Temperate Grasslands

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Temperate Grasslands


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Temperate Grassland : 

19.01.2011 Temperate Grassland Temperate Grassland Biology Project Nr.2

General information : 

19.01.2011 Temperate Grassland General information Temperate grasslands are composed of a rich mix of grasses. Steppes, pampas, prairies, veld. Animals: Bison, prairie dog, coyote, ground squirrel etc. Climate: Semiarid, between 10 and 20 inches of precipitation a year. Much of it is snow...depends on region.

Plants : 

19.01.2011 Temperate Grassland Plants Plants like Perennial grasses, the tiller or narrow are living in TG. adapt to cold winters, hot summers, and drying winds. One way they conserve water is by having thin, needle-like shaped leaves that expose little of the plant to the sun Many plants live underground and they avoid sun. Annual and perinnial.

Specific plant : 

19.01.2011 Temperate Grassland Specific plant My specific plant is called Sunflower. They grow best in fertile land They are adapted to the sun a lot Fertile land, nutrients. Sunflower is notable for turning to face the Sun , a behavior known as heliotropism.

Citations : 

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