Treat yourself with exotic Portuguese Cuisine

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Treat yourself with exotic Portuguese Cuisine Portuguese cuisine offers a variety of gastronomical delights that vary from place to place. It owes these delicious dishes to Mediterranean influences from Rome and Moors. Portugal being a coastal country ensures that seafood grabs the top spot with dishes made from sardines horse mackerel cod lobsters shrimps etc. Dishes made from meat are not far behind with “cozido à Portuguesa” a stew with a mix of vegetables and meat promising to tantalize your taste buds. Portugal has a plethora of tasty desserts and pastries to offer that you cannot refuse. So apply for Portugal visa and explore the Portuguese cuisine in all its glory. Delicacies from Portuguese cuisine you mustn’t miss:

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Cataplana de marisco Cataplana means a copper panTwo circular sides joined by a hinge that this dish is cooked in. When you open it you are treated to a delicious mixture of onions tomatoes and garlic in a stew made from clams prawns white wine and chorizo coins.

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Caldo Verde It is a renowned traditional Portuguese soup. While it is preferred during the winter season you can relish this mouth-watering soup at any time of the year. This exotic soup is made from chunks of chouriço sausage potato puree and Portuguese olive oil giving it an excellent texture. This is a must dry dish from the treasure troves of Portuguese cuisine.

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Bacalhau This is a national dish which originated in the 15 th century as sailors needed food that lasts longer. It is actually a salt dried cod. You would be surprised to know that this dish from Portuguese cuisine can be made in 365 ways. It can be baked grilled fried or canned. Head over to Portugal and relish this tasty dish with your family.

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Bifanas This Portuguese sandwich essentially consists of luscious marinated pork served in crunchy bread. You can use the tasty marinade made from spices like garlic paprika and white wine. You can have this tasty sandwich with soup for lunch or with beer for a late-night snack. This is a food to try in Portugal with your friends or family.

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Pastel de Nata This iconic dessert from can be found in almost every pastry shop. It is a sweet creamy egg tart made of butter flour eggs cinnamon and sugar. The crispiness of the shell is due to layers of butter which also it a good texture. Portuguese cuisine is not limited to the dishes mentioned above and you can savor many more delectable recipes. So what are you waiting for Get a Portugal visa from UK and embark on a lip-smacking journey with your family or friends. Read more: yourself-with-exotic-portuguese-cuisine/

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