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Stock market crash in 1929:

Stock market crash in 1929 Presented by: David Polman Nicole Stelzer Ondra Hampel

Situation before the crash:

Situation before the crash People made many investments to make big money Growth in American industries Technological progress N ational income from 33,200 million to 79,200 million from 1914 to 1925

Situation before the crash:

Situation before the crash

Causes of the crash:

Causes of the crash People holding companies and investment trusts (which by nature creates debt) Large bank loans could not be liquidated Black Thursday: On October 18, 1929 prices began to fall Record of 12,894,650 shares were traded Prices on the stock market collapsed completely!!!!

After Stock market crash:

After Stock market crash 25% unemployment , 12 -15 Million jobless Poverty and panic Less spending and demand 11,000 of 25,000 banks fail Causes a world wide depression

Of mice and men:

Of mice and men Especially farmers could not pay the debts Bad situation in the country Farmers borrowed $ to expand Couldn’t grow crops, couldn’t pay loans Good economy and plentiful rain in ’20s - farmers overplanted Drought in 30’s created Dust Bowl


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