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Adolf Hitler


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Adolf Hitler : 

Adolf Hitler History presentation

Basic Info : 

Basic Info Born in 20 April 1889 Died in 30 April 1945 Born Austria Got a German citizenship when he was living in Germany Interested in arts Moved to Munich to attend school No one accepted him Later in 1921 he was leader of NSDAP party National Socialist German Workers Party At first it was a small group, but with his talented speaches he got more and more people. Group known as Nazi party He was hopeless

Picture of him : 

Picture of him

How he got so high? : 

How he got so high? Promoted German nationalism, anti-semitism, anti-capitalism, and anti-communism with propaganda. People were impressed by his speaches Popularity started in Munich Became leader of NSDAP, everyone except of one accepted him He was called Führer Sign of the party was Hackenkreuz Then he met Herman Goring and Ernst Rohm, who were importatn. Rohm was leader of the SS army and Goring a rich man.

Mein Kampf : 

Mein Kampf NSDAP wanted to overthrow the Bavarian government to march toward Berlin. He got caught by the police and send to Landshut, a prison in Germany In the prison, he wrote a book called Mein Kampf In this book is his autobiography. There is also his political philosophy, including of hate words like communism and Jews. It has 720 pages of his philosophy

After prison : 

After prison After he got from prison, there was a party rebuild Hitler decided to go with NSDAP to election In year 1924 he got 2 million votes, which is 7 percents Every year he got more and more powerful In year 1933 he got 17,2 million votes which is 44 percents. Already in 1932, he wanted to be chancellor. A year later, in 1933, Hindenburg saw that he is more and more popular On 30 January 1933, he was appointed as Chancellor

After appointed Chancellor : 

After appointed Chancellor Couldn‘t make parliament, because he hadn‘t enough seats That‘s why he burnt the Reichstag on the 27 February 1933 President von Hindenburg died in 1934 Hitler was appointed to President. Hitler made a huge army Roads were in very good conditions In 1934, Hitler made alliance with Mussolini, the faschist leader of Italy In 1936, Hitler invented concentrations camps. In those camps were send jews, communists and all people who were against Hitler..

WW2 : 

WW2 Hitler started WW2 in September 1939 German soldiers were dressed like polish ones, and Polish couldn‘t resist Germany took over also Czechoslovaquia, France, Belgium, netherlands, Ukraine and Baltic states. Tried to conquer Sowiet Union, but he failed They took Austria even before the war 55 milion people during the war including 6 millions of Jewish people.

End of Hitler : 

End of Hitler Was in aliance with Italy and Japan USA, Sowiet Union and Great Britain attacked Germany in 1944 Too much people for German soldiers Berlin was taken Hitler commited suicide on 30th April 1945 End of Nazi regime and closing down concentration camps Debarquement place of USA and Great Britain in 1944

Sources : 

Sources http://www.dhm.en/lemo/html/biografies/HitlerAdolf/

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