oven.

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Henckels Another must for any kitchen is chef’s knives. As far as knife makers go Henckels is one of the largest in the world. They’ve been in business since 1700 and produce 11 lines. The company is based in Germany but they also have factories in Spain and Japan. Viking Viking is another long established reputable company that produces absolutely everything you would need to kit out your kitchen. Hotpoint Hotpoint does every type of white good that you can think of though they have long been known for their washing machines and dryers. Miele Miele has been producing the goods since 1899 and now in 2017 Miele can complete your new kitchen. Braun Everything you need in the way of hand mixers blenders food steamers food processors and meat mincers. AGA Beneath AGA classic looks you’ll find a heart made of cast iron. The cooker is an efficient energy store which transfers heat steadily from the core to the hotplates and the oven. These bad boys are always ready to go taking your kitchen to the next level with a gentle cooking process. Forget the direct heat of a conventional cooker and enjoy an AGA. This method of cooking keeps your food moist and the flavor intact. Any AGA owner can tell you that food tastes better when it gets the AGA treatment. Smeg When you hear the brandname Smeg you’re most likely to picture a refrigerator. Yes they’re famous for their iconic fridges which are available in a variety of colors. However they produce small appliances ovens cookers hoods dishwashers sinks washing machines and more. Your entire kitchen could be all Smeg. For more information visit our website at: http://www.premiumkitchens.com/ Follow Us at: ➢ Facebook ➢ Twitter ➢ Youtube ➢ Pinterest

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