Battle of Waterloo and Austerlitz

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Battle of Waterloo and Austerlitz


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Battle of Waterloo and Austerlitz : 

Battle of Waterloo and Austerlitz History presentation

Battle of Austerlitz : 

Battle of Austerlitz In Czech: Bitva u Slavkova Also called Battle of the three emperors France fought against Russia and Austria France was commanded by Napoleon Russia and Austria by tsar Alexander I. The battle is often regarded as a tactical masterpiece. End of third coallition, Russia Britain Austria

Battle of Austerlitz : 

Battle of Austerlitz France gained 40 millions Francs for the victory over Habsburg Austria War started the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire 75000 soldiers against 73000.....Big battle Tactics: There is a hill near to Slavkov Allied forces were there and French soldiers coulnd‘t see them. It was foggy After, Sun of Austerlitz came, Allied forces were shocked and most of them were defeated

Start of Austerlitz war : 

Start of Austerlitz war March 1802, French and English signed a piece document For the first time since 10 years, piece in Europe Many problems with those two countries In may 1803, Britain declared war to France France decided to eliminate Austria, they saw big danger there

Consequences : 

Consequences France and Austia signed truce pact. Austria had to give France Campo Formio, Luneville, Wurtemberg and Baden Asutria had to pay 40 million Francs to France Holy Roman Empire dissolved Napoleon created the Confederation of the Rhine. A string of German states meant to serve as a buffer between France and Prussia. Austerlitz is often called Napoleon‘s biggest victory Napoleon gave a lot of money to each of the soldiers

Battle of Waterloo : 

Battle of Waterloo

Battle of Waterloo : 

Battle of Waterloo Fought on 18 June 1815 near Waterloo in Belgium France agaisnt Britain, Prussia, United Provinces. Leaders were Napoleon agaisnt Duke of Wellington and von Blucher Napoleon lost the battle. Clever tactics of Britain and Prussia Forces: France 72000 against 138000of Britain and prussia together Napoleon was taken to Saint Helena where he died in 1821

Battle of Waterloo : 

Battle of Waterloo The battlefield was awesome for the war. There was a hill.. Wellington placed his infantry there While the fighting: Britain was fighting against Napoleon, an during the war 50000 Prussians came out of the right side and destroyed and immobilizised Napoleon‘s army. End of War

After the War : 

After the War Allied Forces moved towards Paris Napoleon tried to escape to America, but he got caught British got all french ports. Treaty of Paris was signed in 1820 Napoleon was send to Saint Helena After this war, approximatly 30 years of peace in Europe End of Napoleon and no wars

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