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2 Table of Contents Legal Disclaimer About Jamin Introduction Chapter 1: Abdominal Training Tips Chapter 2: Abdominal Workout Guidelines Chapter 3: Rookie Abdominal Workout Chapter 4: Advanced Abdominal Workout Chapter 5: Hardcore Abdominal Workout Chapter 6: Exercise Index Descriptions Chapter 7: Conclusion Chapter 8: Bonus

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3 Legal Notice © Jamin Thompson | All Rights Reserved. International Copyright YOU ARE FREE TO SHARE THIS SPECIAL REPORT WITH OTHERS. YOU MAY NOT HOWEVER EXTRACT CONTENT FROM EDIT OR OFFER THIS REPORT FOR SALE IN ANY WAY. Copyright and illegal distribution violations will be prosecuted. This e-book is protected by international copyright laws and any attempt by you or any third party to illegally modify or sell this book or e-book you are in violation of these laws and are subject to a fine of 150000 and imprisonment. Please act responsibly and avoid legal issues by staying in accordance with these laws and their respective statutes. No part of this book or the various contributions may be reproduced stored in a retrieval system or transmitted by any other means: electronic mechanical photocopying recording or otherwise without prior written permission of the author.

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4 Medical Disclaimer This book is supplied for educational and information purposes only and as experienced in this subject matter as the contributors are no claim or opinion in this program is intended to be nor should be construed to be medical advice. Always consult with your doctor before making any changes to your diet and nutrition program. Readers are advised to consult their own doctors or other qualified health professionals regarding the treatment of medical conditions. This publication is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information with regard to the subject matter covered. It is sold with the understanding that the publisher and the contributors are not engaged in rendering health nutritional fitness or other professional advice. If fitness advice or other professional assistance is required the services of a competent professional should be sought. The contributors do not accept any responsibility for any liabilities resulting from any decisions made by purchasers of this book. The author and publisher shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person or entity with respect to any of the information contained in this manual. The author and publisher shall not be held liable for any loss damage or injury caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by any action treatment or application of any workout method or food discussed in this manual. The user assumes all risk for any injury loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by using any information described in this course. The information or products mentioned in this book are not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease. The respective authors of the book and the author make no representations about the suitability of the information contained in this guide for any purpose. The entire risk arising out of the use of its contents remains with the recipient. The statements in this book have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease. In no event shall the respective authors of this book and or the author be liable for any direct consequential incidental special punitive or other damages whatsoever. By reading and following the principles in this guide you acknowledge that you have read understand and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

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5 About The Author Jamin Thompson is a pro fitness model and sports performance expert in Los Angeles. As a fitness expert and author Jamin has become an inspiration for people across the world with his amazing recovery from a debilitating and almost deadly intestinal disease. After a two year battle with the illness he lost over 40 pounds of hard earned muscle but was able to “heal” himself using natural whole foods and real nutrition. Now he helps others get healthier leaner and stronger using the same principles and shares this information with anybody who is serious about improving their health physique. Jamin has worked extensively with athletes on the professional and collegiate level and as an ex-Division 1 and professional athlete himself Jamin uses his real world in the trenches experience to help others unleash their true fitness potential. Using the same type of high intensity programs and techniques that create world class athletes Jamin helps “regular joes” unlock their genetic potential using a no bs no gimmick approach. Jamin is the author of The 6 Pack Secret: Fat Burning Secrets of The World’s Top Fitness Models found at which teaches the top secret techniques used by world class professional fitness models that help you build lean muscle increase your metabolism and lose stubborn fat. To your best body ever Jamin Thompson Author – The 6 Pack Secret

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6 Abdominal Training Tips 1. Focus on the lower abs. Just about every abdominal exercise or motion involves an upper abs contraction. For this reason alone building the upper abs is usually pretty easy but as a result the lower abs can get neglected. Focus more on training your lower abs exclusively because lower ab training will still give you amazing upper abs as well. 2. Don’t do reps like a madman. Millions of people unfortunately waste hundreds of thousands of hours in the gym each year doing hundreds of sets of abs. After taking this sort of pounding for a while your abs just stop responding. Overtraining your abs in this manner can also increase your risk of injury. In order to effectively work your abs and avoid overtraining keep your reps around 20 or less but add resistance to increase the difficulty level. 3. Go down slowly and maintain strict form. A slow and controlled descent is recommended for ab training. This method will carve deep into your abdominal muscle fibers and help sculpt them. 4. Contract flex and squeeze. An often overlooked and underutilized method of enhancing your abdominal training is to not flex the muscles while you train them. You cant just go through the motions you need to squeeze hard while you perform any ab movement. 5. Train abs with intensity. Give the same level of intensity to your abs that you would your biceps or triceps on a tough day of training. Don’t just throw in a few sets of ab exercises at the end of your workout and call it a day. Abs are a muscle just like any other and must be trained as such. 6. Avoid side bends. Just like any other muscle the abs also respond when stimulated with resistance. Unless you want to make your waist wider avoid side bends at all costs. Skip the dumbbell side bends weight plate side bends or any other silly side bend exercise. You do not want to end up with a waist that looks blocky and wide.

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7 7. Don’t use twisting movements. Performing twisting movements such as holding a bar across your back and twisting is a good way to injure your back. These types of exercises won’t do you much good and they are more risky than they are effective. 8. Train abs 2-3 times per week max. It can be tempting to train abs everyday but as I said earlier abs are muscles just like any other. They need time to rest and recover. You can train abs a bit more frequently than you can other muscles but training them more than 2 or 3 times per weekly is just overkill. 9. Maintain a good tempo. As with any other exercise ab movements should not be jerky or too fast. A good tempo must be maintained throughout the entire movement. An ideal tempo would be 3-0-1 where the first number refers to the lowering phase of the exercise the next number is the pause and the third number is the lift. For example a crunch done at 3- 0-1 you would take 3 seconds to lower yourself no pause then one second to crunch upward.

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8 Abdominal Workouts Guidelines • There are three workout levels in this manual: Rookie Advanced and Hardcore. Unless you already have an incredibly strong core and washboard abs I recommend holding off on trying the Hardcore workouts and starting with something easier. • If you are just starting out try the Rookie Abdominal Workout first. • Begin each workout with 5 minutes of dynamic stretching and / or light cardio on a treadmill or stationary bike. Never skip the warm-up even if you are pressed for time. • Do not jump from level to level. Stick with one level for 1-3 weeks before advancing to the next level. • Train your abs 2-3 days per week. An ideal rotation would be Monday Wednesday and/or Friday. • A “Superset” is a set of two exercises where you will do one exercise followed immediately by a second exercise. • A “Tri-Set” is a set of three exercises where you will do each exercise back to back. • A “Giant Set” is a set of four exercises where you will do each exercise back to back. • You will probably be very sore after a few of these workouts but don’t just quit because of soreness. Take a day to recover and then keep pushing forward with your training. If you need to just use lighter weights but keep the reps sets and rest periods the same. • Take a week or two to get used to this way of training. Depending on your experience level you may need to adjust the weights and rest periods accordingly. • Always train with maximum intensity and focus.

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9 Rookie Abdominal Workout TRAINING GUIDELINES TRAIN WITH INTENSITY AND FOCUS O O Or r rd d de e er r r E E Ex x xe e er r rc c ci i is s se e e S S Se e et t ts s s R R Re e ep p ps s s R R Re e es s st t t C C Co o om m mm m me e en n nt t ts s s A1:A2 Super-Set 1. Plank 2. Side Plank 1 1 :30 :20/side - :75 B1:B2 Super-Set 1. Mountain Climbers 2. Reverse Bridge 1 1 :60 :10 - :75 C1:C2 Super-Set 1.Lying Hip Extension 2. Plank with Leg Raise 1 1 10 6/leg - :75 D1:D2 Super-Set 1. Bird Dog 2. Lying Hip Extension 1 1 6/side 15 - :75 F1 Stretch Cool Down

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10 Advanced Abdominal Workout TRAINING GUIDELINES TRAIN WITH INTENSITY AND FOCUS O O Or r rd d de e er r r E E Ex x xe e er r rc c ci i is s se e e S S Se e et t ts s s R R Re e ep p ps s s R R Re e es s st t t C C Co o om m mm m me e en n nt t ts s s A1:A2 Super-Set 1. Stability Ball Jackknife 2. Renegade Dumbbell Row 1 1 12 10/side - :75 B1:B2 Super-Set 1. Weighted Cable Rope Crunches 2. Medicine Ball Sit Reach 1 1 10 12 - :75 C1:C2:C3 Tri-Set 1. Bird Dog 2. Stability Ball Rollout 3. Plank 1 1 1 10/side 10 :60 - - :75 D1:D2:D3 Tri-Set: 1. Inverted X Mountain Climber 2. Coffin Sit Ups 3. Ab Suck ins 1 1 1 :60 10 20 - - :75 E1:E2 E3:E4 Giant-Set 1. Ab Wheel 2. Diagonal Ab Wheel 3. Alligator Crawl 4. Plank with Leg Raise 1 1 1 1 10 8/side :20 12/side - - - :90 F1 Stretch Cool Down

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11 Hardcore Abdominal Workout TRAINING GUIDELINES TRAIN WITH INTENSITY AND FOCUS O O Or r rd d de e er r r E E Ex x xe e er r rc c ci i is s se e e S S Se e et t ts s s R R Re e ep p ps s s R R Re e es s st t t C C Co o om m mm m me e en n nt t ts s s A1:A2: A3:A4 Giant-Set 1. Windshield Wipers 2. Hanging Knee Raises Advanced 3. Windshield Wipers 4. Hanging Knee Raises Advanced 3 3 3 3 10/side 15 10/side :45/leg - - - :75 B1:B2 Super-Set 1. Hanging Leg Raises 2. Weighted Cable Rope Crunches 2 2 15 20 - :60 C1:C2: Super-Set 1. L-Pull-ups 2. Gorilla Chin Crunch 1 1 12 12 - :60 D1:D2 Super-Set 1. Stability Ball Rollout 2. Coffin Sit ups 1 1 12 12 - :60 E1:E2:E3 Tri-Set 1. Medicine Ball Sit Up Stand 2. Stability Ball Jackknife 3. Reverse Crunches 1 1 1 10 12 20 - - :75 F1:F2:F3 Tri-Set: 1. Ab Suck Ins 2. Sledge Hammer Slam 3. Plate Pushes 1 1 1 10 :30 :45 - - :75 G1 Stretch Cool Down

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12 Exercise Descriptions Hanging Leg Raises 1. Hang from a chin-up bar with your legs and feet together using an overhand grip palms facing away from you that is slightly wider than shoulder width. 2. With knees slightly bent pull your legs up as you exhale until you almost touch your shins with the bar above you. 3. Lower your legs as slowly as possible until you reach the starting position. Avoid swinging and using momentum at all times and do not perform this exercise with an arched back. Tip: If you have a weak grip or have shoulder problems try using hanging elbow straps. Advanced users can perform this exercise with ankle weights. Windshield Wipers 1. Hang from a pull-up bar. Brace your abs. 2. Slowly bring your feet up with straight legs by contracting your abdominals. 3. Rotate to the left and to the right in a controlled movement with straight legs. Should mimic the same movement as a windshield wiper on a car. 4. This is a very difficult exercise. Maintain strict form and tempo.

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13 Hanging Knee Raises Advanced 1. Hang from a pull-up bar. 2. Contract your abs and slowly bring your knees up towards your chest. 3. Return to the starting position. 4. This is a very difficult exercise. Maintain strict form and do not swing. Hanging Knee Raises Beginner 1. Hang from a pull-up bar. 2. Contract your abs and slowly raise your knees. 3. Return to the starting position. 4. This is a very difficult exercise. Maintain strict form and do not swing.

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14 Reverse Crunches 1. Lie down on the floor with your knees at a 90° angle and arms to the side of your torso with and palms on the floor. Your arms should be stationary for the entire exercise. 2. Move your legs up so that your thighs are perpendicular to the floor and feet are together and parallel to the floor. 3. Move your legs towards the torso as you roll your pelvis backwards and raise your hips off the floor. 4. Use your abdominal strength to perform the movement and not momentum from swinging. Weighted Cable Rope Crunches 1. Kneel below a high pulley that contains a rope attachment. 2. Grab the rope and lower it until your hands are near your head. 3. Flex your hips slightly and allow the weight to hyperextend the lower back. 4. With the hips stationary contract your abs and bring your elbows down toward your knees as you exhale. 5. Hold the contraction for a second and slowly return to the starting position. Tip: Keep constant tension on the abs throughout the movement and only crunch down to the point where your elbows are about halfway to your knees.

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15 Stability Ball Jackknife 1. Start with your arms in a push-up position and your shins balancing on the top of a stability ball. 2. Your body should form a “bridge” with your back flat and arms straight. 3. Contract your abs and roll the ball as close to your chest as possible without rounding your back. 4. Pause for a second and return to the start position. Mountain Climbers 1. Begin in the top of the push-up position with your arms in line with your chest and your legs extended outward. 2. Rest on the balls of your feet while bringing one leg forward to your chest and back to its original position. Keep the other leg tucked during the forward and back movement of the opposite leg. Do not let your hips move around or rotate. 3. Repeat the motion described in Step 2 rapidly alternating one leg forward and one leg back. This movement mimics the "climbing of a mountain." 4. Remember to inhale and exhale steadily during the entire mountain climber exercise

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16 Side Plank Holds 1. Lie on a mat on your right side. 2. Support your bodyweight with your knees and on your right elbow. 3. Raise your body in a straight line so that your body hovers over the mat. 4. Keep your back straight and your hips up. Hold your abs tight. Contract them as if someone was about to punch you in the stomach but breath normally. 5. Hold this position for the recommended amount of time. Gorilla Chin Crunch 1. Hang from a chin-up bar using an underhand grip palms facing you that is slightly wider than shoulder width. 2. Now bend your knees at a 90 degree angle so that the calves are parallel to the floor while the thighs remain perpendicular to it. This will be your starting position. 3. As you exhale pull yourself up while crunching your knees up at the same time until your knees are at chest level. You will stop going up as soon as your nose is at the same level as the bar. Tip: When you get to this point you should also be finishing the crunch at the same time. 4. Slowly start to inhale as you return to the starting position.

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17 Bird Dog 1. Kneel on the ground or use a mat if you need it and place your hands on the ground. You should be on your hands and knees. 2. Brace your abs and raise your left hand and right leg at the same time. 3. Keeping your back straight like a table point your left arm straight out and your left leg straight out from the hip. 4. Do not rotate your pelvis. 5. Hold for 3-5 seconds and then slowly lower back into the starting position without rotating your pelvis. Plank With Leg Raise 1. Hover your body over the floor and rest your bodyweight on your toes and elbows. 2. Raise your body into a straight line and keep your back straight and your hips up. 3. Breathe normally but hold your abs as tight as you can. 4. Lift one leg up at a time and extend back. Alternate sides.

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18 Stability Ball Jackknife Bench 1. Place your elbows on a flat bench and your shins on the stability ball. 2. Form a straight line with your body and keep your arms straight and your back flat. 3. Roll the ball as close to your chest as you can while keeping your back straight by pulling it forward and contracting your abs. 4. Briefly pause and then roll the ball backward into the starting position. Stability Ball Rollout 1. Kneel on the ground or mat with your hands on a stability ball. 2. Tighten your abs and lean forward slowly and roll your hands up on the ball pushing it away from your body. 3. Push the ball out as far as you can while maintaining strict form and keeping your body straight. 4. Reverse the motion and return to the starting position.

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19 Inverted X Mountain Climber 1. Begin in the top of the push-up position. 2. Without sagging your hips bring your knee up toward the opposite shoulder. 3. Keep your abs tight. 4. Return your leg to the start position 5. Alternate sides. Stability Ball Jackknife Rotations 1. Place your elbows on a flat bench and your shins on the stability ball. 2. Form a straight line with your body keeping your arms straight and your back flat. 3. Roll the ball and bring your knees up to one site of your body while keeping your back straight by pulling it forward and contracting your abs. 4. Briefly pause and then roll the ball backward into the starting position. 5. Alternate sites after each rep.

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20 Alligator Crawl 1. With your feet on a towel position yourself in top pushup position. 2. Using only your hands walk your body forward. 3. Slide your feet across the floor while on the towel. 4. Keep your body straight for the duration of this exercise. Renegade Dumbbell Row With Pushup 1. Start in the top pushup position with a dumbbell in each hand. 2. Perform a pushup. 3. Tighten your abs at the top of the pushup and row one dumbbell up to your side. 4. Control your body and lower the weight back into the start position. 5. Alternate sides.

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21 Reverse Crunch 1. Lie down on the floor with your legs fully extended and arms to the side of your body with the palms on the floor by your hips with your head and shoulders lifted slightly off of the ground. 2. While inhaling move your legs towards the torso as you roll your pelvis backwards and you raise your hips off the floor. Your knees will be touching your chest at the end of this movement. 3. Hold the contraction for a second or two and then move your legs back to the starting position while exhaling. Tip: Do not use momentum. Rely only on your abdominal strength to complete this exercise Plate Push 1. Start with your hands on a weight plate bend your knees and lean forward. 2. Fully extend your arms onto the plate. 3. Using your legs push and drive the weight forward for the specified distance. Tip: Advanced users can start using a 45 pound plate but if this weight is too difficult use a 35 pound or 10 pound weight instead.

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22 Coffin Situps 1. Lie down on the floor with your legs straight and your arms at your sides. 2. Tighten your glutes and hamstrings inhale and as you slowly raise up. 3. Exhale and slowly go back to the starting position. L Pullups 1. Begin in a classic pull-up position with your grip slightly wider than shoulder width. Lift your legs straight out at a 90° angle. 2. Pull up as far as you can then return to the start position. 3. Keep your legs straight out at a 90° angle for the entire exercise.

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23 Medicine Ball Sit Up Stand 1. Lie down on your back with your knees bent. 2. Hold a medicine ball over your head with two hands. 3. Quickly sit up holding the medicine ball in front of you. 4. Contract your quads and abs and pull yourself up into a standing position. 5. Hold the medicine ball out in front of you to help brace yourself in standing up. 6. Stand up and hold the ball over your head with your arms fully extended. 7. Slowly move back down into the start position.

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24 Not Pictured Ab Wheel 1. Hold the ab wheel with both hands and kneel on the floor. 2. In the kneeling pushup position place the ab wheel on the floor in front of you. 3. Slowly roll the ab wheel out in front of you in a straight line while breathing normally. 4. After a pause at the stretched position start pulling yourself back to the starting position as you breathe out. Tip: Keep your abs tight at all times and maintain a slow and controlled motion. Diagonal Ab Wheel 1. Hold the ab wheel with both hands and kneel on the floor. 2. In the kneeling pushup position place the ab wheel on the floor in front of you. 3. Slowly roll the ab wheel out in front of you at a slight angle to one side while breathing normally. 4. After a pause at the stretched position start pulling yourself back to the starting position as you breathe out. 5. Alternate sides with each rep. Lying Hip Extension • Lie down on your back with your feet flat on the floor. Slightly bend your knees. • Contract your glutes as hard as you can. Imagine trying to squeeze your cheeks together as hard as you can. • While contracting your glutes bridge your hips up. Do not involve your lower back. • Hold the elevated position for a brief pause while squeezing your glutes. • Lower your hips down slowly until they are about one inch off the ground. Sledge Hammer Slam • Take a sledgehammer and a large tire without the rim • Swing the sledgehammer over your head slamming into the tire with as much force as you can generate. • Being the hammer back up and repeat. Ab Suck-Ins • Inhale deeply. • As you exhale pull your belly button in as far as you can. Imagine you are trying to touch your belly button to your spine. • Hold for 10-20 seconds. Tip: This exercise can be done standing seated kneeling or lying flat on the floor.

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25 Congratulations you just got a small taste of some of my favorite methods to train your core and develop rock hard six pack abs. The abdominal workouts included in this book are very effective and should help enhance your abdominal training and increase your chances of building a solid mid-section. All you need to do now is get in the gym and start busting it This manual only scratches the surface of abdominal training so if you would like to learn all of my six pack abs sharpening tricks head over to and grab your copy of my full Six Pack Abs Program. You’ll be able to download everything instantly and start working on your brand new body just minutes from now Also if you are not already a member of my FREE Hardbody Fitness Secrets Ezine you can register for free at any time by going to this link and entering your information. As a member you will receive a new newsletter each week where I will share new workout strategies new healthy recipes cool diet tips and much more great stuff that will help you in your quest for a lean mean healthy body. If you would like to get even more unique strategies for building a lean healthy body check out my blog sometime at and subscribe there as well Good luck with the workouts To your best body ever Jamin Thompson

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26 After Thousands Of Hours Of Research And Training I have finally compiled all 15 years of my dietary workout and sports performance training knowledge into one comprehensive book that is changing the course of fat loss training forever. Say goodbye to long boring cardio workouts and thousands of useless crunches and discover the cutting edge and revolutionary fat burning strategies of the world’s best athletes top models and bodybuilders. If you are serious about wanting long term results that last and are sick of following worthless diet schemes throwing your money away on useless supplements and starving yourself to try and look better then look no further. Once you see how the pros do it you will no longer need to hop on the latest fads hoping for a miracle. You will save hundreds and quite possibly thousands of dollars in the process once you discover the diet and exercise secrets that have been missing from your routine for all of these years. It didnt seem possible a while back that just anyone could ever develop a lean body and rock hard six pack abs but research has proven that genetics are not limiting factors and that just about anyone can achieve a stellar physique. The elite bodies are no longer reserved for the best athletes and the hottest models and the proof is right here staring you in the face. Just imagine - A fat loss program that is scientifically proven to work that guarantees results and that will end all of the frustrations you have with your body. I have put my entire system into a special brand new Internet package that includes: The full program manual that details ALL of the revolutionary and cutting edge fat burning secrets you need to know. The same fat burning methods and workout strategies that the world’s best athletes and top fitness models use in their incredible workout and diet regiments. Inside you’ll find detailed food lists meal plans tables charts workouts training techniques FAQs and TONS of other useful stuff that will help you develop amazing six pack abs faster than ever.

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27 It is literally jam packed with 240 pages of beginner through advanced workouts dietary strategies weekly meal plans secret tips weeks worth of fat-blasting training strategies as well as bonus training manuals videos and much more No B.S. No fluff No hype This program was designed for one thing only…to show you the easiest and most direct methods to burning stubborn body fat and building more lean muscle. PLUS you’ll get exclusive access to me for one-on-one personal online fitness coaching to guarantee your success where I will go over every detail of The 6 Pack Secret workouts and my fat loss philosophy. You can ask me whatever you want and get your question answered by me personally Not some robot or back office assistant The Retail Value of the entire package is 612. But youll pay only 37. And the best part is that you can download all of these from my website in just minutes and put these powerful techniques into action today

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28 BUT WAIT THERE’S EVEN MORE Abdomination Retail Value 77 The Abdomination “Ab Domination” abdominal workout program is jammed packed with 53 pages of beginner through advanced total body abdominal workouts giving you over 12 weeks of razor sharp ab carving workouts. There is also a comprehensive Exercise Index where you’ll get pictures of each exercise so you can see exactly how to do the exercise properly. You’ll also get verbal exercise descriptions to ensure you won’t make a mistake There is no guesswork involved you will get program details for each workout sets reps tempo rest. Everything you need to rock your core The Advanced Abdominal Nutrition Principles Meal Plans Retail Value 39 If you are sick and tired of not knowing what to eat to burn belly fat then you must discover the 12 Dirty Diet Secrets that will help you burn fat for life - all while eating delicious foods Plus you get advanced meal plans for men and women to help you burn belly fat and get 6-pack abs This is NOT an extreme diet. It is a healthy and safe way of eating that will still cause you to lose pounds of body fat EACH week. 12 Week Hardbody Workout Program Retail Value 57 Finally a comprehensive 12 week fat blasting and muscle building workout program that will shock your muscles into responding. If you are ready for a challenge and want to take your body to a new level of muscularity and lose body fat this advanced program is for you. You’ll be down at least 10-40 lbs of ugly fat and be getting comments from all your friends. Follow the unique brand new training protocols and start dialing into single digit body fat levels while spending less than an hour in the gym. Top Secret Supplement Files Retail Value 37 The supplement industry like all industries is so full of confusing marketing terms designed to baffle people with BS that its hard to make informed decisions as to what to buy or which companies to trust. Its confusing as hell for the average buyer. Powerful companies use a number of terms to trick consumers into purchasing their products. After reading through these files youll never be fooled by corrupt supplement marketers or purchase scammy supplements again.

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29 Hardbody Abs Retail Value 29 This workout manual is jammed packed with tons of my unique and never-before released exercise combos for your abs…but it does not include a single crunch This crunchless six pack abs workout is your new secret weapon against belly fat. Includes weekly six pack ab sculpting workouts and useful abdominal training tips. 7 Day Meal Plans Retail Value 29 Value I will personally guide you step by step through my personal meal plan process and reveal my best nutrition tips. You’ll see exactly how I modify and put together my diet plan to ensure it is burning the maximum amount of fat daily. These nutrition truths will clear up any confusion you may have about the proper way to eat for maximum fat loss and help you finally achieve consistent results. 24/7 Fitness Coach Retail Value 197 This is one of the most valuable bonuses I could ever possibly give you as part of this package. There isn’t a single program around that you won’t have questions about after reading through all of the information. Regardless of how complete that program may be you’ll probably have a question or two. With many other similar programs out there you have no chance of getting your questions answered by the actual program creator or author. It simply does not happen…ever. This time will be completely different. With The 24/7 Fitness Coach you’ll get ALL of your questions answered…and the best part about it is you wont be talking to a virtual assistant or some intern on my staff. I will PERSONALLY answer every question you have. You’ll get the answers you need about getting started motivation supplements nutrition injuries or just about anything else you can think of – I’ve got you covered

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30 Here are a few cool emails I have received from users of The 6 Pack Secret: Jamin...what can I say Without you I would never have made it to my first figure competition at the age of 49...and brought home second place Ive been told I have the abs of a 20 year old…thanks to YOU. Your advice and direction is priceless as I continue to soar above the average at 50 Thank you for a simple plan to an unbelievable body and mind Linda Riley - Monroe Louisiana As a professional baseball player for the St. Louis Cardinals I know how important it is to maintain a strong core region. With Jamin’s 6 Pack Abs program I was able to build and maintain a strong core that is vital for balance and stability which is what I need while on the field as a well being able to demonstrate a nice physique the goes along with it. It is definitely a must have for anyone looking to improve their body and get in shape. Brian Barton - St. Louis Cardinals 54 I just started the workouts in your e-book just last week and I can already see a big difference. My workouts are intense my muscles feel full and I can really see positive changes happening in my body I have tried a few similar programs before but nothing I have tried in the past has ever worked this well. Your personal workouts that you included are out of this world man. I can tell that if I continue doing this stuff for another month or so I will look like the bowflex guy for sure Ok I will email you in a month or so with another progress report. Thanks again Jamin I owe you Lenka Abrahams - Johannesburg South Africa Stop getting scammed and get the TRUTH. Jamin Thompson Author – The 6 Pack Secret P.S. Don’t forget that all of the risk is on me because you are backed up with my 60 Day Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee. You’ll have the chance to try out my program test the workouts and try the meal plans. You can examine the program to the max If you aren’t satisfied with your results just write me an email and I’ll send you a quick no questions asked refund of 100 of your money. Visit and grab your copy today

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