Pradeep Srivastava,Cardiologist

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Pradeep Srivastava,Cardiologist is a renowned doctor who is considered as one of the best heart specialists in the world.


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Pradeep Srivastava Cardiologist Introduction Leading Interventional Cardiologist in Washington DC and Prince George’s County Maryland Assistant Professor Medicine/Cardiology at G.W. University School of Medicine Washington DC Owns Maryland Cardiac and Medical Associates PC

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Pradeep Srivastava MD Maryland  Pradeep Srivastava MD Maryland says that staying forefront with these medicinal movements is significantly basic for each and every doctor. One may be incredible at what one knows yet to give your patients the best medicinal care will oblige a specialist to keep upgrading ones knowledge base and skill set. He is constantly primed to take in every new aptitude and method that can end up being of profit to his patients. Pradeep Srivastava M.D. Maryland very strongly believes that continuous education is a must for all doctors.

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Pradeep Srivastava MD Cardiologist DC

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Pradeep Srivastava MD  Pradeep Srivastava MD is remarkably loved and even appreciated by all the people who have had the joy of knowing him. Most of his career he has practiced in Maryland bur recently he has moved his practice to Washington D.C. Dr. Pradeep Srivastava Maryland is significantly capable well taught and he has an extraordinary arrangement of experience as a heart authority specialist. His abilities joined with his sensitivity and forethought towards his patients makes him a phenomenal specialist. Pradeep Srivastava is recognized as one of the best medical authorities in the country today.

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