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Clinical psychologists perform the important role of diagnosis and therapeutic treatment of mental health problems. In Australia a number of pathways exist for becoming a clinical psychologist.


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Role Of Clinical Psychologists Dr Gurprit Ganda Maps

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Introduction Clinical psychologists perform the important role of diagnosis and therapeutic treatment of mental health problems.

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Introduction Clinical psychologists are involved in:  Research  Teaching  Supervision  Professional practice  Training program development  Evaluation of current mental health interventions  Develop and inform public policy for psychological health.

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Clinical psychologists have skills in the following areas  Psychological assessment and diagnosis  Treatment  Research teaching and evaluation

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Psychological Assessment and Diagnosis  Clinical psychologists are Well trained in assessing and diagnosing major mental illnesses and psychological problems.  Patients are often referred by G P’s to Clinical Psychologists proper diagnosis of mental health problems after a K10 screening has indicated some psychological problems.

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Treatment  Clinical psychologists are well trained to deliver therapeutic interventions for mental health problems and traumatic incidents.  They are well trained in theory and practice to identify complex psychological problems.  In addition they have practical skills to personalize solutions to suit an in di vid u al’s circumstances and personality.

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Research teaching and evaluation  Many of Clinical psychologists are involved with universities and other research organizations carrying out research activities.  Design of treatment strategies in variety of settings and monitoring the outcome of the treatment.

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Conclusion  Clinical psychologists aim to reduce the distress and improve the psychological well-being of humans.  We use psychological methods and research to make positive changes to peoples lives and offer various forms of treatment.

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Our expert clinical psychologists treat psychological problems • Anxiety Disorder • Insomnia • Stress • Chronic Pain • Chronic Depressive Disorder • Post Natal Depression • Eating Disorders • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder • Trauma • Personal and family relationship problems • Worry Substance Abuse and many things

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To find out more about Role of Clinical Psychologists and to arrange an appointment please contact us +61 0 410 261 838

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