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Organisation’s Profile:

Organisation’s Profile Name: NTPC Ltd. (BTPS) Founded: 1975 Sector: Public Industry: Electricity generation

NTPC Reward System Corporate HRD 2003 schemes:

NTPC Reward System Corporate HRD 2003 schemes Appreciation letter Star of the month Employee of the year Vidhyut Awards Power EXCEL Awards PEARL Awards ACE Awards MentorsSamman ManveeyataPuraskar Welcome Parties Farewell Parties

Appreciation letter:

Appreciation letter Objective : To record good work done for motivation & recognition Applicability : All employees up to the level E7 Rewards : Given to individuals to highlight specific contribution Periodicity : As frequently as possible

Star of the Month :

Star of the Month Objective : To recognize consistent good work done Applicability : All non-executives Rewards : Pin-up badge stating “Star of the month” by HOD Name & photo on notice board

Employee of the year:

Employee of the year Objective T o recognize and reward exemplary performance for creativity Eligibility Non-executives who has got minimum “2 star of the month award “ and “4 appreciation letter in a year “ Criteria Non-executives who exhibit outstanding all round contribution and active participation in various TQM activities, extra curricular activities as per the given parameters


Contd … Rewards Unit level : Rs . 2000 each Position 1 & 2 based on selection of all nominated employees from each dept for “Employee of the year award “ Departmental : Rs 1000 each All those who were nominated for unit level employee of the year award and did not qualify for the same would be considered based on the position for “Department Employee of the year award “ There would be only 1 award in this category for each dept.

Vidhyut Award:

Vidhyut Award Objective To recognize and reward meritorious non-executive employees from amongst the entries of Shram Award to GOI Eligibility The entries for Shram Award submitted to GOI but were not awarded Criteria Such of those entries which do not get Shram Award would be considered for this award


Contd … Rank No. of awards Reward (Amt Rs.) Name 1 st 1 15000 Vidyut Jyoti 2 nd 2 10000 Vidyut Punj 3 rd 3 7500 VidyutKiran Rewards: Letter of Appreciation under the signature of the Director (HR)

Power Excel Awards:

Power Excel Awards Objective : To recognize and reward non executive employees from amongst the entries of Shram Awards to Government of India Applicability/Eligibility : All executives up to E6 excluding HOD’s Innovations and improvements in his area of work Contributions towards group work Demonstrates core values at work and during interactions Should have received at least one appreciation letter or ManveeyaPuraskar


Contd … Rewards : These awards shall be given under the name of Power E xcel Awards Training in India up to 07 days as per choice of the executive Letter of appreciation under the signature of BUH/GM A cash reward of Rs. 5,000 each

Pearl Awards :

Objective : To recognize excellence in leadership and demonstration of NTPC core values Applicability/Eligibility : All HOD’s and E7 at units and regional headquarters and E7 and E7A at CC Exhibition of leadership qualities Achieving excellence in his area of responsibility Demonstration of core values Implementation of strategic initiatives in HR, TQM, COST CONTROL MEASURES Corporate Social Responsibility Encouraging Creativity and Innovation Pearl Awards


Contd … Rewards : The reward shall be given under Pearl Up to 10 days training of his choice in India Cash price of Rs 10,000 each Appreciation letter under signature of concerned ED Copy to be placed in the personal file/par file

Ace Awards:

Ace Awards Objective : to recognize excellence in leadership & demonstration of NTCP core values Applicability/Eligibility : All heads of Projects/Station, GMs in regions and Corporate Sector Criteria: Strategic leadership Innovation, Creativity and Knowledge Management Core Value and CSR


Contd … Reward : These awards shall be given under the name ACE awards (Awards for Corporate Excellence) From corporate sector From all Regions/Units/Stations/Project Up to 07 days of training abroad and a cash reward of Rs. 15,000 each Letter of appreciation

Mentor’s Samman:

Mentor’s Samman Objective : To recognize the active services of mentors in socio-cultural integration of mentees with the company’s environment Applicability : All mentors who have been attached with current batch of ETs for mentoring Reward : Letter of appreciation A token gift/memento of Rs. 1000 each To be awarded on 5 th of September


ManveeyataPuraskar Objective : To recognize good values exhibited by employees in official and social life Applicability/Eligibility : All employees up to E are eligible for this award Criteria : Should have exhibited an exemplary value Reward : Appreciation letter, A gift up to Rs. 1000 (based on the merit if case)


Welcoming Objective: To welcome new joinees/transfer-in’s for their socialization Applicability/Eligibility : All employees Periodicity : Within one week of the joining of an employee Procedure : Welcome letter Get together for new joinees /transferees

Bidding Farewell:

Bidding Farewell Objective : To bid farewell to an employee on his/her superannuation Applicability/Eligibility : All employees Periodicity : On the day of superannuation Reward procedure : Letter form BUH/ED highlighting his/her association with the organization A token gift of Rs. 5000 Get-together with employees of the concerned department, all HODs and BUH

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