How To Make Minor Upgrades To Your Kitchen

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How To Make Minor Upgrades To Your Kitchen A minor kitchen remodel is a great investment to make in your home. Changing your hardware and resurfacing your kitchen cabinets can boost the value of your home just enough that they basically pay for themselves come resale. Minor kitchen upgrades can earn you as much as an 83 return on investment So think of it this way: on average for every 100 you invest in your minor upgrade the value of your home will increase around 83. That s a fairly impressive ROI and much better than ’ what owners receive from other home projects like roof replacements basement additions and even bathroom upgrades. Major Versus Minor You can t confuse minor updates with major upgrades. A major upgrade will involve ’ replacing the countertops and flooring adding an island replacing the appliances plus vents and sinks. Major upgrades can take you into 6 figures and while it may increase the value of your home- there s always a chance that you take it too far and make your ’ home too expensive for your neighborhood. In the meantime a minor kitchen remodel will cost no more than 20000. Though you can spend much less based on your budget and the decisions that you make. Cabinetry is the most expensive upgrade you can make so you can cross that off your list right away. You can refinish the cabinets but don t even think about replacing them. ’

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If you can push your budget out a bit more you may want to consider upgrading a couple of appliances too. Choose energy efficient upgrades that will lower your utility bills. You can give the walls a fresh coat of paint and consider giving your floor an upgrade. Upgrades such as these have many benefits. In addition to increasing the value of your home you will find yourself enjoying the kitchen more. Basically a minor kitchen upgrade will make you one happy homeowner. Know Thy Neighborhood If you want to make minor upgrades to your kitchen you might want to talk to a real estate professional within the community. Find out how much you can expect your home s ’ value to increase. You want to increase your kitchen standards make wise decisions but ensure that your upgrades fit into the community standards of your neighborhood. Check out homes for sale in the area and attend open houses. You can see what type of kitchen their home has and the price they re selling at. ’ How to Fund Your Upgrades If you don t have personal savings then you may want to consider taking out a loan to ’ fund these minor upgrades. It may not be ideal but if you re going to invest in your ’ kitchen even minor upgrades need adequate funding to achieve a suitable ROI on resale. Other Minor Upgrades with Major ROI Once you re done with the kitchen you may want to consider these other minor upgrades ’ that come up big when it comes to return on investment: ➢ Consider a new garage door for over 90 ROI. ➢ Add attic insulation for over 100 ROI. ➢ Replace the front door for over 90 ROI.

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