Different Ways To Control Rodents at Residential &


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Looking for Pest Control Services in Bangalore? OTJ247 provides all types of Pest Control Services such as termite control, bedbug, rodent control etc ,in order to eradicate permanently.


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Different Ways To Control Rodents at Residential & Commercial Setup’s :

Different Ways To Control Rodents at Residential & Commercial Setup’s


The food materials present in houses, factories, offices are damaged by the rodents. Rodents will affect the human health . Rodents will spoil the surroundings and spilts the food materials every where. Rodents infects the food and causes dreadful diseases like jaundice,plague etc. The disturbance created by the rodents is harmless to people and animals. OTJ247 provides rodent control services to eradicate rodents permanently.


OTJ247 provides pest control services in Bangalore such as bedbug control , rodent control, termite control etc. Growth of teeth for rodents is very continuous. With the help of teeth,rodents sucks the food. Proper identification of places where rodents stay in a home,commercial areas, buildings etc is the correct procedure. The rodent control procedure is done for a week. Rodent poisons are used to kills rodents depending upon the areas.


Rodent poisons can acquire from local hardware shops. If there is a repeation procedure to eradicate rodents, sanitation should be maintained. Rodents have resistant power to continuous sounds. Rodents will have power upto the range of human hearing. They do not enter behind the objects like furnitures etc. Rodent control solutions is taken by the pest control experts. Rodent pest control is done at homes, banks, hotels, museums, schools.


Attracting rat: In this procedure, tasty food is prepared for rats in the home and mixed with poison. By eating the food the rat gets fainted. Proper identification of places where rodents stay. Breezing device: In this procedure, the food is kept along the net,where the rodents travel. It may lose its effectiveness due to change in temperature . Plaster net: In this procedure,rodents will gets stucked inside the net. It is very easy to identify the rodents in the surroundings. We will get the immediate results

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